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5 17 2018 n.
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Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd

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Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd
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Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd

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  1. 5/17/2018 Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd (  InfoZone ( App Store ( How can we help you? ( Menu  Pridesys Garments ERP ⁄ Pridesys Garments ERP Home ( Pridesys Garments ERP is one of the leading ERP solution provider, especially for Garments industries which is integrated with different modules that cover all the aspects of your Garments Business. This solution supports multi-currency and multi-location based operations. It aims at keeping track of all the activities including receiving an order from buyer, costing of order, resource planning, procurement of raw materials, production management, inventory management, import-export process, order reconciliation process etc. It’s also integrated with other modules of Pridesys ERP including finance, accounts, HR, supply-chain etc. With this automated solution you can easily track your business activities and entire operations of your garments manufacturing process. Translate » “Benefits Benefits” Pridesys Garments Offer: Pridesys Garments Offer: Manage & integrate all aspects of the business key functions including: order entry, sample, IE, inventory, merchandising, production & Finance. Determination to achieve lower prices, better quality and quicker delivery, as a result, increase in confidence from business partners and buyers. Provides right information to the right people at the right time anywhere in the world, enabling you to improve productivity, enhance decision making capabilities and promote communication between co- 1/7

  2. 5/17/2018 Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd workers, suppliers and buyers. Reduce and eliminate duplicate work and automate operational tasks to save time & cost. Turn the way of access information easy with proper confidentiality. Standardizes the manufacturing processes and improves quality within multiple business units across the company. Translate » Pridesys Garments ERP Functions: Pridesys Garments ERP Functions: 1. Quotation Buyer’s Enquiry Analysis 2/7

  3. 5/17/2018 Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd RM Collection, Consumption, Sourcing & Developed (by Supplier) Monitoring Send available specimen to Sample Dept. Sample Monitoring RM Consumption & Costing Analysis Prepare Quotation & Follow-up Approvals by Management and send a copy to Audit 2. Sample Receive Different type of Sample Request Prepare Mini-Marker RM Consumption Collection, FIT,PP Sample Prepare Recommendation/Suggestions to Merchandiser 3. IE Style Analysis SMV Calculation IE Suggestion for PPH Skill Inventory Production Downtime Analysis Line Layout Process wise Target & Achievements Production Efficiency 4. Merchandising Confirmed Export Order/PO Collection RM Approval/Swatch Status Sample Approval Monitoring Fabric & Accessories Estimation/Prepare BOM Group Fixing & Supplier Selection – Consider with Price, Quality, Delivery, Supplier Grade, Etc. Booking Management PI Collection BBLC Opening Request Send PI to Audit Delivery Monitoring 5. Commercial (Import) Export LC/Sales Contract Collection& Amendment Audited PI Receive from Merchandising Dept. BTB LC Opening & Amendment Shipment & Updated Schedule Monitoring for ETA Fact. Suppliers Document Receive & Acceptance Acceptance Clearance 6. Store Monitor updated Booking status for ETA Fact. Receive against Booking Physical Inventory with PI/Booking Shade Approval & Distribution Fabric Inspection Fabric Replacement/Negotiation with Supplier(If inspection result fail) RM Issue against approved requisition Gate Pass & Challan Prepare & Printing Translate » 3/7

  4. 5/17/2018 Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd RM receives from floor after production. Leftover declarations after Style/Lot close Re-Booking/PO to store with revaluation to use leftover quantity RM Transfer Style/Lot/Store to Style/Lot/Store Local Purchase Receiving/Back RM to/from Supplier Receiving Damaged/Rejected Garments/RM 7. Production Planning Lot/Batch wise Grouping PP Meeting Line Planning (Loading/Unloading) Ladder Planning 8. Production RM Requisition & Approval for Production Cutting and send to Line Artwork / Monitoring PRINTING OR EMBROIDERY to/from Fact. Line Input Hourly Sewing Production Send to WASHING Receive from WASHING Thread Cutting after wash Final QC Carton & Packing Prepare Packing List Booking to Forwarder (to Comm. Dept.) Inspection Schedule Inspection Ex-Fact 9. Export (Commercial) Receive Booking from Factory Booking Placed to Forwarder Packing List Receive From Factory Invoice Prepare Printing (Invoice, EXP, Application, etc.) Bill of Exchange/Bank Document Inspection Done/QC Report Cargo Load Detail Received from Fact Shipment Advice Received from Forwarder Export/Shipping Documents from Bank Submission 10. Realization Realization Follow-up Update Short Realize Cause/Head with amount. SOD/FC Transfer Acknowledge Disbursement Amount MIS Reporting 11. Reconciliation Procurement – Quotation VS Actual Translate » 4/7

  5. 5/17/2018 Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd Productivity – Quotation VS Actual CM – Quotation VS Actual 12. TnA Task/Job/Order Management/Monitoring Task Scheduling (Font/Back Calculation) SMS, E-mail, Auto alarm Notification Export/Import data in CSV/Excel format Graphical View of Task/Job/Order Status Critical Path Analysis Split a task at any level, Specify Task Dependency 13. Control Panel User Management Security & Access Control Backup & Recovery Document Archiving Contact Us PRIDESYS IT LIMITED Email: Call: +88 01550000003-8 Tel: +88 02 55013300-1 PRIDESYS IT LIMITED Level 6, 20/21 Garden Road Kawranbazar, DHAKA - 1215, Bangladesh Translate » CONTACT US +88 02 55013300-1 +880 155 0000003-8 5/7

  6. 5/17/2018 Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd ( Home ( Contact Us ( Our Clients ( Board of Directors ( Team Pridesys ( Gallery ( Downloads ( PRODUCTS Pridesys ERP ( Pridesys Business Intelligence (BI) ( Pridesys Portal ( Pridesys Extended Warehouse Management System (EWMS) ( software-bangladesh) Translate » OUR SERVICES IT Consultancy ( Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ( Infrastructure Solution ( Business Process Automation ( Management Information System (MIS) ( Custom Software ( Software as a service (SAAS) ( 6/7

  7. 5/17/2018 Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd Mobile Apps Development ( Web Portal Development ( Website Development ( Call Center Solution ( Industry Solution Pridesys For Garments Industries ( Pridesys For Textile Industries ( Pridesys For Apparel Industries ( Pridesys For Washing Plants ( Pridesys For Embroidery & Printing Industries ( Pridesys For Telecommunication Industries ( Pridesys For Insurance Companies ( Pridesys For Health Care Services ( Pridesys For Financial Organizations ( Pridesys For Corporate Solution ( Pridesys For Trading Services ( Pridesys For Footwear Industries ( Pridesys For Public Sector ( ( ( Translate » ( ( ( ( ( © 2013-2018 Pridesys IT Limited. All Rights Reserved. 7/7