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Feature Guide - SlideServe Presentation Creator

This is a very short guide on how to get started with SlideServe's Presentation Creator.

Launch Editor

First click on the presentation creator icon on SlideServe's header. This will open our Presentation Creator editor window.

If you do not have an account on SlideServe, you can login with your facebook account.

Select a Design

Click on the Designs icon to select a template. You can also drag and drop it. We have a myriad of templates to choose from.

Add text and stickers

Click on the Text icon to add stickers. You can edit the stickers. To add text choose text option which includes, three text size options- big text, medium text and small text. You can increase or decrease the text size, with the selection tool.

Add shapes

Click on the Shapes icon. There are a lot of categories under shapes, to choose from. You can click on the required option. Since the shapes are in vector format, you can increase or decrease the size of the shape without compromising on image quality.

Add background image/color

Click on the BG icon to add background image. You can choose from our array of pre-created backgrounds. You have an option to add static color as background. To add colors select the desired color from the color palette.

Search and Upload your images

Click on the Images icon to upload your own images or you can drag and drop images directly from your machine.

Search and insert stock images

You can search and insert a lot of stock photos/images from the search tool. For example if you want to search images related to 'Christmas', type Christmas and press enter or click on the search icon. Click on the desired image from the search results to add it into your design.

Use of Selection Tool

After you drag and drop an image click on the image for selection. This will provide you with the following options:

  • Clone: You can create a copy of the image
  • Pick a color: When you click on the color icon, the entire color palette appears. You can change the color of your image by selecting the color picker.
  • Front: To bring your image forward
  • Back: To move your image backward
  • Delete: Deletes the selected image.

When you click on the drop down option you will see the following:

  • Link: You can provide a hyper link in your images, by providing a URL
  • Opacity: You can increase or decrease the transparency of your image
  • Rotate: You can rotate your image to any side.
  • Crop: This option is available only for images. First select an image, click on the crop button and resize your image.

If you select the text, you can change the following options: Font Style, Font Size and Color. If you click on the drop down option you will see the following:

  • Bold (B) and Italics (I) to style or highlight your text
  • Shadow (S) to drop shadow to the selected text
  • Uppercase (M) for text in Capital Letter.

There are three alignment options- Right, Left and Center. You can also add bullet points to your text.

Add Slide

Click on + icon to add a new slide. You can also create a duplicate copy of your slide or delete it.

Publish presentation to SlideServe

Once you are done creating your presentation, click on the Publish button to upload your presentation on SlideServe.

Add presentation details

When you click on the publish button, a window will appear where you will have to fill up a form to publish your presentation details. Add a title, explain a few words about your presentation in the description column, provide tags and choose a category. You can opt to download your presentation to SlideServe. All the fields in the form are mandatory.

For example if you want your presentation to appear in the graphics/design category, you can select it by using the category drop-down. If you select the status as public, your presentation can be viewed by any SlideServe user and will be listed in the search engines. If you select private, you will be able to view your presentation with your SlideServe account, it will be locked to other users. Once you are done, click on save & continue button to go to the next level.

View and share SlideServe presentation

Once your presentation is published, it will appear on SlideServe. You can view and share your presentation to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and much more, from SlideServe. You can also send your presentation by email. Click on download to download your presentation and save it to your computer.

Start creating your presentation ...