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8Gb FC Introduction

8Gb FC Introduction. The Race is On!. Top 10 Reasons You Need 8Gb Fibre Channel. Virtualization Server Consolidation Oracle 11g Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Green Networking PCI-Express Gen2 Windows Server 2008 Web 2.0. New 8Gb Network from QLogic.

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8Gb FC Introduction

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  1. 8Gb FC Introduction The Race is On!

  2. Top 10 Reasons You Need 8Gb Fibre Channel Virtualization Server Consolidation Oracle 11g Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Green Networking PCI-Express Gen2 Windows Server 2008 Web 2.0

  3. New 8Gb Network from QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN powered by QLogic 1st End-to-End Fibre Channel Network Available Now!

  4. New 8Gb Switches from QLogic SANbox® 5800 Series Stackable Switches 1st Stackable 8Gb Fibre Channel Switch 1st 20Gb Fibre Channel Available Now!

  5. 20Gb Fibre Channel Technology SANbox 5800 Series 8Gb Stackable Switch Like other products – build a fabric by adding switches Unlike other products – no wasted ports for ISLs, fees for trunking, or disruption to fabric With 20Gb stack interconnects, The SANbox 5800 is the only 8Gb switch with the ability to handle more than 8Gb of inter-switch traffic without the cost and complexity of trunking

  6. New 8Gb HBAs from QLogic QLogic® 2500 Series HBAs 1st HBAs with Adaptive Power Management 1st with Cool HBA™ Available Now!

  7. StarPower™ Green Networking Recyclable Materials  Energy Efficiency  Space Savings

  8. QLogic 2500 Series HBA

  9. Virtualized Servers Bandwidth Hungry Applications Disk to Disk Backup Why 8Gb, Early Adopters

  10. 2500 Series – HBA Highlights • 8/4/2 Gb auto-negotiation • Single-port or dual-port • PCI Express 2.0; up to PCI Express x8 • 200,000+ Initiator and target IOPs/port • Full suite of OS device drivers • Device management tools • Broad hardware platform support

  11. 8Gb HBA Features • Higher Performance:  • Reduces response time of mission critical Datacenter applications and backup time-windows • >1550 MBps/Port; 200,000 IOPs/Port • Virtualization Optimized: • Delivers enhanced security, Quality-of-Service and Dynamic Provisioning during live migration • Power Optimized: • QLogic StarPower® Technology enables power management techniques to ensure lowest power & cooling – Cool HBA Technology™

  12. Dynamic Power Management QLogic 2500 Series 8Gb HBA provides 21% Lower Power Gen 1 PCI-E: QLogic HBA Powers All 8 Lanes for Maximum Performance Gen 2 PCI-E: QLogic HBA Powers Down 4 Lanes for Maximum Performance & Maximum Energy Efficiency

  13. COOL HBA Technology™ • Like other products • Rated for 55°C • Unlike other products • No airflow / fans required

  14. 8Gb HBA Features – cont’d • RAS Optimized: • Overlapping Protection Domains (OPD) extended for “control” and “data” paths to ensure data integrity • Security Optimized: • Enhanced Authentication (FC-SP), Data Integrity (T10) and Network isolation (NPIV) • Management Optimized: • Providing faster deployment through comprehensive device management tools • Guaranteed Interop & Investment Protection: • Certified with all major operating systems, servers, storage, and applications • Backward compatible with 2Gb and 4Gb Storage Networks

  15. Product Ready - Collateral March 10th – Available on www.qlogic.com

  16. Summary • QLogic QLE256x series HBA: • Doubles performance • reduces back-up time • cut down disk-to-disk replication time • Avoids potential I/O bottlenecks, “Hauls Apps” • Investment protection and backward compatibility • Virtualization (NPIV, VSAN), Security (FC-SP) • Lower power • Cool HBA™ • Dynamic Power Management – Link Training

  17. Introducing SANbox 5802V

  18. HBA Edge Core 8Gb I/O Blades SANblade® QLE2562 SANbox 5802V Stackable Switch SANbox 9000 Director 8Gb Portfolio Family Snapshot 8Gb Done Right Available NOW! Coming Mid-CY08 Available NOW! • End-to-end, fully-integrated product line – Easy to manage! • High-bandwidth ISL solution to match any mix of device speeds • 100% backwards-compatible– Migrateto 8Gb at your own pace!

  19. Given these assumptions, how can partners WIN with 8Gb? 8Gb Opportunity? • Server virtualization, multi-core processors, rich media will create an ever-increasing need,however… • 8Gb transition will be phased for most businesses • New SANs will continue to launch with 4Gb storage in near term • Legacy servers will continue to connect at 4Gb…and 2Gb • Customers will demand immediate value for every $ spent • Must protect 4Gb and 2Gb infrastructure investments • Require fabric (ISLs) to accommodate changing mix of device speeds • NOT willing to pay ahead of time for unused capabilities Only QLogic provides an 8Gb solution customers will want to install today!

  20. Introducing SANbox 5802V The 8Gb solution for today’s infrastructure! 8Gb Fibre Channel Stackable Switch • 8Gb / “8Gb-ready” performance • Higher port density (24 ports total) • “Always on” 10Gb ports! • 20Gb bandwidth on demand! • Single-SKU simplicity for partners • Preferred Service now included • vFabricTM-ready Next-generation member of award-winning SANbox 5000 Series Plus key new advantages your customers will value immediately!

