welcome to the workshop on forward calorimetry n.
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Welcome to the workshop on forward calorimetry

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Welcome to the workshop on forward calorimetry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the workshop on forward calorimetry. organization, schedule, funding. Richard Seto. FO rward CAL orimeter. How much do we build?. NSAC milestones Gluon structure function in nuclei G, g(x) Sivers, Collins Jet-particle correlations in AuAu

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welcome to the workshop on forward calorimetry

Welcome to the workshopon forward calorimetry

organization, schedule, funding

Richard Seto

FOrward CALorimeter

how much do we build
How much do we build?
  • NSAC milestones
    • Gluon structure function in nuclei
    • G, g(x)
    • Sivers, Collins
    • Jet-particle correlations in AuAu
  • We will want a minimum of 1 side for all physics ($3.4M)
    • Once we build one, we have space to build a second – cheaper
    • What will we gain?
      • Other side in pA, dA or any other asymmetric collision
        • region not explored at RHIC
      • Different rapidity region, larger rapidity coverage
        • e.g. jet-jet for Sivers
      • factor of 2 in statistics (remember a RHIC run in $100M)
  • For now we will concentrate on one side
cost breakout
Cost breakout (?)

strip Readout

W structure





Total $3.4M

funding concept
Funding concept
  • Part 1
    • 1 side pads only $1.9M
    • BNL
  • Part 2
    • remainder for strips(/0) gamma/pi0
nsf mri special call stimulus
NSF MRI – special call (stimulus)
  • Announced ~ 1 week ago
  • Preproposal (at UCR, SUNY) due in early June (4th) 3 page summary, budget sketch, bio’s
  • Proposal Due in Aug 10
    • 15 pages are dedicated to the actual technical and scientific proposal. The rest is budget justification, references, CVs and institutional letters of support
    • It will be necessary to have letters of support from BNL and PHENIX management in the attachment to the MRI.
  • by end Summer 2009
    • R and D done for prototype (run will be in April)
    • Simulations reaching conclusion
  • By Fall 2009 – Final proposal ready, production ready
  • Detailed schedule needs to be worked out
    • but installation and commissioning by early 2012 seems reasonable (2 years)
    • e.g. 160 supertowers @2/week =80 weeks
  • R and D is well advanced
  • Ready to go into production
  • have people
  • But we need cash
  • project ready to go by summer – after test beam (proposal ready by Fall)
focal org chart draft 5 18 2009
FOCAL Org chart Draft 5/18/2009

note: Elke will be helping us (Carla) with

the project management

collaborating institutions
Collaborating institutions
  • University of California, Riverside,
    • K. Barish, O. Chvala, T. Hester, A. Moreale, S. Rolnick, Ken Sedgewick, R. Seto, R. Hollis, A Iordanova
  • Physics Dept., Brookhaven National Laboratory,
    • S. Boose, M. Chiu, B. Johnson, E.P. Kistenev, D. Lynch, R. Nouicer, R. Pak, R. Pisani, S.P. Stoll, A. Sukhanov, C.L. Woody, C. Vale, G. David, D. Morrison
  • Charles University
    • Michael Finger, Miroslav Finger, M. Slunecka
  • Chonbuk University
    • J.B. Choi, E.J. Kim
  • University of Colorado, Boulder
    • E. Kinney, J. Nagle
  • Columbia University and Nevis Laboratories
    • C.Y. Chi
  • Czech Technical University,
    • M. Virius, T. Liska
  • Ewha Womans University
    • I.S. Hahn, A. Kim, J. Lee, N.H. Lee, S.W. Nam, I.H. Park, J.S. Yoo
  • Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic
    • P. Mikes, J. Popule, P. Ruzicka, L. Tomasek, M. Tomasek, V. Vrba
collaborating institutions cont
Collaborating institutions (cont)
  • Iowa State University
    • J.C. Hill, J.L. Lajoie, F. Wei
  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research-
    • S. Afanasiev, S. Bazylev, A. Baskakov, A. Bychkov, A. Cheremukhin, V. Elsha, N. Gorbunov, A. Isupov, N. Kotsev, A. Litvinenko, A. Malakhov, V. Peresedov, P. Rukoyatkin, V. Slepnev, I. Slepnev, N. Zamyatin, L. Zolin, E. Zubarev
  • University of Jyvaskyla/Helsinki Institute of Physics,
    • Kaskela, D.J. Kim, M. Oinonen, J. Rak, H. Steppanen
  • Korea University,
    • B. Hong, H.H. Shim, K.S. Sim
  • Myongji University,
    • K.S. Joo D.W. Kim, H.J. Moon
  • RIKEN, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research,
    • I. Nakagawa, A. Taketani
  • Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
    • G.A. Bogdanova, D. Karmanov, M. Merkin, V. Volkov, A. Voronin
  • Institute of Physics, University of Tsukuba,
    • S. Esumi
  • Yonsei University, J.H. Kang, Y. Kwon, S. Kim
expressions of interest
expressions of interest
  • Will Brooks
    • Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile.
  • Jong-Seo CHAI
    • Sungkyunkwan University
  • I would like also to get undergrad institutions (done with RPC’s?)
    • Morgan State
    • Abilene Christian
    • Muhlenberg
tasks today
Tasks today
  • Physics Groups – kick into high gear
    • Tasks, Timetable
  • Funding strategy decided