mahatma gandhi nrega review meeting of joint n.
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Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Review Meeting of Joint Programme Coordinators PowerPoint Presentation
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Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Review Meeting of Joint Programme Coordinators

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Review Meeting of Joint Programme Coordinators

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Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Review Meeting of Joint Programme Coordinators

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  1. Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Review Meeting of Joint Programme Coordinators 23.10.2017 – North Conference Hall Govt Sectt

  2. LB Forecasted, Person Days approved and share of districts

  3. National Performance (34 States) and position of Kerala

  4. Person Day Generation in the State

  5. Graphic representation of Performance

  6. Physical Progress. Where lies the issue?

  7. Reason for low performance • HH provided Job itself came down to 7,74,945 from 12,00,094 HH as on 20.10.2017 • Normally the Scheme pick up only by the month of October

  8. Reason for low performance

  9. MGNREGA Works

  10. Work Completion is a major indicator in MGNREGA. The Ministry take this issue with much importance Work Completion Rate

  11. Work remaining incomplete: till 2016 17

  12. IHHL

  13. Anganwadi

  14. Farm Ponds

  15. Vermi/NADEP Compost

  16. GeoMGNREGA • Geotagging to be done with in one month of work completion and moderation with in 48hours. • Geo Phase –II to start from November 1st (Phase 1 data migration is in progress, related dashboard reports will not be accurate until migration completes) • Citizen information board are not seen in 90% of the assets created in 2017-18. • CIBs to be part of stage -3 geo tags.

  17. Aadhar Based Payment System • Photos of Aadhar camps to be shared with State Mission • Data entry of the consent forms received at camps to be updated in MIS • Close all joint accounts in Banks as well as Post offices • Cases of consent forms received at bank but not yet mapped to be followed with LDMs • Mapping of Beneficiary account to be completed by 30th November 2017

  18. Aadhar Based Payment System

  19. Financial issues

  20. 2014 15

  21. 2015 16

  22. 2016 17

  23. Wrongful entry in the OB of Block Discrepancies noted Kozhikode – Kunnamangalam Block – 52000 Alappuzha – Kanjikuzhy Block – 81894 Alappuzha – Thykkattusherry – 621125 Alappuzha – Pattanakkad - - 35168 Tvpm – Parassala - 259000 Specific remarks of JPCs in writing should be given in order to rectify the position Without rectification Audit will not be Complete!!!

  24. Status of Timely Payment

  25. No. of Filled Muster Roll Pending for Payment for more than 15 days

  26. Delay Compensation from 2013-14 to 2017-18 (Rs. in lakh)

  27. Bare Foot Technicians • Idukki district, on the basis of the Active Job Card Holders can deploy additional BFTs. The existing NFEs may be selected for undergoing the training • Status report to be furnished in this week itself

  28. SECC- Manual Casual Labourers

  29. Bank/Post Office Accounts State has 98% of the worker’s account in Banks. In all the district, there are few accounts of the beneficiaries which are joint accounts in the Banks.

  30. New Job Cards Indicative Framework for New Job Cards is available in the following Link All Job Card holders should be given job cards as per the above framework on or before 1.11.2017

  31. Front side cover page

  32. Front side cover page for special category

  33. Draft Copy of the Job Card

  34. 7 Registers • It was observed that a few GPs, while inspected, are not maintaining the Registers Properly • Guidelines are available in the following link All JPCs were requested to furnish certificate to the effect that they are maintaining 7 Registers Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad and Wayanad districts so far not furnished the certificate

  35. Guidelines on 7 Registers

  36. Indicative Framework for Citizen Information Board • A very important Good Governance initiative the Ministry prioritizes • Such boards are seldom found in the State • Indicative Framework can be seen in the following link No payments should be made to a work wih out CIB EACH District was asked to furnish 5 photos each having CIB So far, these pictures are not furnished

  37. Model CIB for individual and HH works

  38. CIB for Community Works

  39. Work Register 1. Checklist of Documents 2. Copy of the Annual Action Plan/ Shelf of Projects 3. Copy of Technical Estimate and Design 4. Technical Sanction 5. Adminstrative/ Financial Sanction 6. Convergence Funds/Inputs, if any 7. Demand Application Form 8. Work Allocation Form 9. Copy of filled e-Muster Rolls 10. Copy of Measurement Book 11. Material Procurement Document and Usage 12. Copy of Wage List 13. Copies of Wage and Material Payment FTOs 14. Material Voucher and Bills 15. Copies of Receipts of Royalty Paid 16. Photograph of the Project/ Work at three stages-before, during and after 17. Work Completion Certificate 18. Muster Roll Movement Slip 19. Geo-tagged photograph of the Asset (at least one stage) 20. Copy of Social Audit Report of the work 21. Other State Specific Documents

  40. Success stories Districts shall forward 5 success stories each to the State Mission not later than 28th of October 2017 Kindly avoid furnishing stories already published!!!

  41. Field inspection by Assistant Secretary, MoRD

  42. Field inspection by Assistant Secretary, MoRD • Again, in some places the Citizen Information Board was found blank, for e.g. in the platform built around the ICDS Centre and in the interlocking tiles road, both in Purakkad GP. • It was observed in some works (rain pits being undertaken in Edamulackal GP) that works undertaken appeared in variance with the records (that it is being done for BPL families) seen in the gram panchayat, This needs to be further verified. Districts concerned are required to submit DETAILED RESPONSES As this report is a part of proposal for next claim

  43. Thanks With the standardised Job Cards, Work Register, CIB & 7 REgisters