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Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion Standards Citations Teacher Notes. A WebQuest for Preschool (Language Arts) (Teacher Directed) Joretta Post – [email protected] EDTL 680 – Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning – Summer 2005

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Teacher Notes

A WebQuest for Preschool

(Language Arts)

(Teacher Directed)

Joretta Post – [email protected]

EDTL 680 – Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning – Summer 2005

Based on a template from The WebQuest Page


Introduction l.jpg

  • What is so special about the words pen and hen?

pen and hen

hat and cat

pig and wig

Slide3 l.jpg

  • Explain to the students what rhyming words are.

  • Choose one of the words in the Introduction and have the students together as a group think of more rhyming words.

  • Go to rhymezone and type in a rhyming word to see how many words the website was able to find.

  • Next, do a rhyming vegetable activity and game on the internet.

  • If time allows, read and name the rhyming words from nursery rhymes.

Resources l.jpg

  • Computer

  • Flip chart paper

  • Internet access

  • Marker

  • The following websites:

    • http://www.rhymezone.com/

    • http://discoverer.sirs.com/cgi-bin/dis-article-display?id=DINFOHIO1-0-803&artno=0000092718&searchkey=rhyming

    • http://www.zelo.com/family/nursery/index.html

    • http://school.eb.com/elementary/browse/learning?topic=k5_language_games_reading

Process l.jpg

  • Work with 2-4 students in each group.

  • Show the students the Introduction. Ask the students what the words pen/hen, hat/cat, and pig/wig have in common.

  • Using the marker and chart paper, choose one of the rhyming pairs in the Introduction and have the student's think of as many rhyming words as they can that rhyme with those words.

  • Go to the website rhymezoneand type in the rhyming word. Review all of the rhyming words. Mark off the words the students listed. Look at the words the students did not list.

  • Go to the website infohio.org.

To Process p. 2

Slide6 l.jpg

  • Choose Resources for K-5

  • Select Sirs Discoverer from the icons

  • Please contact your school library media center for the password.

  • Type Mixed-Up Veggies in the search box.

  • Select the article and, read the clues to see if the students are able to name the rhyming vegetable.

Conclusion l.jpg

  • Congratulations!!!! You have completed the rhyming activities.

  • You now are familiar with the definition of rhyming and how to rhyme words.

Literacy standards l.jpg
Literacy Standards

Ohio Academic Content Standards:

Early Learning Content Standards Book/English Language Arts


I. Phonemic Awareness, Word Recognition and Fluency

III. Reading Process: Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies

and Self-Monitoring Strategies


A. Use letter-sound correspondence knowledge and structural analysis to

decode words

E. Demonstrate comprehension by responding to questions

Grade Level Indicator:

Pre K—Identify matching sounds and recognize rhymes in familiar

stories, poems, songs, and words

Pre K—Answer literal questions to demonstrate

comprehension of orally read age-appropriate text

To Technology Standards

Technology standards l.jpg
Technology Standards

Ohio Academic Content Standards:

K-12 Technology


IV. Technology and Communication Applications


C. Participate in group projects and learning activities

using technology communications.

Grade Level Indicator:

Engage in teacher-directed online activities.

To Library Guidelines

Library guidelines l.jpg
Library Guidelines

Ohio Academic Content Standards:

K-12 Guidelines Library


Technology Literacy


B: Apply basic Internet browser and navigation skills to search for

information on the Internet.

Grade Level Indicator:

I. Talk about the Internet as an information source.

II. Use Web page functions:

a. Scroll up and down page;

b. Click on links;

c. Use back button.

Teacher notes l.jpg
Teacher Notes

  • A fun way to end a day or if you have just a few minutes before lunch, recess, or any other scheduled event, go to the following website; http://www.zelo.com/family/nursery/index.html ask the students to name a nursery rhyme, locate the nursery rhyme, read it, and then ask the students to find the rhyming words.

Citations l.jpg

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  • Hanson, B. (1999, Oct./Nov.). Mixed-Up Veggies. Children’s Playmate. Retrieved July 26, 2005, from the SIRS Discover Web site. http://discoverer.sirs.com/cgi-bin/dis-article-display?id=DINFOHIO1-0-803&artno=0000092718&searchkey=rhyming

  • Nursery Rhymes. (1996-2005). http://www.zelo.com/family/nursery/index.html