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SHOW STOPPERS. Hometown: Chandigarh Expertise: Dance

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Show stoppers

  • Hometown: Chandigarh

  • Expertise: Dance

  • About: A group of 21 to 26 year old dancers. Fuse bhangra and hip hop. Some are engineers working at infosys and some are students. Tapveer used to perform bhangra in college and there he met Abhinav who was into hip-hop. Abhinav came up with the idea of jamming the two dance forms. The group members who work at infosys jam after work.


  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Singers

  • About: They are a band with a difference not only in the tones they perform but also the way they wrap their attire.A blend of east-o-western. They are here with an aim to connect the youth to their roots and dedicate their performance to Lord Krishna. SonaliBendre seemed flattered, not only by their Sholaks but even by their style. While KirronKher was impressed by the way they cary forward our traditions and culture.

Angels grooves

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Hip Hop Dancers

  • About: After Rohan & Group from Season 1and Fictitious Group from Season 2, we have Angels & Grooves to rock us in this one. These B-Boyers and Hip Hoppers got a standing ovation from the judges. Their jaw dropping moves were enough for them to tag them as finalists

Bad salsa group

  • Hometown: Kolkata

  • Expertise: Salsa Dancers

  • About: The duo who rocked the show the day they performed on the stage of IGT3. The smallest salsa performers but way older in their talent. The poise, the charm, the attitude they carry...they were taken to be the finalists from the first instance. Getting a standing ovation from all the judges, shocking them, surprising them, horrifying them, pleasing them...they both have done it all...

Indian saber

  • Hometown: Delhi

  • Expertise: Band

  • About: A fusion rock band. Three of the band members are school drop-outs so that they could concentrate on music. They want to make their name in the music industry and give a chance to strugglers like them. They want to prove that music is not about dance and head bangs but much more than that.

Vilas nayak

  • Hometown: Bangalore

  • Expertise: Painter

  • About: A 27 year old painter, working as a HR professional in IBN. He is painting since the age of 3 years.He not only paints famous personalities but also paints landscapes. He is practising this particular art from past 1 and a half years.His father used to work in a factory as a worker and his mother is a house wife.He also wants to open a painting school for both underpriveledged kids and for all, so that he can promote this art.

Sanjay dhaka

  • Hometown: Sujangarh, Rajasthan

  • Expertise: Dance

  • About: Sanjay is from Sujangarh, Rajasthan. He has been dancing since 6 years. He has had to battle it out with his folks to puruse his talent.

Prajwal prasad

  • Hometown: Chennai

  • Expertise: Dancer

  • About: "Who can forget Prajwal's tribute to Raj Kapoor, after which our Darling D was in tears.Lovingly called ""Chota Dynamite"" he is seen as a finalist of India's Got Talent Season 3. KirronKher had all praises for the clarity and poise he had. Being just 13 he was bang on his expression and the way he conveys his feelings through his dance."

Tushar arjun

  • Hometown: Assam

  • Expertise: Singer

  • About: TusharArjun a singer from Assam, who had his share of suffering and hardships before he could reach out to such a big platform. KirronKher just tapping the right chord, gave Tushar a chance to come forward and work towards achieving his objective of life.

Amrapali group

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Lavni Dancers

  • About: The cross dressed Lavni dancers from Mumbai with their matkas and jhatkaas just took away the hearts of our judges. Sonali was floored by the expression and the energy they convoy.While they reminded DharamJi of Madhuri Dixit, it was amazing to see being a male performing Lavni with so much grace and aptly called Nazakat

Ali brothers

  • Hometown: Bhatinda

  • Expertise: Sufi Singers

  • About: "A team of Uncle & Nephew were amply exuberant in their performance. Impressed the judges with their extereme talent and sufi tunes."

Binoy debnath

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Entertainer

  • About: While he walked on the stage, the judges thought that he will show the same run-of-the mill balancing acts but Devnath really took the judges by surprise. He not only did some different balancing act punctuated with danger but he managed to do them with great control and skill.

