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Let’s Discover Ohio. Beth Hollinger ED 417-02. Ohio’s Social Studies Stands. American Heritage and People in Society People in Societies World Interactions Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Democratic Processes Decision Making and Resources Science, Technology, and Society.

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Let s discover ohio l.jpg

Let’s Discover Ohio

Beth Hollinger

ED 417-02

Ohio s social studies stands l.jpg
Ohio’s Social Studies Stands

  • American Heritage and People in Society

  • People in Societies

  • World Interactions

  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

  • Democratic Processes

  • Decision Making and Resources

  • Science, Technology, and Society

Strand one american heritage people in society l.jpg
Strand One:American Heritage & People in Society

Activities with the web l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.state.oh.us/ohio/stateseal.htm

    Students will be able to learn what everything on the Ohio Seal stands for and then they will create one for themselves.

  • www2.cybernex.net/~vinnyp/ohpiom.htm

    Students will read the text and create a time line of the information they have learned.

  • www.angelfire.com/oh/chillicothe/ugrr.html

    Given a map of Ohio, the students will be able to use this web site to assist them

    in tracing how the African

    Americans used the

    Underground Railroad.

Activities with the web5 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.oplin.lib.oh.us/products/PPF/ohioans/

    Students will visit this interactive web site and learn about Native Americans while having fun.

  • www.ohiokids.org/ohc/history/h_indian/life/index.html

    Students will get into groups, view this web page and answer a series of questions about Ohio’s Historical Indian Lifestyles.

Strand two people in society l.jpg
Strand Two:People in Society

Activities with the web7 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.campus.northpark.edu/history/WebChron/NorthAmerica/Adena.html

    Students will discover the Serpent Mound, create a mound of their own and tell why it was built and what it was used for.

Activities with the web8 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.home.earthlink.net/~susankae/sunwatch.htm

    Students will visit this

    interactive web site to learn more

    about life in the

    village back in

    1200 A.D.

Activities with the web9 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.scenariousa.com/oh/resident.htm

    Students will choose a person from the “Famous Natives and Residents” list on the web site and do a research report on them.

  • www.ohiokids.org/ohc/history/h_indian/tribes/index.html

    Students will choose a tribe and research it for an oral report.

  • www.ohiohistory.org/africanam/

    Students will look in the newspaper about a positive story on an African American. The article will be cut out and brought to school for class discussion.

Strand three world interactions l.jpg
Strand Three:World Interactions

Activities l.jpg

  • Create a bulletin board with as many different types of maps as possible.

  • Have students watch the news or visit this web site and list all of the maps they see.

  • Identify major landforms, bodies of water, the Poles, etc. by using a map.

  • Students will use maps to answer regional questions about Ohio.

  • Students will compare Ohio’s climate, vegetation, and resources with other bordering states.

Let s visit the web l.jpg
Let’s visit the Web!

  • www.weather.com/maps

  • www.nationalgeographic.com

  • www.mapquest.com

  • www.4maps.com

  • www.databay.com/book/maps/continent/northamerica/country/ohio.html

Strand four citizenship rights and responsibilities l.jpg
Strand Four:Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Activities with the web14 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.vote.com/category/10882985

    Students will be able to read about voting and voice their opinions on-line.

  • www.canismajor.com/orgs/ovdo/

    Students will read about citizenship rights when owning a pet.

Activities with the web15 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.oplin.lib.oh.us/products/ohiodefined/ohd-8.html

    Students will read about voting qualifications and will design a poster to hang in the hallway.

  • www.ohiobicetennial.com/counties.htm

    Students will research a county and tell about its government, attractions, schools, bicentennial barn, population, and history.

  • www.logs.org/

  • This is a web page with an Ohio County Government Interactive Poster. Students will do the portion titled “Quiz Me”.

Strand five democratic processes l.jpg
Strand Five:Democratic Processes

Activities with the web17 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.oplin.lib.oh.us/products/ohiodefined/ohd-1.html

    Students will create a time line on Ohio’s Statehood by using this Web page.

  • www.oplin.lib.oh.us/products/ohiodefined/ohd-2.html

    Students will create the flag shown on this Web page and write what the symbols mean on the back.

  • www.oplin.lib.oh.us/products/ohiodefined/ohd-12.html

    Students will get into groups and each groupwill create a poster with one Ohio Fact forhallway display.

Activities with the web18 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.oplin.lib.oh.us/products/ohiodefined/ohd-10.html

    Students will write their own test about Presidents that came from Ohio by using this Web page.

  • www.oplin.lib.oh.us/products/ohiodefined/symbols.html

    Students will make a book of Ohio’s symbols by using the help of this Web page.

Strand six decision making and resources l.jpg
Strand Six:Decision Making and Resources

Activities20 l.jpg

  • Students will maintain their own budget for a week.

  • Students will create illustrations that show how natural resources such as coal, iron, oil, and wood are used.

  • Students will investigate what different crops grow in different climates and then they will make a pictorial presentation.

  • Students will tell why Ohio’s resources are important.

  • Students will choose a task and experiment to find the most efficient way of doing it.

Let s visit the web21 l.jpg
Let’s visit the Web

  • www.asp.os.dhhs.gov/HSP/adolescent99/decision.htm

  • www.censes.gov/hhes/www/income99.html

  • www.landmark-project.com/eco-market

  • www.clev.frb.org

  • www.sconet.state.oh.us/

Strand seven science technology and society l.jpg
Strand Seven:Science, Technology, and Society

Activities with the web23 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.cosi.org

    Students will take a field trip to COSI to learn science through a hands on approach.

Activities with the web24 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.osera.org/super.htms

    Students will explore parts of the body,meet various curious creatures, and check out a career through career connections all through this interactive Web Site.

Activities on the web l.jpg
Activities on the Web

  • www.osera.org/captivat.htm

    Students will be able to hook up to their favorite TV or radio science show, learn about the Nobel Prize, and see what’s in the “The Bad Bug Book.”

Activities with the web26 l.jpg
Activities with the Web

  • www.osera.org/awsome.htm

    Students will explore an on-line zoo in Ohio.

  • www.wro.org/ano/museum.htm

    Students can research the Ohio Science Museums to vote on which one to go to for a field trip.

  • www.cyberbee.com/science/scifair.html

    Students will discover the wonderful world of science with these wonderful tips and materials from the professionals.

My conclusion l.jpg

My Conclusion

Through all of these activities I hope my students will have a better understanding of what Social Studies is all about.