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Name: ________________________________________ Cereal Book Project

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Name: ________________________________________ Cereal Book Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name: ________________________________________ Cereal Book Project

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Name: ________________________________________

  • Cereal Book Project
  • September’s book project will be to create a cereal box with story elements and information related to a realistic fiction book. The directions for this project are attached. You will also present your book project to the class in the form of a short commercial. I expect that you will put time, hard work, and effort into your project and presentation.
  • Materials you will need:
  • empty cereal box
  • cereal box book template (attached)
  • crayons/colored pencils
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  • I understand the requirements for this month’s book project. I will manage my time wisely, as I know that the book project and my commercial are due on Friday, September 30th.
  • Student Name: ____________________________
  • Student Signature: _________________________
  • Realistic Fiction Book Title: __________________

Front of Cereal Box

The front of your cereal box should include a title, your name, and a design. Do not use the title of the book, instead create a name for your cereal that pertains to your book. For example, if you read How to Eat Fried Worms, you may want to call your cereal Wacky Worms. Be sure to be creative and add lots of color (there should not be a lot of white paper showing.) It’s a good idea to design and color your cereal box cover before gluing it to the box.

Right Side of Cereal Box

This side of your box will contain the “ingredients of the book,” the characters and the setting. You are to list all of the main characters in the book and include at least a sentence describing them and their development within the story. Also include a detailed description of the story’s setting.

You may use the attached templates or create your own. If you would like to use the computer to create pieces for your cereal box, you can certainly do that!


Left Side of Box

On this side of the box, you are to identify three words from your book. They could be words you don’t know the meaning of, words that are important to the development of the story, or words that trigger an emotion. The four words you choose are up to you. You are then to create a mini “glossary” on the side of your cereal box. The glossary should include the word, part of speech, definition, and a sentence you created that uses the word.

Back of Cereal Box

The back of your cereal box should include a detailed summary of the book. Be sure that your summary includes the main events and details of the book. Your summary should be at least 10 sentences.

The back of the box should also include some sort of game (a word search, puzzle, hidden picture, etc.) that pertains to the book. Be creative!

Bonus Elements (Be creative!)

Prize – some cereals include a prize in the box. You may want to place a “prize” inside of your box that pertains to your book.

Jingle – You may want to write a “jingle” that pertains to your cereal.


Summary: _____________________________


Back of Cereal Box








Word One: ______________________

Part of speech: ___________

Definition: __________________________________________________________________



Word Two: ______________________

Part of speech: ___________

Definition: __________________________________________________________________



Word Three: ______________________

Part of speech: ___________

Definition: __________________________________________________________________