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Story of Mr. Young. The Most Important Thing. Where I was born. West Van Lear, Ky or Paintsville, Ky. Won Little League State Championship in 1996. Paintsville High School. College: Campbellsville. College Golf: 2008 NAIA National Championship. College. Also from there.

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Where i was born
Where I was born

West Van Lear, Ky

or Paintsville, Ky

Tardies absences

  • Will be based on my judgment

  • Will be kept in my gradebook

  • Will follow the school guideline and policy

  • Each semester student will start out with 50 points for Tardies/Abscences

  • For each Tardy/Unexcused Absence, student will be deducted 5 points

Bathroom passes
Bathroom Passes

  • Will be 3 per 9 weeks, and will be counted for bonus points if you do not use them (points of Mr. Young’s choosing)

  • This will not include nurse’s slips.

Book policy
Book Policy

  • Government/SSS- Books are to be kept under desk at all times unless being used

  • Psychology/Sociology- Book are kept on shelf, 1st person in row gets book and then everyone returns their own

  • If this is not followed, an impossible quiz will be given

Homework policy
Homework Policy

  • Homework is to be turned in on time (except for extenuating circumstances)

  • If you miss it is YOURresponsibility to ask me for the missing work

  • Letter grade for each day late (1 day, from A to B, 2 days from B to C, 3 days from C to D)

  • 1 week- automatically 60 % if everything completed

  • 2 weeks till end of 9 weeks- best you can get is 50%

Taking notes
Taking Notes

  • Notes will be usually be taken by fill-in-the-blank PowerPoints and will be handed to the students

  • From time to time, notes may be taken using foldable, by fill-in-the-blank books, or by moving around the room

  • I like to try and do different things

Bell ringer activities
Bell Ringer Activities

  • Each week you will have 1 bellringer per day which counts for 2 points.

  • 2 weeks per bellringer sheet and will result in a total of 20 points

  • If you miss, ask your neighbor for the answer: Your Responsibility to make it up

Seating charts
Seating Charts

  • Will be given as the teacher sees necessary in order to keep order and discipline in the class.

  • Probably every 9 weeks.


  • Honesty and Integrity are important qualities in school that will take you a long way in life.

  • Cheating includes blatant cheating as well as copying another person’s homework assignment

  • 1st offense- redo of assignment for max grade of 60% and reported to the office

  • 2nd offense-1 letter grade from end of 9 weeks and reported to office

  • 3rd offense- best you can make is 60%D and reported to office.

Cell phones
Cell Phones

  • Are not to be out during class unless permission is given by the teacher or going to be used in class

  • Teacher will follow the school policy for cell phones in class

Ipods music

  • Music is not to be played during class unless teacher gives permission.

  • IPOD’s will be treated as cell-phones and will follow the school handbook regarding cell-phone policy.


  • Are to be used for school related stuff only!

  • If I catch you using the IPAD at anytime during class for something other, it will be immediately taken from you, and sent to IPAD central with a note attached.

Food or drink
Food or Drink

  • No food or drink in class

  • The only exception is Water

  • This is your first and last warning.

Sleeping in class
Sleeping in Class

  • There is absolutely no sleeping in class.

  • 1st warning- ask to get up

  • 2nd warning- you will be sent out and to the office

Talking any other distractions
Talking/Any other Distractions

  • Back talking

  • Talking while the teacher/another student is talking

  • Making weird or obnoxious noises.

What to bring
What to Bring:

  • Pencil or Pen

  • 3 Ring Binder with loose leaf paper

  • Notebook/Folder

  • Book

  • Highlighters

  • Ear buds for IPAD