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The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

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The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
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The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

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  1. The Ultimate Sales Machineby Chet Holmes

  2. Building a sales machine is not about doing 4,000 things; it’s doing 12 things 4,000 times each”.

  3. “Building Blocks….you must have if your company is going to…succeed for a long time” Chapter 1: TIME MANAGEMENT Chapter 2: TRAINING Chapter 3: EFFECTIVE METINGS

  4. Chapter 1: Time Management Secrets of Billionaires “Do not come to my door and ask if I have a minute. The answer will be no. Unless urgent, hold all thoughts, ideas, issues, or (non-urgent) concerns until the weekly division meeting. Below is a list of when these meetings will be held. Otherwise, I will post two times per day when I will take “got a minute” meetings. If your needs can not wait for the weekly meeting, write your name in the “got a minute times allocated and I will take a quick 10 minute meeting.”

  5. Six Steps to Great Time Management Touch it Once Make Lists Plan How Much Time You Will Allocate to Each Task Plan the Day Prioritize Ask Yourself: “Will it Hurt Me To Throw This Away?”

  6. Chapter 2:Instituting Higher Standards and Regular Training True or False: All employees perform each aspect of their job with a high degree of excellence and consistency Results are somewhat predictable because training and skill are consistent Each supervisor would give a similar answer for each question or problem Each employee would give a similar answer for each question or problem Client treatment is similar, no matter who the client deals with in our company or department All staff members know what is considered good performance or attitude

  7. If you answered false to any of the above your company is NOT serious about training Training Sets Standards Training Makes $$ Train or be Derailed

  8. Chapter 3:Executing Effective Meetings How to work together to improve every aspect of your company using workshop training.

  9. The 3 “P”s Planning Procedures Policies

  10. 10 Steps to Implement Any New Procedure or Policy 1.) Get Everyone to Feel the Pain ….of not fixing a problem. 2.) Hold Workshops to Generate Solutions 3.) Develop a “Conceptual Solution or Procedure” 4.) Leader Personally Performs Procedure or Task 5.) Set Deadline for Testing the Conceptual Procedure 6.) Document Step by Step Procedure or Process 7.) Have Show and Tell and Role Playing 8.) Have Another Workshop on How to Improve 9.) Monitor the Procedures Directly 10.) Measure and Reward the Outcome

  11. Chapter 4: Becoming a Brilliant Strategist Change ----- REAL change, dramatic improvement ----- in any company starts at the TOP and works its way down.

  12. Prospects 3% are ready to buy now 6-7% are open to your product or idea 30% are not thinking about it 30% don’t think they’re interested 30% know they are not interested

  13. Chapter 5 Hiring Super Stars If you want to have the ultimate sales machine you must have the ultimate sales person.

  14. If the reward is big enough you can always get people who will share in the reward. List 3 initiatives that you would like to hire someone for Next to each initiative write what it would mean to your bottom line ($$$ reward) List what you can afford to pay to get an individual who will accomplish the initiative.

  15. If you advertise using an average dollar amount what a salesperson can make you will receive responses from average people.

  16. SUPERSTARS ONLY: $50K - $300K Don’t even call unless you are an overachiever and can prove it. ……(see page 84)

  17. SALES SUPER STAR WANTED $50k - $300kDON’T EVEN CALL UNLESS YOU ARE THE BEST AND CAN PROVE IT! Earn $50k if you are average; $150k if you are good; and $300+k if you are great! We are in the _____industry, but we hire star performers, not backgrounds! Young or old, if you have the stuff, we’ll know. Will train someone who has everything we want. Small base, but HUGE performance rewards can earn you $300k(?) and beyond each year. Must be awesome in opening doors and getting appointments from a cold start. Must be highly self motivated, a terrific presenter and communicator, and a BARRACUDA closer. Come and build your own empire within our fine, progressive company. We have a superb reputation and need real stars to bring in the best accounts. Mail resume to:….

  18. Hire For Aptitude Fire for Attitude DISC / PIAV

  19. 3 Steps to Interviewing Superstars 1.) Relax (Help the candidate relax) 2.) Probe 3.) Attack

  20. THEREFORE…. Create a performance based relationship Reward handsomely

  21. Chapter 6: The High Art of Getting the Best Buyers Understand your target market and pin point your advertising to these companies / people. There is always a smaller number of “best buyers” than there are all buyers. That means marketing to “best buyers” is cheaper than marketing to all buyers.

  22. Chapter 7: The Seven (Eight) Musts of Marketing Advertising Direct Mail Corporate Literature: brochures and promotional materials Public Relations Personal contact: salespeople and customer service Market education: trade shows, speaking engagements, and education based marketing Internet: web sites, email and affiliate marketing Use of Sales Genie/ Open Moves or Constant Contact

  23. 4 Rules in Advertising It must be distinctive It must capture attention with a screaming headline After the headline hooks them, your body must keep them reading Include a call to action

  24. Chapter 8:The Eyes Have It 85% of information to your brain enters through your eyes … use color Humans remember 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what we see and hear

  25. Chinese Proverb If you hear about something you will forget it, If you see something you will remember it, Not until you experience it will you understand.

  26. Rules for Effective Presenting K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) K.I.F.P. (Keep it fast paced) Use “WOW” Facts and Statistics Build in Opportunities for Stories Your Presentation Should be Curiosity Driven Think of Each Headline as Valuable Real Estate Be Confident not Obnoxious Focus on Them, Not You Maturity is when all of your mirrors turn into windows!

  27. Chapter 9:The Nitty-Gritty of Getting the Best Buyers Choose Your Dream 100 Choose Gifts Create your Dream 100 Letters Create Your Dream 100 Calendar Conduct Dream 100 Follow Up Calls Present an Exciting Briefing Use Market Data not Product Data

  28. Chapter 10:Sales Skills Establish Rapport Qualify the Buyer (Find the Need or Push the Pain) Build Value Create Desire Overcome Objections Close the Sale Follow Up

  29. Chapter 11: Follow-up and Client Bonding Skills Every minute that the prospect does not hear from you after you have left his office his respect falls off. Out of sight, out of mind!

  30. 10 Steps to Great Follow-Up 1 First follow-up letter 2 First follow-up phone call 3 Share something amusing or of personal interest 4 Share a meal 5 Send anther follow-up letter/fax/email 6 Invite prospect to a “fun” event 7 Offer something to help their business 8 Send another letter/fax/email 9 Offer more help 10 Invite them to your home or be invited to theirs

  31. Chapter 12: All Systems Go Setting Goals Measuring Effectiveness Activating Your Master Plan