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“I am confronted by insurmountable opportunity.” Pogo Possum PowerPoint Presentation
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“I am confronted by insurmountable opportunity.” Pogo Possum

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“I am confronted by insurmountable opportunity.” Pogo Possum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“I am confronted by insurmountable opportunity.” Pogo Possum

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  1. A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES TEST SLIDE for sharply focusing projector and adjusting the lighting of the room for optimal viewing. “I am confronted by insurmountable opportunity.” Pogo Possum

  2. A World of Possibilities

  3. Almost anything is possible— if you believe it.

  4. Group Activity SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you think happens to a person who does not follow the wisdom, callings, and dreams of his or her heart?

  5. A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES Skills for Creating Happiness and Blessing Others

  6. A World of Possibilities 1.Your Vision Map 2.Making the Growth Choice 3.The Way of Peace 4.Heart Intelligence 5.The Freedom of Self-Discipline

  7. A World of Possibilities 6.Embracing This Present Moment 7.Accepting and Loving Your Body 8.Healthy Relationships 9.Unleashing Your Creativity 10.Gifts of Gratitude and Blessing

  8. Module # 4 of 10 Heart Intelligence

  9. Group Activity SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTION: Can you recall a time when you did (or didn’t) pay attention to your inner guidance and it made a difference?

  10. “Go into thy bosom, knock there, and ask what your heart doth know.” Shakespeare

  11. The Target of Life is a very helpful way to understand our individual and collective well-being.

  12. When you’re centered in the heart of the Target of Life, you’re at your best and life seems brighter. • You see clearly and therefore make optimal decisions. • You feel peaceful, loving, energetic, and happy. • You’re in a good position to handle just about anything. • However, when things happen that go against our desires and expectations, it’s easy to get pulled off center.

  13. We experience more fear and negativity. • We say and do things we regret. • The immune system weakens and our productivity declines. • We lose touch with what’s really important to us. • Unhealthy stress increases and our sensitivity toward others decreases. • And the further away from the center we move, the worse it gets!

  14. That’s why it’s so important to catch early signs of stress, and to use all of our creativity to stay as centered as possible. • When we are centered in the heart of the Target of Life, difficulties still crop up, but we can handle them much more smoothly and effectively. • The more centered we are, the greater our well-being, the wiser our choices, and the more effective we are in everything we do.

  15. The more centered we are on the Target of Life, the more effectively we can tune into and act on our Heart Intelligence.

  16. Your Amazing Physical Heart • Beating 2.5 billion times in an average life, each year your heart pumps about a half-million gallons of blood through some 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body. • The heart is the body’s central electrical power station, generating a powerful electromagnetic field. • With its own complex network of neurons and neurotransmitters, your heart has the ability to learn, remember, sense, and feel.

  17. Your Amazing Spiritual Heart • Far more wondrous than your physical heart is your closely associated intuitive or spiritual heart—the source of your Heart Intelligence. • A keen intuitive sense is at the very heart of creativity, inner strength, spiritual attunement, and both personal and interpersonal effectiveness. • Gathering important factual information and seeking wise advice plays a vital role in helping you intelligently follow your heart’s guidance.

  18. About 2500 years ago, the Chinese sage Confucius explained: “To put the world in right order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.”

  19. Group Activity SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTION: What happens to a society when large numbers of people fail to listen to their consciences?

  20. A powerful step in becoming attuned to your heart’s intelligence is simply to be aware of the entire area in the center of your chest—called the heart area—where you may gradually begin to sense a gentle and soothing warmth.

  21. By keeping a portion of your awareness in your heart area, and by sensing your inner guidance in all that you do, you will gradually become more skilled in following the steadfast wisdom of your heart’s intelligence.

  22. If you are a person of religious faith, you may find it helpful to think of Heart Intelligence as the guidance of God or a higher power consistent with your beliefs.

  23. According to Webster, intuition is immediately knowing something without the conscious use of reasoning. • Heart Intelligence is your inner sense of what is true or what is best to do. It’s an instinctual knowing that involves an interplay of your body, mind, and spirit.

  24. Heart Intelligence is astonishing: It draws simultaneously on a wide range of information sources and instantly synthesizes this complex data into a simple and reliable form of inner guidance that is specifically tailored to your moment-to-moment needs.

  25. Heart Intelligence is no kin to impulsive responses triggered by whim or by our hopes and fears. We must learn to tell the difference.

  26. Each time we don’t follow our inner guidance, we feel a loss of energy, a loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.

  27. Scientists have discovered that when an individual is deeply attuned to his or her Heart Intelligence, that person experiences heightened psychophysiological coherence—a state associated with reduced stress, increased emotional stability, high performance, and a range of health benefits.

  28. Group Activity SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTION: What helps you attune to and follow your Heart Intelligence? What interferes with it?

  29. Our Choice: Love or Fear The more we listen to our Heart Intelligence, the more love we feel, and the more we can share that love with others. Love does wonderful things for our bodies, our minds, our souls, our relationships, and our entire world.

  30. Your Heart’s Way Whether you are responding to a challenge or seeking inspiration, this simple four-step process can help you make optimal choices. It only takes a minute or less.

  31. Step 1 Pause with Confidence. If you are spiritually inclined, you might say a short prayer or visualize yourself surrounded by radiant light.

  32. Step 2 Breathe Slowly. Allow your breath to become deep, quiet, and regular. Imagine that you are breathing in and out through the heart area in the center of your chest.

  33. Step 3 Feel Your Heart. Be inwardly quiet and receptive as you take a few seconds and gently focus on your heart area—thecentral portion of your chest.

  34. Step 4 Sense Your Guidance. What is your heart is communicating? It may be very subtle, showing itself in a feeling, thought, image, or inner knowing.

  35. Your Heart’s Way 1.Pause with Confidence 2.Breathe Slowly. 3.Feel Your Heart. 4.Sense Your Guidance.

  36. YOUR HEART’S WAY Keeping a portion of your consciousness constantly attuned to the gentle warmth in your heart area will not interfere with the performance of your daily activities. In fact, it will increase your effectiveness, creativity, and kindness.

  37. A New Possibility Think about what you have been learning, and then pick out one small goal you want to accomplish in the next few days. Choose a new possibility that’s important to you.Write your action plan now, briefly stating exactly what you will do and by when.

  38. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller

  39. POSITIVE SELF-TALK I think problems through, seek helpful information, and stay open to respected advice; but I unfailingly place my greatest reliance on the soul-guided promptings of my heart.

  40. Remember,the more centered you are on the Target of Life, the more accepting and loving you will be, and the easier it will be for you to listen to and follow through on your Heart Intelligence.

  41. Together, let’s envision and build a world where all people enjoy optimal well-being. Let’s strive to awaken fresh thinking, new enthusiasm, and abundant love. Let’s create a world of undreamed-of possibilities. It can be done!

  42. Almost anything is possible— if you believe it.

  43. A World of Possibilities

  44. Thank You!