which carpet cleaning strategy suits you most n.
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Which Carpet Cleaning Strategy Suits You Most? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which Carpet Cleaning Strategy Suits You Most?

Which Carpet Cleaning Strategy Suits You Most?

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Which Carpet Cleaning Strategy Suits You Most?

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  1. Which Carpet Cleaning Strategy Suits You Most? Pressure & Steam

  2. Patches made by your pets, bad odour, disgusting stains that are too stubborn to remove. If this is the same condition of the carpet at your home then it’s high time that you must get it cleaned with help of professional carpet cleaners in Sydney, Canberra, Northern Beaches and North Shore. Remember that carpet cleaning involves a decent amount of money therefore don’t waste that money on some inexperienced carpet cleaner. Here are some carpets cleaning procedures.

  3. Steam carpet clean (hot water extraction) Steam cleaning is appropriate for almost all types of carpets. This type of cleaning is performed by either a portable machine or a truck mounted one. In case the carpet is extremely stained and dirty then truck mounted machine is used as it is more powerful and comprehensive in performing the task. Experts recommended steam cleaning method as it can deliver better results and increases the life of the flooring.

  4. Dry cleaning Unlike its name, some water is used in dry cleaning process, but quite less compared to steam cleaning method. Dry cleaning is often termed as ‘surface cleaning’ by experts. It can be useful for spots that get a large amount of traffic and need to be dried out quickly. Dry cleaning process is ideal for a quick cleaning or to maintain the look of the carpet. On the other hand, steam carpet cleaning is meant for a complete cleaning procedure.

  5. Bonnet cleaning • Here is the most often used type of carpet cleaning. In this method: • Proper vacuuming is done on the flooring • A solution is applied cleaning machine. The cleaning machine has bonnet (a pad) which rubs the flooring and moves the dirt and allergens onto the pad • And eventually, the rug is vacuumed again

  6. Do It Yourself (DIY) Cleaning • Some people do hire carpet cleaning equipment from the supermarkets or small businesses. These cleaning equipment are known steam cleaners. However, majority of carpet manufacturers and expert carpet cleaners warn people from doing the cleaning process themselves. If you go for DIY process then you need to keep one thing in mind that there might be situations where the machines stops working or even damages the fabric of the flooring. In some cases the fabric of the rug might also get damage due to the harsh chemicals applied by you. Carpet cleaning is not an easy task, so you should rather call for professional help instead of doing it yourself.

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