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Getting Organized

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Getting Organized. Teamwork is Required!. Planning Your Work before You Implement. Job Descriptions for Lab. Chef and Group Leader Job Duties & Planning:. Assigns lab duties on the recipe (all record) on planning day Completes a Time-Work Schedule on planning day.

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Getting Organized

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getting organized

Getting Organized

Teamwork is Required!

chef and group leader job duties planning
Chef and Group LeaderJob Duties & Planning:
  • Assigns lab duties on therecipe (all record) on planning day
  • Completes a Time-Work Scheduleon planning day
complete the example of assigning lab duties for apple yogurt parfait
Complete the Example of Assigning Lab Duties for Apple Yogurt Parfait


1 cup sweetened applesauce

1/8 t ground nutmeg

1/2 cup granola with raisins

1-1/3 cups vanilla yogurt


1. In a small bowl, combine applesauce and nutmeg. 2. Spoon 1 tablespoon granola into each of four parfait glasses.

3. Layer each with 1/3 cup yogurt and 1/4 cup applesauce.

4.Sprinkle with remaining granola. Serve immediately.

Yield: 4 servings.









time work schedule see your copy
Time-Work Schedule (see your copy)
  • Time – reported in minutes
  • Task – gathering, measuring, cooking, cleaning up, setting the table, eating, cleaning up, etc.
  • Group Member – whois in charge

Note: The

Time-Work Schedule will be followed

on Lab Day.

The chef will be in charge of

keeping everyone on task!

chef on lab day
Chefon Lab Day:
  • Head cook; in charge of the kitchen & asks Ms McCain questions.
  • Gathers and tapes recipes on cabinets.
  • Assists in measuring & preparingthe food
  • Checks kitchen at the end of lab andremoves recipes, time-work schedule, utensil list.
  • Assumes the job of any member absent!
  • Completes a Foods Lab Evaluation Rubric.
  • Identity: wears a blueapron
cook s job duties planning day
Cook’s Job Duties& Planning Day:
  • Draws the place setting on planning day on his/her recipe; only draws what is needed for the recipe.
complete the example of a place setting add the following notes
Complete the example of a place setting & add the following notes:








Draw only what is needed to eat the item(s)

cooked during lab.

place setting notes
Place Setting Notes:
  • The napkin is always on the left of the plate. (folded with fold on outside)
  • The plate or serving dish is always in the center. ( 1 inch from edge of table)
  • The fork(s) are always on the left.
  • The knife is always on the right and the sharp blade always faces the plate.
  • The spoon(s) are always to the right of the knife.
cook s duties on lab day
Cook’s DutiesOn Lab Day:
  • Assists in measuring ingredients & preparingthe food
  • Cleans & Setsthetable properly
  • Removes dirty dishes from table to the sink area
  • Sweeps the floor
  • Empties trash from kitchen area to large trash can.
  • Identity: wears a white apron
grocery shopper s job duties planning day
Grocery Shopper’sJob Duties & Planning Day
  • Prepares Food Order Formon planning dayfrom the recipe.
complete the example of a food order form
Complete the example of a Food Order Form

Ingredients Amount Needed

sweetened applesauce 1 cup

ground nutmeg 1/8 t

granola with raisins 1/2 cup

vanilla yogurt 1-1/3 cups

grocery shopper on lab day
Grocery ShopperOn Lab Day:
  • Gathers food from refrigerator & ingredients from thedemo table (on tray) using the grocery list
  • Assists in measuring ingredients & preparing the food
  • Wipes off table, countertops and stove at the end of lab.
  • Identity: wears a white apron.
dishwasher s job duties plan ning
Dishwasher’sJob Duties & Planning
  • Prepares a Utensils List on planning day from the recipe with the dishdryer.
complete the example of a utensil s list from recipe
Complete the example of a Utensil’s List from recipe

Measuring Ingredients Tools

1c liquid

½ c dry and spoon/spatula

1/3 c dry and spoon

1 T & spatula

1/8 t & spatula

Food Preparation Tools

small bowl and mixing spoon

4 parfait glasses

dishwasher s duties o n lab day
Dishwasher’sDuties on Lab Day:
  • Gathers utensils using to the Utensil List
  • Prepares a sink of hot soapy (1 Tbsp) water
  • Assists in measuring ingredients & preparing the food
  • Washes and rinses dirty tools, cookware and tableware & immediately places them in the dishdrainer
  • Wipes down and organizes the sink area at the end of lab.
  • Identity: wears a red apron
dishdryer s job duties planning day
Dishdryer’s Job Duties & Planning Day
  • Assistsin preparing the Utensil List using the recipe
dishdryer s duties on lab day
Dishdryer’sDuties on Lab Day:
  • Gathers utensils according to the utensil list on lab day
  • Assists in measuring ingredients & preparing the food
  • Dries and replaces cookware in the proper storage area
  • Places dirty dish towels in the washingmachine at the end of lab
  • Identity: wears a red apron.
6 th team member will be an assistant dishdryer
6th Team Member will be an Assistant (Dishdryer)
  • Planning Day – same as Dishdryer
  • Lab Day same as Dishdryer
  • If team member is absent, Assistant will take on those responsibilities!!!!!!!
rotation scheduling form
Rotation Scheduling Form
  • 1. We need to number off in your team, in alphabetical order, by last name.
  • 2. Record your name according to your alphabetical numberunder the Name Column. Record your number on the left of your name.

