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FG-1525 Glassbreak Sensor Training PowerPoint Presentation
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FG-1525 Glassbreak Sensor Training

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FG-1525 Glassbreak Sensor Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FG-1525 Glassbreak Sensor Training. Glassbreak Theory Basics. How does an acoustic glassbreak work?. FLEX SIGNAL. PANE OF GLASS. Flex Signal. Very low frequency sound Results from glass vibrating upon impact Similar to a drum head vibration. Audio Signal. AUDIO SIGNAL. PANE OF

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Presentation Transcript
glassbreak theory basics

Glassbreak Theory Basics

How does an acoustic glassbreak work?

flex signal




Flex Signal
  • Very low frequency sound
  • Results from glass vibrating upon impact
  • Similar to a drum head vibration

Audio Signal




  • Mid- to High-frequency sound
  • Results from glass shattering
installation basics
Installation Basics
  • Never exceed max range (25ft)
  • Mount on opposite wall or ceiling
  • Install at least 6 ft from floor (to avoid blockage by furniture,etc.)
installation basics1
Installation Basics
  • Always mount the sensor in direct line of site to the glass…
  • e.g….an imaginary string tied to the detector should reach all points of the glass without bending.
  • Always use the Tester for every installation
installation basics selecting the location
Installation BasicsSelecting the Location
  • Clear view of glass to be protected
  • At least 6.5 feet above floor
  • At least 3.5 feet from forced air ducts
  • At least 3.5 feet from sirens or bells
  • Between the window and any heavy protective window coverings
installation basics locations to avoid mounting
Installation BasicsLocations to Avoid Mounting
  • A corner
  • On the same wall as the protected glass
  • On free-standing pillars or posts
  • In rooms with noisy equipment such as air compressors, bells, power equipment if the equipment will be operating while the sensor is armed
introducing the fg 1525 glassbreak detector
Introducing the FG-1525Glassbreak Detector
  • FlexCore Signal Processing
  • 25ft maximum range
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • No minimum range
  • Remote Test Mode Enable with FG-701
  • Protected PCB in all models

FlexCore Signal Processing

  • Parallel multiple tasking
  • Faster than sequential processing (micro)
  • Extracts over 50% more data in same time
  • Faster, more accurate false alarm rejection
fg 1515 glassbreak detector
FG-1515Glassbreak Detector

Same as FG-1525, except range is fixed at 15 feet

fgw 1525 wireless glassbreak detector
FGW-1525Wireless Glassbreak Detector
  • Wireless-ready version of FG-1525
  • Uses 9V lithium battery
  • Also, available as 5852 with complete 5800 transmitter
installation basics design features

1 - Wire Entry Hole

2 - DIP Switches

3 - Terminal Blocks

4 - Breakout Flash (for cover screw)

5 - Latch

6 - Microphone

7 - Red LED

8 - Green LED

9 - Spacer Plate (Optional)

Hinged cover twists off to improve access during wiring

Installation BasicsDesign Features
installation basics mounting the detector
Installation BasicsMounting the Detector

Route the wires through the center wire entry port.

installation basics wiring connections
Installation BasicsWiring Connections

Wire as shown for Normally closed loop without EOL resistor.

installation basics sensitivity settings













Installation BasicsSensitivity Settings
installation basics sensitivity settings1
Installation BasicsSensitivity Settings
  • Mount the detector
  • Start on Minimum sensitivity
  • Test range using FG-701 simulator
  • Adjust sensor sensitivity as needed
  • Re-test range using FG-701 simulator
installation basics using remote test mode
Installation BasicsUsing Remote Test Mode
  • Set FG-701 to “Activate” and “Man”
  • Press “Red” button
  • The “buzz” signal starts Test Mode
  • Green LED will flash
installation basics testing
Installation BasicsTesting
  • Set FG-701 to “Test” and “Flex”
  • Position tester near the glass
  • Press “Red” button to prime the tester …
installation basics testing1
Installation BasicsTesting
  • Aim FG-701 directly at detector
  • Strike glass with cushioned tool (Flex signal)
  • Tester will generate “Audio” signal
  • Detector’s “Red” LED will light for successful test

Types of Glass Covered

  • UL and ULC Listed for:
    • Plate Glass
    • Tempered Glass
    • Laminated Glass
    • Wired Glass
    • Coated Glass
    • Double Pane Sealed Insulated Glass
fg 1525 proven performance

FG-1525Proven Performance

The Facts about the Best Performing Glassbreak Detector in the World

fg 1525 detection verification
FG-1525Detection Verification
  • >50,000 glassbreak events
  • All glass types with wide range of size/thickness
  • Acoustic environment extremes
  • Multiple ranges/angles from glass
  • Multiple breaking tools
fg 1525 false alarm verification
FG-1525False Alarm Verification
  • 51,120 false alarm events
  • Acoustic environment extremes
  • Most common, most difficult
specific false alarm tests
Glass bottle on bottle

Glass bottle on floor

Full file cabinet drawer

Empty file cabinet drawer

Silverware in pot

Silverware on floor

2x4 stud slapped together

Hammer on nails

Wooden door slam

Pebbles on window

Keys on window

Coin tapped on glass

Pot dropped on floor

Pot dropped on pot

Brass door knocker

2x4 stud dropped on floor

Balloon pop

Plastic bag pop

Microwave door slam

Kitchen cabinet door slam

Chair dropped on floor

Metal ladder dropped

Broom dropped on floor

Shovel dropped on floor

Full cardboard box dropped

Metal alarm box closed

Dropped 1/4” plate glass

Dropped 1/8” plate glass

Specific False Alarm Tests
fg 1525 false alarm tested against the best
FG-1525False Alarm Tested Against the Best


No one else comes close!


FG-1525Proven Performance

  • Hands down the choice of ADT & Brinks
  • Seamless introduction and acceptance in the field
  • Over 81,400 shipped to National Accounts in 2000 !
reviewing the fg 1525 glassbreak detector
Reviewing the FG-1525Glassbreak Detector
  • FlexCore Signal Processing
  • 25ft maximum range
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • No minimum range
  • Remote Test Mode Enable with FG-701
  • Protected PCB in all models
introducing the fg 1508 glassbreak detector
Introducing the FG-1508Glassbreak Detector
  • FlexCore Processing
  • 8ft max range (no min range)
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Remote Test Mode Activation
  • Built-in ValueGap Magnetic Contact
more flexguard glassbreaks coming q2 2001
More FlexGuard Glassbreaks…Coming Q2 2001

FG-1508: 8ft detector with magnetic contact

FG-1525R: Round case

FG-1525F: Flush mount case, single gang

FG-1525FD: Flush mount case, double gang

FG-1525Z: Zone detector

recessed contacts standard models
Recessed ContactsStandard Models

Great idea!, but needs...

  • Mini-screwdriver
  • Lots of patience
  • 2 aspirin
staggered t contacts
Staggered “T” Contacts

Same great idea!, but EASY!

Uses regular


staggered t contacts1
Staggered “T” Contacts
  • Staggered Terminals models
    • 944T: 3/8” recessed
    • 944TSP: 3/4” switch / 3/8” magnet
    • 947-75T: 3/4” steel door switch
    • 955PST: Plunger Switch
    • 956RPT: Roller/ Plunger
  • Packaged in Ammo Boxes

FG-1525 Glassbreak Sensor…

The best there is !