Shrikant ahire group

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: UV act performers

  • About: Ahire made a hat trick of sorts by appearing thrice on Indias Got Talent. This time he trained a group from Baroda and this time too he left an impact by giving the judges some visual treat. Though Sonali was not too impressed yet Ahire managed a salute from KirronKher for his spirit and undying passion for dance.Dharmendraji described the act as a dream sequence.

Sumit barik

  • Hometown: Kolkata

  • Expertise: Dancer

  • About: "For Sumit dance is not the only thing but it is everything and he very well showed it by his ebullient & zappy perfromance. Though it doesn't seem he has been learning how to groove from past 4 years, he was with those moves since birth.KirronKher just loved him to the core."


  • Hometown: Chennai

  • Expertise: Drummer

  • About: A professional drummer from Chennai who just hyped the beats in our Judges and got praises by all of them in the unison.

Subrat ishak

  • Hometown: Orissa

  • Expertise: Freestyle Dancers

  • About: "The non-trained dancers from Orissa performed as fresh as daisy, with their newer steps and all the newer style of dancing. KirronKher was all the more delighted to witness their grooves when in the middle of their performance they intentionally paused the music."

Tarantismo creative dance company

  • Hometown: Bengaluru

  • Expertise: Belly Dancers

  • About: To showcase their talent of potraying story through their Belly.Dance, they came to India's Got Talent and bowled over the judges with their thematic, dignified and soothing performance.

Digvijay ankit singh

  • Hometown: Ghaziabad

  • Expertise: Singers

  • About: "Apnemukaddar ka toh mil hi jayegaaekhuda, wohcheezadakarjokismatmeinnaa ho"" , the praise that these brothers got from KirronKher after their enchanting sufi singing just enthralled everyone. The purity and innocence in their singing brought them into the next level, their hardship and struggle with life was well paid off with all the applauses and wishes they got from our judges."

Subash chander

  • Hometown: Jammu

  • Expertise: Dance

  • About: The moment he stepped onto the stage with green painted all over his body, the judges thought that they are again in for some farcical show but Chander though looked weird yet managed to dance like a dream. His murga dance was quiet appreciated by all.

Sabah bari

  • Hometown: Varanasi

  • Expertise: Dance

  • About: The gracefully erotic dancer, a housewife who doesn't seem was out of touch with her dance at all.With her amazing expression and a fantabolous smile she made her way round in the hearts of judges and to the next level.

Nawaz sabri party

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Qawaal Group

  • About: The group that came to revive the spirit of Qawalli. Believing in pleasing god with their heartfelt rhythm they just engrossed the judges in their performance. With deep sufi singing roots they sing for almighty.They performed their version of Allah hoo and mesmerized our judges.

Dunes of rajasthan

  • Hometown: Rajasthan

  • Expertise: Classical Fusion Band

  • About: The band performed a piece of devotional music as classical fusion.The mediocrity of the previous acts was a perfect prelude to the brilliance of this act. Their symphony and fusion were outstanding. Kirron went on to dub them as one of the finalists.

Swarali sangeet sanstha

  • Hometown: Nagpur

  • Expertise: Classical Group

  • About: The horde of women did manage to set the stage on fire with their play of musical instruments and with the song that begets Dharamji to compliment it furthur, it was pure entertainment on the cards. The ladies with their panache not only played the strings immaculately but also managed to touch the chords of the judges heart.

Avijeet debnath tinku sarkar

  • Hometown: Kolkata

  • Expertise: Acrobatic Gymnasts

  • About: They performed acrobatic gymnasts not particulary with the finesse but good enough to take them to the next level. Their lifts and stunts shocked KirronKher to the core, hoping to see a more perfect and stuning performance ahead.

Jinu joy

  • Hometown: Kerela

  • Expertise: Pole Malkham Artist

  • About: Jinu Joy who was truly a joy to watch for Sonali, showed us some brilliant moves of pole malkham and dance. His finnesse and postures were impressive enough to make Dharamji emotionally attached to him. With the dream of getting his sister married and repaying the home loan from the prize money he took a gradnstand among all the other participant.