Stu Student Module Rotations

No. Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 Adams, Timothy

3 module rotations will be in the following order
3. Module Rotations will be in the following order:
  • Chef (CC),
  • Cook (C),
  • Grocery Shopper (GS),
  • Dishwasher (DW)
  • Dishdryer (DD).
  • 6th member, add Assistant Dishdryer (ADD)
  • Use the abbreviations on your Rotation Schedule.
4 under number 1 module rotations column
4. Under number 1 Module Rotations column
  • record CC (chef) by name one,
  • C (cook)by name two,
  • GS (grocery shopper) by name 3,
  • DW (dish washer) by name 4,
  • DD (dish dryer )by name 5.
  • ADD (assistant) by name 6.
  • Stu Student Module Rotations
  • No. Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 1 Adams, Timothy CC
  • Belks, Carolyn C
  • Collins, Dru GS
  • Rucker, Tim DW
  • Williams, JT DD
5 under number 2 module rotations column
5. Under number 2 Module Rotations column
  • record C by name one,
  • GS by name 2,
  • DW by name 3,
  • DD by name 4, and
  • CC by name 5.
  • Stu Student Module Rotations
  • No. Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 1 Adams, Timothy CC C
  • Belks, Carolyn C GS
  • Collins, Dru GS DW
  • Rucker, Tim DW DD
  • Williams, JT DD CC
6 under number 3
6. Under number 3
  • record, GS by name one,
  • DW by name 2,
  • DD by name 3,
  • CC by name 4, and
  • C by name 5.
  • Stu Student Module Rotations
  • No. Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 1 Adams, Timothy CC C GS
  • Belks, Carolyn C GS DW
  • Collins, Dru GS DW DD
  • Rucker, Tim DW DD CC
  • Williams, JT DD CC C
let s begin with the first recipe
Let’s begin with the first recipe
  • Pizza Bubble Bread
  • Chef: Pass a copy of the recipe to all and put your name and jobtitle in the upper right hand corner.
  • Then we will plan according to the first rotation as scheduled.
pizza bubble bread
Pizza Bubble Bread
  • Ingredients
  • Cornmeal (for sprinkling on greased pizza pan)
  • 1 pkg (10) refrigerated biscuits
  • 1/2 cup basic red sauce (spaghetti or pizza)
  • 1 cup shredded Mozzarella cheese ( 4oz)
  • Directions:
  • 1. Sprinkle a greased 12-inch pizza pan with cornmeal.
  • 2. Separate biscuits and cut into 4 pieces (quarter) using scissors.
  • 3. Place in a medium mixing bowl.
  • 4. Pour sauce over biscuits and coat well.
  • 5. Arrange biscuit dough pieces in an 8-inch circle in the pizza pan.
  • 6. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.
  • 7. Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes or until golden.
  • Yield: 24 appetizer servings.

The Chef (group leader) will assign a team member to each measurement

& each step of the directions. Each member will record all names on recipe

time work schedule pizza bubble bread
Time-Work Schedule:Pizza Bubble Bread
  • 2 min Clean the countertops with sanitizing solution and a paper towel and gather groceries for placement on recipes. Wash hands. GS
  • 1 min Place recipes in locations for each member to complete their assigned tasks. Wash hands. CC
  • 3 min Using the Utensils List, pull all of the measuring and food preparation tools needed. Wash hands. DW DD ADD
  • 1 min Wash hands. C
  • Total = 5 min to prepare for lab
  • Total 15 min Preparation: follow the recipe according to assigned tasks to prepare the food product. All as noted on recipe.
  • Total 15 min Cooking: total amount of time needed to bake. Name in charge
  • Cleans/Set the Table according to recipe. C
  • Total 15 min Sampling and evaluating your food product using table etiquette and good manners.All
  • Washes/ Dries dishes and replaces dishes in proper cabinets/drawers using a dish cloth and dish towel. DW DD ADD
  • Wipes down countertops, table & stove using sanitizing solution and paper towel. GS
  • Sweeps floor and empties trash. C
  • Places dirty dish towels and dish cloths in washing machine. DD
  • Completes final check with Ms McCain & rubric CC
  • Total 15 min for clean-up
utensils list
Utensils List

Measuring Tools

1 Liquid cup

1 cup dry

  • Food Preparation Tools
  • Grater & wax paper
  • 2 Kitchen shears
  • Medium mixing bowl wooden spoon & tongs
  • Pizza pan/Pizza cutter
  • 12” ruler
  • rubber scraper
  • Cooling rack & turner for serving
grocery order form
Grocery Order Form
  • IngredientAmount
  • Cornmeal enough to sprinkle
  • Cooking spray
  • Red sauce ½ c
  • Mozzarella cheese 1 c
place setting for pizza bubble bread
Place Setting for Pizza Bubble Bread






lab safety sanitation etc
Lab Safety & Sanitation, etc.
  • Must have clean hands and wear an apron until the lab is over!
  • NEED to work in closed toe shoes with rubber soles.
  • Must have hair pulled back
  • Must remove dangling jewelry, earrings, watches & bulky sleeves!
  • If you want to bring other food, it must be cooked at home. You can heat it at school.
  • If you bring tea or kool-aid – it must be prepared at home. You may not use the sugar in your kitchen. Otherwise, we drink ice water.
demonstration and aprons
Demonstration and Aprons
  • Your team members will tie your aprons using a butterfly tie.
dishwashing rules
Dishwashing Rules
  • 1. Wash dishes in the left sink only. (HOT as you can stand it!)
  • 2. Wash dishes, rinse immediately and place in the dishdrainer!
3. DO NOT place clean dishes in the sink on the right. They end up down the disposal and jam the disposal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Let me show you what happens to measuring spoons and it breaks the disposal most of the time.
4. Knives are NEVER placed in the dish water until the dishwasher is ready to wash, rinse and place the knives back on the countertops!!!!!!!!
5. ALL KNIVES are kept in the wooden block on the countertop, NOT the drawers or tool jar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. When draining the dishwater, leave the drain-catcher ajar in order to catch any left-over food particles. Empty the drain-catcher in the garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!