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Medical billing collection agency And Medical Billing Solutions. PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical billing collection agency And Medical Billing Solutions.

Medical billing collection agency And Medical Billing Solutions.

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Medical billing collection agency And Medical Billing Solutions.

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  1. Welcome ToPremium Billing

  2. Premium Billing: Savior of Medical Practitioners or Hospitals • Summary- Our Company provides many services which include medical billing outsourcing, medical billing collection agency, medical billing and coding. Our vision is to provide help to the doctors so that they can run their services smoothly. • Premium Billing works on a belief that every doctor in the country has right towards his/her full payment for providing their services to their patients. Insurance companies are not fully helpful for the doctors to get their unaccountable dollar. They use to make complex procedures which make it extremely difficult for the doctors to process their payments through this and also consume a lot of their valuable time. We have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies, thus making sure that practitioners get full payment for their claim.

  3. Premium Billing is an expert in providing medical billing outsourcing services to health care providers. Medical or healthcare organizations likely to suffer huge losses due to coding errors, under-pricing, missed charges and non-reimbursed claims. We work as a mediator between insurance companies and health care organizations or hospitals and give our best to reduce the occurrence of such losses. Outsourcing your medical billing services allows your organization to reduce operational expenses and also helps you to run generate more revenue by eliminating above mentioned losses.

  4. All healthcare practitioners believe in delivering their best services to their patients simultaneously wants to ensure to generate more revenue and want their healthcare organization or hospital to grow its roots. But it cannot be attained if your revenue cycle management is poor. Premium billing also works as a medical billing collection agency to help you in enhancing your revenue cycle management efficiency by effective and efficient management of your billing and collection functions.Our company is a team of expert and experienced people who have in-depth knowledge of the variety of billing process, healthcare plans and methods. We use extensive accounting procedures to calculate revenue and to ensure that all your payments are made on time. Our company also provides medical billing and coding services thus helping you to eliminate your operational expenses and hence generating more revenue.

  5. Contact Us:-Business Name: Premium BillingAddress: 544 Park Ave #633City: Brooklyn NY Zip Code: 11205Phone: 718-384-6500Email: info@PremiumBilling.infoWeb:

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