Rayes shaila

  • Hometown: Kashmir

  • Expertise: Comedians, Performers, Actors

  • About: The duo were electrifying on the stage with a crackling chemistry between them they gave the show some of the best rib-tickling moments. Shaihla was completely into the skin of the character of an old lady with nearly perfect make-up and Raees played the son with utmost perfection. Their acting skills were highly appreciated by the judges.

Faith in action

  • Hometown: Nagaland

  • Expertise: Martial Art Performers

  • About: Mind blowing, mind blasting, mind boggling won't be enough words to describe their performance. Though DharamJi was floored in their first smash only, it was a surprise to see KirronKher witnessing the whole act without covering her face.

Prateek joseph

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Singer, Writer

  • About: A professor from Wilson college, a little bit absurdely dressed to suit his act and writer and composer of the song "ande ka funda" presented a well said perfectly apt sattire on "Mehengayee"in the tunes of aamir khan starred "Tanhayee". With his all the different approach and hitting the explicit chords he made it to the next level.

Goutam das boul

  • Hometown: West Bongo

  • Expertise: Boul SIngers

  • About: Bringing the acoustic of West Bongo onto the stage of IGT3 with his "Boul Gaana". The language hardly matters when there comes soothing music to warm up the surrounding.

Mad it group

  • Hometown: Pune

  • Expertise: Painting

  • About: 3 members who first met at Thane college 7 yrs ago. After college they worked for different professionals as art assitants on Tv and film shoots. They produced the 2nd to 6th season of MAD on Pogo tv. The came up with unique ideas for themes, arts and acts for the show. They know many forms of art and have learnt a lot from youtube.

Pooja surve

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Gymnast

  • About: 20 yr old Pooja has been doing gymnastics from the age of 5. She has participated in world championships, commonwealth and the world cup. She wants to be an IAS officer with coaching gymnastics to kids. Taking IGT has the best platform to showcase her talent she wants to take this sport to newer heights.

Aanchal girdhari

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Magician

  • About: An 18 year old girl from Udaipur, rajasthan. Her father is the biggest inspiration for her. She has never learnt magic from any particular magician. By the age of 5 she started doing stage shows. Her father had a part-time magic shop where she learnt.She studies for 2 months and does shows for the rest of the year.

Aditya priyanshu

  • Hometown: Nagpur, Kalyan (Mumbai)

  • Expertise: Dance

  • About: Priyanshu left his house 4 years ago and came to Bombay from Delhi, to follow his dream of becoming a choreographer in bollywood movies. He hasn't seen his family members since then. His passion has driven him to India's got talent season 3. Aditya is his student.

Priyanka keni

  • Hometown: Mumbai

  • Expertise: Dance

  • About: A 17 yr old girl, she was a winner of Boogie Woogie 2009. She does amazing lavni and has a very pretty smiling face. She teams up her talent with her colorful costumes and says she can do a variety of dances. With her amazing lavni she has raised her performance bar upto extreme heights.

Ballous folk

  • Hometown: Kolkata

  • Expertise: Group Singing

  • About: A group of 5 house wives who very well proved they could manage their duties and their passion with equal pride and love.All learnt singing during childhood. Left it after they got married due to children. Want to fullfill their childhood dream of being a singer.

Show stoppers

General Terms & Conditions


  • Artists & Artist Mgr. – 3 star acco. on single occupancy basis with all expenses paid for including room service & laundry. Excluding Alcohol, Tobacco, STD & ISD calls.


  • Artists & Artist manager – Jet airways / Kingfisher only. No Low Cost airlines.

  • Plz ensure that the tickets have a date & time change option.


  • 50% advance to confirm the artists and the event date.

  • Balance 50% payable 1 week before the event date along with the tickets and hotel booking confirmations.

  • All payments to be made in Demand Draft favoring Twin Soul Entertainment.’ payable in Mumbai.

    Other requirements:

  • You would have to provide ground transport for the troupe from arrival to departure in the city.

  • Please note that the above cost is for the performance only and any other appearances, visits, dinners etc would have to be paid for and confirmed in advance on mutually agreed terms & conditions before the artist departure from Mumbai.

    * Conditions applied