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Zookeeper WebQuest. A WebQuest for 1 st grade students By: Jennifer Armenia. Title Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion. Introduction.

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zookeeper webquest

Zookeeper WebQuest

A WebQuest for 1st grade students

By: Jennifer Armenia

Title Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion


You have just been hired as a zookeeper by the Atlanta Zoo. Last night animals escaped from their cages. Nobody remembers what animals we in the cages. All that is left in the cages are the habitats!

TitleIntroductionTask Process EvaluationConclusion


There are 3 empty cages in the Atlanta Zoo. You need to read the descriptions of the habitats in each cage and recommend 3 animals that could survive in each cage. You need to make sure that you include at least 1 animal from each group among the 3 cages. You can’t add anything except food to the cage.

TitleIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluation Conclusion

habitat 1
Habitat 1

There are bars around the cage so the animals can’t get out. Inside the cage are many trees with an open space in the middle. On the side of the cage is a rocky area.

TitleIntroductionTask ProcessEvaluationConclusion

habitat 2
Habitat 2

This cage has a lot of water. On the right of the cage is a blue-green body of water. On the left side is a body of water covered with green stuff. There are some muddy areas which lead to grass.

TitleIntroductionTaskProcess Evaluation Conclusion

Habitat 3

There are solid walls as well as a top so the animals can’t escape. It is very warm inside the cage. There is a small stream down rocks in the back of the cage. There are a few trees along the sides of the cage.



Step 1:

You will work together in groups of 3 to find animals. Each person will have a different job. You will all present your recommendations to the zoo staff. Make sure you can explain WHY each animal should go in the recommended cage.


step 2
Step 2

Use the “Habitat Recording Sheet” and visit the following websites that have information about animal groups and animals. Make notes about what the animals need to survive and what kind of habitat the animal would need.

Animal Websites:

Birds: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/birds/printouts/

Amphibians: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/coloring/amphibians.shtml

Fish: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/fish/printouts/

Reptiles: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/reptiles/printouts.shtml

Mammals: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/mammals/Groups.shtml

Animals: http://www.uen.org/utahlink/activities/view_activity.cgi?activity_id=3792

Zoo Animals: http://www.zooatlanta.org/animals_landing.htm

TitleIntroductionTask ProcessEvaluationConclusion

step 3
Step 3

Once you have completed research on animals and animal groups, decide which animals you will put in each cage. Draw a picture of the animals in each cage. Make sure you label habitat and the animals in the habitat.


step 4
Step 4

Present you recommendations of animals to the zoo staff. Make sure you can explain why you are recommending the animals for each habitat.



Complete the Self-evaluation sheet on your work during this WebQuest.

Each group will be evaluated by the teacher using the Group WebQuest Rubric.

TitleIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluation Conclusion


Now that you have learned about animals and animal groups you have been promoted to Head Zoo Keeper! Great Work!


georgia performance standards science
Georgia Performance StandardsScience

S1L1. Students will investigate the characteristics and basic needs of plants and animals.

b. Identify the basic needs of an animal.

• Air

• Water

• Food

• Shelter

d. Compare and describe various animals—appearance, motion, growth, basic needs.

georgia performance standards language arts
Georgia Performance StandardsLanguage Arts
  • ELA1LSV1 The student uses oral and visual strategies to communicate. The
  • student
  • d. Increases vocabulary to reflect a growing range of interests and
  • knowledge.
  • e. Communicates effectively when relating experiences and retelling stories read, heard, or viewed.
  • f. Uses complete sentences when speaking.
  • ELA1W1 The student begins to demonstrate competency in the writing process.
  • The student
  • k. Begins to use a variety of resources (picture dictionaries, the Internet, books) and strategies to gather information to write about a topic.