it s the people that make the difference n.
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It’s the People That Make the Difference PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s the People That Make the Difference

It’s the People That Make the Difference

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It’s the People That Make the Difference

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  1. It’s the People That Make the Difference Joanne CebelakApril 21, 2014

  2. Kendall Electric Regional Electrical, Automation & DatacomDistributor Kendall Group includes JO Galloup and Great Lakes Automation Supply Provide customers with the highest quality products, service, application assistance & problem solving solutions Employee-owned Company

  3. Sustainability for our Customers Educating and Installing Energy-Saving Equipment including: Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors Lighting/Building Controls LEDs & Long-Life Fluorescent VFDs / Drives Recycling

  4. Internal Sustainability • Good place to work • Sustainable Locations • Daylighting with large windows • Lighting controls • Reduced energy & long life lighting • Recycle office products, extra wire and conduit

  5. 3. Sustainable Packaging & Delivery • Clean warehouses and distribution centers • Reuse cardboard boxes & packaging materials • Save & recycle what we can not reuse • Reusable bins for job site delivery & pick-up • Battery powered, not gas, forklifts • Optimized delivery routes . . .

  6. 4. Local Sourcing • Offer many products made in the USA • Reciprocate with local customers by using their services keeping business local 5. Stewards of the Land and Community • Land kept in natural state to save water & eliminate the need for mowing • We have a large corporate garden to provide fresh produce to our community • Each location sponsors a local charity(ies) with funding & volunteering

  7. Success in Sustainability We believe our mutual long-term success is dependent upon knowledgeable people including ourselves, our suppliers and our customers. We believe that each of us is the expert in his/her own area.

  8. Kendall’s Sustainability Path We believe the keys our success are to: • Employ knowledgeable people • Encourage expertise through regular technical product training & skill development • Foster an open and employee-owned culture

  9. The Kendall Total Quality Program/ The Quality Committee The value of employee input and contribution institutionalized

  10. The Kendall Total Quality Program A people involvement program Main purpose is to support our company mission: “Kendall Electric is committed to continuously improve the quality of our processes, our business practices, and the products we represent, to provide the best overall benefit for our customers, our suppliers, and our owner- associates”

  11. The Kendall Total Quality Program • Local teams are made up of owner-associates in different functional areas, serving on a rotational basis annually • Brainstorm openly, positively • Implement a new idea(s) with measurable results • Report on results in a multi-location presentation

  12. Owner-Associate Responsibilities • Understand and practice Kendall principals • Willingly attend quality training sessions & serve on team when asked • Share ideas on how to make our company better • Follow proper procedures to make our processes are as efficient & error free as possible • Work together to provide the best possible service to our customers

  13. Management Responsibility

  14. Engaging your people is vital to the success of corporate sustainability!They each have their own unique set of eyes and can see new opportunities.

  15. “One of the most important parts of the energy planning process is the community engagement. This is a community challenge that requires a community response.” Excerpt from Slide MSU Energy Transition Plan Town Hall Meeting MSU Communication Arts Bldg. October 24, 2013

  16. It is the people that make the difference. They make our sustainability efforts truly sustainable.Joanne Cebelakjoanne.cebelak@kendallelectric.com517/322-2411