big island farm fair n.
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Big Island Farm Fair

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Big Island Farm Fair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Big Island Farm Fair . Steps to Success Presented by Lorie Farrell. Now here are the steps that I take to actually pull this event off……. Step # 1 – Define your Event.

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big island farm fair
Big Island Farm Fair

Steps to Success Presented by Lorie Farrell

step 1 define your event
Step # 1 – Define your Event
  • New event, visualize the event; why are you having this particular event? Can you handle the event on your own or do you need outside support?
  • Established event; evaluate the event, where can you improve, reaffirm your organizations commitment to produce the event, add something new, do not do things just because you always have.
step 2 define your goals objectives
Step # 2 – Define your Goals & Objectives.

“A Goal without a plan is just a wish”

step 3 form your planning committee
Step # 3 – Form your Planning Committee
  • Involve your stakeholders, partners, volunteers, sponsors and resource people, they have tremendous insight.
    • Keep in mind they are usually volunteers and their time is valuable; respect and value their commitment and skill sets, everyone is different and has something to offer.
step 4 write an event management plan
Step # 4 – Write an Event Management Plan
  • This helps me stay focused and achieve my objectives.
    • I use Excel so revisions are easy and adaptable.
    • Keep it simple and flexible
    • Caution this always takes more time than I expect.
my event plan contains
My Event Plan Contains
  • Event Outline; including goals and objectives.
  • Timeline for Tasks.
  • Tasks Lists sorted by categories; i.e. .Media, Volunteers, Site, Logistics, Construction, Breakdown.
  • Daily Work Plan, mine starts 10 days prior to the event opening and ends 4 days after the closing of the event.
  • Permits; Originals and copies, include all requirements.
  • Site Plan & Layouts; Create detailed plans for each event or area.
  • Vendor & Sponsor Information; include location map & all details.
  • Media; Include contact information and copies of press releases.
  • Emergency & Contingency Plans.
  • Resources and Contacts.
step 5 who is your leader
Step # 5 – Who is your Leader?
  • Bottom line is this; You must have a leader! Even if you’re a group there should be one person in charge.
    • They need to make decisions with very little time, handle stressful situations, difficult people and remain calm .
    • This position is directly related to the success of your event.
step 6 planning is time consuming and endless
Step # 6 – Planning is Time consuming and endless
  • You can plan too much and fail too plan enough; Find the middle ground.
    • Some of you may be questioning the first part; however I find that if you fail to recognize when you need to start taking action steps to create your event you may run short of time to actually coordinate your event.
step 7 coordination logistics
Step # 7 – Coordination & Logistics
  • Use Project management principles.
  • Hope for the best but plan for the worst.
  • Group your activities.
  • Prioritize your tasks.
  • In order to be creative and safe you must understand your event; I visualize the event, walk it through in my mind, draw it on paper, step by step; what will it take to create this event, look for Gaps.
step 8 site insurance permits
Step # 8 – Site, Insurance & Permits
  • Obtain Insurance coverage; request the optional volunteer coverage.
  • Apply for tent permits; this permit requires you walking it through to the different agencies.
  • Secure Electrical & Plumbing Contractors & Permits as necessary.
  • Temporary Food Permit from Dept. of Health; apply for this 1 month prior to your event.
step 9 keep momentum
Step # 9 – Keep Momentum
  • You are like a juggling act at this point; don’t drop the balls.
  • Aim for Success Not Perfection.
  • I try to not over react & remain calm.
  • Most obstacles are actually only slight detours and can be managed.
  • Problems will arise no matter how well you planned; expect them and just deal with it.
step 10 never assume
Step # 10 – Never Assume
  • Check and verify details.
  • Verify commitments & resources pledged.
  • Know your critical weak points and stay on top of them.
step 11 manpower volunteers
Step # 11 – Manpower & Volunteers
  • Schedule manpower in shifts; minimize burnout.
  • Provide food, drinks and a token of your appreciation.
  • Explain what you need them to do; be prepared to reassign them based on skills.
  • They are valuable resource; treat them with respect; make sure they are well fed; provide drinks & camaraderie.
step 12 construction set up
Step # 12 – Construction & Set-Up
  • Start early, consult your daily plan.
  • Walk thru the event as it is set up; look for potential issues; make sure you complied with your permit & site requirements.
  • If you’re a gated event check your gate area; this is a recurring problem area for us & it changes every year.
  • Your site should be well lit and signage visible.
step 13 safety
Step # 13 – Safety
  • The best safety precautions are unseen.
  • Always be aware of problem areas as they may become safety issues.
  • Don’t forget Fire Extinguishers.
  • Security; your permit may have minimum requirements; this may not be enough.
  • Lost Children, Plan for it!
  • Have an emergency plan on hand, it should include all emergency contacts.
step 14 opening
Step # 14 – Opening
  • Be prepared and open on-time.
  • If you have a closed gate; there may be a wall of anxious people waiting to enter; BE READY! They will not be held back easily.
  • Remain calm; this can be intimidating.
  • Have extra staff on hand.
step 15 operation
Step # 15 – Operation
  • Check on volunteers.
  • Be aware; keep your eyes open for problems or potential issues.
  • Have an information & First Aid booth.
  • Keep Smiling and enjoy the event.
  • Take Pictures.
  • Remember to drink water, eat & sleep daily.
step 16 break down clean up
Step # 16 – Break down & Clean-up
  • Supervise breakdown and clean-up crews.
  • Have Electrical Contractor on site.
  • Keep security on-site until all equipment is removed from site.
  • Leave site in better condition than when you received control.