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The AMC MCQ Exam is an online test that doctors and other medical professionals will need to write and pass if they would like to practice in their respective fields in Australia, and it is overseen by the Australian Medical Council. Prepengo is easy to use online tool for the preparation of Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Examination having high-quality MCQs and test material.\n

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Amc exam preparation online prepengo


Home of AMC Exam Preparation

About prepengo
About Prepengo

Prepengo is a web-based application that introduces you the required steps in the preparation process for AMC (Australian Medical Council) MCQ exam. We allow easy and secure access to this program by simply creating your personal account. Prepengo facilitates, analyzes and indicates your knowledge and skills before you actually appear AMC CAT MCQ Exam. The results are almost identical to what you see on the real test. It will make you feel like you are actually taking the test. With expert’s guidelines, Prepengo will be your first and last step in getting some tips and tricks about your AMC examination.

AMC exam online preparation is our leading purpose. Once you are logged in to the system. You can take an exam by purchasing a subscription from the pricing section. We offer both PayPal and Credit Card as secure payment method. Prepengo assures safe and encrypted use of your credit card with the help of 2Checkout and Go Daddy SSL certificates.

About prepengo1
About Prepengo

AMC CAT MCQ exam preparation becomes easy when you experience real time exam format by answering the listed questions from the 5 choices. You can choose between tutor/explanation mode and timed mode. Tutor mode affords you unlimited time when answering questions with detailed explanation of correct answer. Timed mode practically is a simulation of the real test. Another tip and benefit from this application is that you are able to pause the test and continue any time later. You can save notes for each question, mark questions to answer later. To maintain the quality you can report questions that you find unfitting so we can keep on improving our content. You can also set the level of expertise as you are advancing through different stages of knowledge. After you finishing the AMC Exam test, Prepengo is creating a sheet that presents to you the final test results. Aside from the table, you can find explanations of the answers. Our application has a dashboard where you can compare your test results with other students. Also, we offer helpful resources where you can find the medical cases questions, but also some other data about important Australian journals.Our expert physicians continuously adding AMC MCQ exam questions to Prepengo’s question bank. You can discover a lot of test variants that will teach you about the way of asking in the real exam. We encourage you to make analysis on your answers by providing a detailed explanation of every question-case. You will have the chance to release yourself from the stress gained when you first time meets the actual AMC Exam simply by join our web application.Remember, AMC exam preparation at Prepengo is not the real test! It is an application made for advising and inspiring students to get the best results possible. To motivate and encourage students to give their best and achieve their goals and objectives of becoming successful and well trained doctors or surgeons. Prepengo is the second best advice after reading and learning the suggested medical guidelines and books. Enjoy our application and Join it today!

Amc exam preparation online prepengo

Online Prepare AMC Examination

What Subjects Are Covered in the AMC MCQ Examination?

The AMC MCQ Exam is an online test that doctors and other medical professionals will need to write and pass if they would like to practice in their respective fields in Australia, and it is overseen by the Australian Medical Council. Candidates are given a maximum of 3.5 hours in which to write the exam, which consists of 150 questions.

Various Topics Covered:

Candidates who want to prepare for this AMC exam will need to ensure that they are well-versed on the following topics, as they will be the main focus of the material that they will be questioned on:

· Adult Health (Medicine)

· Adult Health (Surgery)

· Women's Health (OBGYN)

· Child Health (Pediatrics)

· Mental Health (Psychiatry)

· Population Health (Preventative Medicine and Community Health - or PMCH as it is sometimes referred to as

Amc exam preparation online prepengo

Preparing for the AMC Exam:

Candidates who would like to write this AMC exam will need to ensure that they are well-prepared, and one of the best ways to do this is to make use of dedicated online question banks. It has been proven many times over that the candidates who have signed up for subscriptions to these services have had far higher success rates in passing the AMC MCQ than those who have not. After signing up, candidates will need to be willing to spend enough time going through the practice exams, as these have not only been simulated in such a way that they are completely representative of the actual exam; the content in them is what candidates can expect to be questioned on as well.

Amc exam preparation online prepengo

Using the Question Banks:

After purchasing a membership to the appropriate online question bank, candidates will be able to use it to determine which areas of their studies they are confident in and which ones may need additional revision. An added advantage of this form of revision is that, after completing the practice exams, candidates will be supplied with explanations pertaining to why their incorrect answers were incorrect. Once they are completely confident that they will pass the AMC Exam, they should set an appointment to write.

Amc exam preparation online prepengo

Most International Candidates May Apply:

Candidates who want to write the AMC Exam will be pleased to know that the Australian Medical Council recognizes medical training and credentials that have been obtained in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. Medical professionals who are not from any of the above-mentioned countries and who would like to live and work in Australia will need to contact the AMC to determine what further examinations and testing they will be required to undergo.

Candidates who are ready to write this exam will need to be prepared to pay the necessary registration fees to do so. Once they have passed the AMC Exam, they will need to pass the AMC Clinical Exam as well. This will ensure that they are ready to practice according to the medical standards that have been set out for the health care industry in Australia.

Amc exam preparation online prepengo

Online AMC Exam Preparation

Prepengo is easy to use online tool for the preparation of Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ Examination having high-quality MCQs and test material. Our features, accuracy, and expertise in question and case creation will give you the very best studying experience available to pass your Medical Council of Australian medical licensing exams. Thousands of medical students and physicians worldwide use Prepengo to help them prepare for the AMC Exam Preparations. Please visit https://www.prepengo.comfor more information.

Amc exam preparation online prepengo

How does it work?

Where does the site get questions content, answers and explanation?

  • Please follow how it works section for instructions and guideline.

Prepengo takes the expert physicians as well as medical content writers on board who write, proofread and check the recalls.

What if I need to extend the subscription?

You can easily “re-subscribe” on a discounted price when your subscription is ended.

What payment method does Prepengo use?

Prepengo only works with PayPal at the moment.

Is there any way I can get a discount?

Yes, when you register with Prepengo, you get a promo code “Welcome100” to get 15% discount on Standard Subscription.

What is your refund policy?

Prepengo instructs to read Terms & Conditions before signing up and doing the payment. All Payments are non-refundable unless caused by mistake.

How can I check exam dates for AMC exam?

You can check the dates .

How can I contact you if I have an inquiry?

You can right away send us an email to Our team will respond within an hour.

Amc exam preparation online prepengo

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