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What Do You Want To Know About International Pet Transport PowerPoint Presentation
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What Do You Want To Know About International Pet Transport

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What Do You Want To Know About International Pet Transport - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pet Transport Is based in Melbourne and provides that personal touch, when it comes to pet transport. The person you speak to over the phone to make a booking for your VIP (very important pet) is personally dedicated to the transportation, from the quotation to the delivery and every stop in between. We are devoted pet lovers and owners ourselves, so we know what your pet needs.We provide one-on-one service to minimise the stress for both you and your pet/s and you are welcome to call regarding any concerns along the way.We pay attention to detail and provide a comprehensive, professional service tailored to your special pets’ needs. At Premier Pet Transport, we take pride in building new relationships and strengthening existing ones.

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what do you want to know about international

What Do You Want To Know About International Pet Transport?

Do you have a pet and you want to take it to some other country? Before you travel, you must be

aware of the rules and regulations involved in bringing them into a foreign country. Just as you

need a Visa and Passport to enter a foreign country, there are some special permits, processes

and vaccinations that your pets must go through. These rules are implemented to protect your pet

and the native animals.

Unfortunately, the country requirements for importing a pet are tedious and cumbersome.

Working with a professional pet travel agent will help you avoid all the hassles and provide a

pleasurable experience.

Benefits of Choosing a Pet Travel Agent for International Travel:

The animal transport agent is familiar with country and airline requirements, and will suggest

you the safest and shortest route for your pet. They will provide you elaborate details on the

requirements of vaccination and paperwork that needs to be signed off. You will get a dedicated

pet travel team with extensive knowledge and expertise to take you through the process of

getting your pets to the new country.

Pet transport service from Premier Pet Transport:

Extensive Knowledge:

At Premier Pet Transport, we have extensive knowledge and resources to ship your pet to just

any country you want. We will outline all the steps and procedures that should be completed for

your pet to pass customs at your destination. Our specialist dog transport team will keep you on

track to ensure your smooth transportation.

Assured Peace Of Mind:

Planning a pet move can be overwhelming and time consuming task. Unless you work with a

travel agent, you will experience discomfort and stress to get through the process. With years of

experience in the dog and cat transport, we have set the standard in this domain and can provide

peace of mind for both you and your pet.

Cargo Arrangement:

Relocating cats, dogs, birds and other animals can be more technical than you imagine. In order

to ease out the process, we make arrangements for pet cargoto ensure your pet’s safety and

comfort from country to country.

If you have a pet and want to transport it to a country with strict regulations, Premier Pet

Transport can help. With our professional experience and an expert team, we provide

comprehensive pet travel services across Melbourne. For queries, reach us at 0419 566 895.

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