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  2. Feng means wind and shui means water. FengShui is harmonizing your place of residence or work so as to ensure continuous flow of positive energy like wind and water. A house or an office can be rearranged for good chi (positive energy flow) using this ancient Chinese technique. When energy (chi) enters our doorways and encounters a heap of clutter, the chi gets stuck. Feng Shui utilizes the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water as remedies to energetic issues in a house or building.

  3. These tips are fairly simple. • Get rid of the clutter. It creates obstacles in your life and makes you feel uncomfortable in your space. Freeing space opens you to healthy new relationships. • Main entrances to homes attract new, positive energy. When you open the front door, you allow positive energy to flow into the home and your life. • Fix leaks. Because water represents money, leaks represent wasted money.

  4. Entrance Of a FengShui house * Make the entrance area of your house invitingand welcomingfor the visitors. * Keep the entrance of the house clean and without any obstructions. * Clean up clutter from your house. Things which you no longer use or are broken get rid of them.

  5. Kitchen * For prosperity put a large mirror behind the stove, if you can not put a mirror stick a picture of a mirror. * Your kitchen should not be in front of the toilet. If it is, then keep the door closed and he toilet lid down.

  6. Bathroom and Toilet * Always keep the toilet lid down while not in use. It stops the money from going down the drains. * Keep you toilet clean. Keep the trash can clean and floors dry.

  7. Living room * Never place furniture backing door. If that is the only option put a mirror so you can see behind you. * Make the energy move in your place: add crystal balls on the ceiling. * Fill up the dead area in the living room with plants, colorful pictures, pleasant sceneries or fish tanks. * Always have even number of seats in the living room and dining room. No chair should face the door. There should be ample of space around the furniture for guests to move around. * Do not keep dried up flowers in your house. They are not alive any longer and have negative impact on the wealth flow of the house. Decorate your house with fresh or silk flowers.

  8. Doors and Staircase * If you are planning a model for a new house make sure the front door of the house does not face the back door. If it is inevitable then put a screen between the two so Chi can not flow out the house. * Avoid staircase right in front of the main door, which will direct Chi to the next floor ignoring the ground. If you are already in the situation then solve it with a mirror or chime.

  9. Bedroom full of positive energy * Your bedroom should be a private room, it should not be seen by guests and visitors. * Do not have too many windows in your bedroom, this will excite Chi. * An ideal bedroom should not have a mirror facing your bed; the solution of the problem would be that you cover the mirror each night before retiring. * Do not have exercising equipment in your bedroom. * Avoid having too many electronics in your bedroom and keep nothing under the bed. * Have light tones in your bedroom. Keep it calm and relaxing.

  10. Keep it in place * Keep brooms, mops and trash bins out of sight. It is important for family's well being and keeps intruders out. * Fountains, plants, birdbaths along the curved pathway through the garden to the house will bring in balance and determine the qualities of Chi. * Wind chimes outside your house will distract the negative energies from entering the house.