  21. Exclusive! “Always on” 10Gb ISLs Exclusive! 20Gb bandwidth on demand Exclusive! vFabricTM-ready Key Advantages • Leading technology extends the life of your investment • Deploy at 8Gb, 4Gb or 2Gb – prepare for future bandwidth requirements without paying more today! 8Gb / “8Gb-ready” performance Higher port density • Enhanced scalability / ease of management • More “bandwidth per U” than any other edge switch • Revolutionary pricing advantage – ISLs now INCLUDED! • Enables 8Gb solutions for < competitor’s 4Gb • Attractive to higher-port-count customers! • Unique competitive advantage– ISL upgrade option! • Investment protection for users (phased 8Gb implementation) • Gives customers confidence to buy 8Gb infrastructure now! Single-SKU simplicity for partners • Stock base SKU + license keys only – easier to forecast! • Same user cost to upgrade in the field as “out of the hub” • Fulfills “VSAN” requirement for enterprise sales

  22. Service Plan Included One full year of world-class Preferred Service is included with the purchase of every SANbox 5802V. Maximum protection for your mission-critical data – at no extra cost! • 24x7 remote technical support • Next business day spares replacement • Aligns with SANbox 9000 coverage This offering is un-matched by any competitor!

  23. Four 10Gb/20Gb XPAK Ports Twenty 8Gb/4Gb/2Gb SFP Ports Dual hot-swappable power/fan Mgmt. Ports (Ethernet and Serial) Product Details 1U chassis Optional Enterprise Fabric Suite (EFS), SANdoctor and Fabric Security for advanced management functionality

  24. + + (8) 8Gb device ports (4) 10Gb ISLs (4) 20Gb ISLs 5802V-08A + + 4 4 12 Partner SKU #2 + + 4 4 16 Partner SKU #3 + + 20 4 4 Partner SKU #4 “Always on” ISLs: No cost for stacking! “8+4” base configuration 10Gb stacking ports included! Easy field or “out of the hub” upgrades User pays only for device ports 20Gb upgrade may be applied at any time, to any config!

  25. Example 2 Add 8-port switch to existing stack “Always on” stacking simplifies planning Example 1 Stack two 8-port switches • Establish 40-port footprint for quick “hands free” expansion later • No need to license stacking ports separately • Low-cost redundancy • No need to buy “full up” chassis • True pay-as-you-grow • More granular scalability = cost savings, deferred expense No Math Required: Focus on device port needs ISL bandwidth and topology planning is automatic

  26. 20Gb Bandwidth on Demand When enough devices transition to 8Gb to require the extra ISL bandwidth, license activation is easy and non-disruptive. 20Gb Extends Product Life Another industry first from QLogic! 20Gb ISLs on SANbox 5800 protect your hardware investment • 20Gb uses same ISL cables and XPAK transceivers as 10Gb • No need to reconfigure topology – Simply turn on the bandwidth! • Mix-and-match 10Gb and 20Gb ISLs in same stack – ports auto-negotiate to form single high-speed backbone!

  27. Brocade 5000 Larger switch emphasizes “stair step” effect if we continue to make customers buy “full up” switch in order to stack. QLogic 5802V Price Required Device Ports (after ISLs) “Always on” stacking reduces cost Included stacking capability eliminates price barriers to scalability! QLogic 8Gb for less than competitor’s 4Gb! Best deal for higher-port-count customers Single-switch pricing maintains advantageous 4Gb/8Gb spread.

  28. QLogic 5802V Brocade 5000 20 device ports, $7,970 32 ports, $14,624 Published Distribution Pricing $398 per device portfor 8Gb! $457 per device port for 4Gb Price-per-port Comparison Published Distribution Pricing Plus…stacking ports are included! The world’s most advanced SAN…is also the most affordable!

  29. Cable/transceiver cost Qty (3) FC cables @ $50 = $150 Qty (6) 4Gb SFPs @ $140 =$840 To achieve equivalent bandwidth Qty (3) FC cables @ $50 = $150 Qty (6) 8GbSFP+s @ $600 =$3,600 10Gb stacking cable To achieve equivalent bandwidth 20Gb (same cable as 10Gb!) TOTAL = $990 MSRP = $553 MSRP = $553 TOTAL = $3,750 (...!) To achieve equivalent bandwidth 20Gb (same cable as 10Gb!) Qty (6) FC cables @ $50 = $300 Qty (12) 4Gb SFPs @ $140 =$1,680 MSRP = $553 TOTAL = $1,980 8Gb ISLs? …non-starter

  30. HARDWARE SB5802V-08A– “8 + 4” base switch unit Qty (8) 8Gb SFP ports active Qty (4) 10Gb XPAK ports active SB-PS8-FB– Power supply/fan FRUs Specific for 8Gb products SFP8-SW-4PK, SFP8-SW-1PK– 8Gb SFP+ 4-pack, 1-pack Switch is also compatible with previous-generation 4Gb and 2Gb SFPs PER-SWITCH LICENSE KEYS LK-5802-4PORT– 4-port port activation upgrade Apply one or multiple to create 12, 16 or 20-user-port configurations Specific to this product only (previous LK5000-4PORT key not supported by 5802V) LK-5802-20G– 20Gb ISL upgrade Apply non-disruptively to switch at any port count configuration for all 4 ISL ports New SKUs associated with 5802V • Existing SANdoctor and Fabric Security keys work with all new 8Gb products. • Enterprise Fabric Suite support for 8Gb coming with next release (April)

  31. Summary • Backwards-compatible best choice for today’s infrastructure • Deploy leading edge switch now, migrate to 8Gb at your own pace! • 8Gb for the price of 4Gb! • “Always on” stacking ports save $$$ now and later • No cost barriers to adoption / expansion • Unprecedented 20Gb bandwidth on demand • Upgrade your fabric without disrupting devices or topology INVESTMENT PROTECTION: All the room you need to compete and win in the future – without paying more today!

  32. 8Gb Datacenter Blueprint Featuring the top ten applications for 8Gb Fibre Channel Free Stuff QLogic.com QLogic Webcast: Monday March 10 Click Here to Register

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