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  2. -- MAP OF ISRAEL --

  3. How is Judaism related to Christianity? • Judaism predates Christianity – it is the foundation of Christianity, but is nota part of it • Do not believe in “New Testament” • Jesus was Jewish, as were his followers and the Apostles • Jews do not believe Jesus was anything more than a good and wise man who lived and died 2000 years ago – did not feel Jesus was the “Messiah” • Jewish messiah would not be divine • Jews felt he would be a political figure who restored the power of Israel and brought peace to Earth

  4. JUDAISM FOUNDER – Abraham (1743 BC) made “covenant” with God -make Israel a great nation in exchange for remaining faithful viewed as “Chosen People” Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Jacob’s 12 Sons (Patriarchs of Judaism)

  5. JUDAISM NATURE OF GOD(YAHWEH) Proof is not needed of God’s existence – existence of universe is proof enough is ONE, CREATOR, INCORPOREAL, OMNIPRESENT, OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, ETERNAL, JUST and MERCIFUL, PERFECT, FATHER and KING

  6. JUDAISM ”Ethical Monotheism” -One God which emphasizes proper conduct focuses on the importance of the actions of the righteous Jewish life is one of duty and deed; it is what you do to improve the “here and now” that matters  “Correct Actions” for a Jew are spelled out in the TORAH

  7. JUDAISM PURPOSE OF JEWISH LIFE TIKUN OLAM: “Fixing the World” – process of fixing a broken world. This is the ultimate purpose of every Jewish believer’s life. Through the observance of the law, the Jew will contribute to the restoration of the nation of Israel, preparing the way for the Messiah to come and take his place in God’s kingdom on earth: --Rabbi David Wolpe OLAM HA - BA: “The World to Come” – Jews believe that there is a world to come in which the Messiah will reign, a world in which the Jewish temple will be rebuilt and the nation of Israel will be fully restored, instituting a world order of justice and compassion. A “Messianic Age.”

  8. JEWISH TEXTS • TANAKH – Jewish Bible • TORAH - written law “to hit the mark” • PENTATUCH -- 1st 5 books • TALMUD - oral law >interpretation, explanation, application of written Torah • MITZVOH - 613 commandments (Mt. Sinai) • HALAKAH – reference to ALL Jewish law

  9. JEWISH HISTORY at a glance 1600’s drought/famine forced to move to Egypt >in time, became treated like slaves 1200’s MOSES led Hebrews out of Egypt ”Passover” ”Exodus” (Ramses II – Egyptian Pharaoh) -parting of Red Sea ”Ten Commandments” -Mt. Sinai -renewed covenant with Yahweh -ARK OF THE COVENANT

  10. God gave the Ten Commandments[kept in Ark of the Covenant] to Moses on Mt. Sinai 1)No other gods before me 2)No worshipping of idols 3)Do not misuse the name of god 4)Do not work on sabbath 5)Honor your mother and father 6)You shall not murder 7)You shall not commit adultery 8)You shall not steal 9)You shall not give false testimony 10)You shall not covet The Jews made a Covenant with God

  11. Ark of the Covenant

  12. Jewish History at a glance KINGDOM OF ISRAEL • 879 BC - SAUL – 1ST King • 877 BC - DAVID – king • (killed Goliath) • 836 BC - SOLOMON – king (wisest man) • height of Israel’s power • high taxes / forced labor • 825 BC - built 1st TEMPLE – Yahweh found in Temple • sacrifice

  13. 1st Temple

  14. JUDAISM KINGDOM OF ISRAEL • After death of Solomon – Israel weakened, divided, and was conquered North = Israel South = Judah “Diaspora”

  15. 722 BC Assyrians destroyed Israel 586 BC NEBUCHADNEZZAR (Babylonians) conquered Judah and destroyed Temple ”Babylonian Captivity” Is God Gone? Prophet EZEKIEL said God is to be found everywhere (mobile) Synagogues (House of Prayer) a)copy of Torah b)10 adult males

  16. 331 BC Alexander the Great tolerated religions spreads “Hellenistic Culture”

  17. 63 BC Rome conquered Israel Rome would allow Judaism: 1)Paid taxes to Rome 2)Caused no problems


  19. Modern Judaism Anti-Semitism Adolf Hitler superiority of German Aryan race blamed Jews for Germany’s loss in WWI ”survival of strongest” eliminate origins of God and morality ”Final Solution” = HOLOCAUST 6,000,000 1948 – creation of a new Israel Zionism



  22. JEWISH LIFE KOSHERno mixing of dairy and meat; no pork products; no shell fish BAR / BAT MITZVAH(“son / daughter of the commandment”) >boys = 13 //// girls = 12 >obligated to observe the commandments (613) >marks the right to take part in leading religious services, to count in a minyan (minimum # needed to perform certain parts of religious services) >ceremonies are not required, but common

  23. The Wailing Wall