welcome to the navy league of the united states n.
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Welcome to the Navy League of the United States PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Navy League of the United States

Welcome to the Navy League of the United States

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Welcome to the Navy League of the United States

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  1. Welcome to the Navy League of the United States

  2. What is the Navy League? The Navy League is a group of 72,000+ patriotic citizens who believe that the United States of America must remain a strong maritime power to protect our freedom and our economic way of life.

  3. History President Theodore Roosevelt, in 1902, asked business leaders in New York City to organize a group to communicate this message – and the Navy League was born. President Roosevelt also provided funding from his Nobel Peace Prize to support the establishment of the Navy League.

  4. What does the Navy League do? • The NL Headquarters staff assists the leaders of the Sea Services – Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, US-Flag Merchant Marine – in communicating their needs to the Congress of the United States. National President Sheila McNeill talks with Senator John McCain.

  5. Cont’d • Sponsors Sea-Air-Space, one of the largest Maritime Expositions in the world!

  6. Navy League Councils The heart and soul of the NL is the 300+ local councils worldwide that directly support sea service personnel – our sailors, marines, coasties and merchant mariners.

  7. GOALS • Educate community leaders and citizens about America’s need for strong sea services. • Support the men and women of the sea services. • Provide assistance to sea service families. • Support youth programs.

  8. What separates the NL from other military-related organizations? • Our membership requires ONLY that you be a citizen, not necessarily a former member of the military; and • Our mission is to support active members of the sea services, not promote services for our members We are an active-duty service organization, rather than a veteran’s service organization.

  9. Reasons to Join • You have served America for many years and now you are separating or retiring. • The NL provides you with an opportunity to stay connected with the sea services and to continue to serve our young warriors, their families and our youth. • If the Navy Marine Corps, Coast Guard or US-Flag Merchant Marine has helped you with your career, now you have a chance to give something back to the sea services.

  10. Transition • The NL pioneered, in 1958, a program called Highline to assist separating sea service personnel in their transition to a civilian career. We expanded our program in the 1960’s to include spouses, providing assistance for families relocating to a new community – information on jobs, climate, housing, schools, religious facilities and cost of living.

  11. Please JOIN and become part of our patriotic community!