the physiology and biochemistry of the paleolithic diet for weight reduction n.
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The physiology and biochemistry of the Paleolithic Diet for weight reduction PowerPoint Presentation
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The physiology and biochemistry of the Paleolithic Diet for weight reduction

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The physiology and biochemistry of the Paleolithic Diet for weight reduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The physiology and biochemistry of the Paleolithic Diet for weight reduction. David C. Pendergrass, Ph.D. University of Kansas. Glycolysis to Lipogenesis. TRPV1 Hypothesis. Nociceptor. Sensory Neuron. monocyte. β - cell. TRPV1 – Physiological Mediator. Nociception Inflammation

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the physiology and biochemistry of the paleolithic diet for weight reduction

The physiology and biochemistry of the Paleolithic Diet for weight reduction

David C. Pendergrass, Ph.D.

University of Kansas


TRPV1 Hypothesis


Sensory Neuron


β- cell

trpv1 physiological mediator
TRPV1 – Physiological Mediator
  • Nociception
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Immunity: Exposure to TRPV1 agonists
    • Keratinocytes  PGE2 & IL-8
    • PBMC  apoptosis
  • Alimentary tract:
    • Metabolism
    • Hair growth regulation
    • Cancer development
  • Reduced obesity
  • Smooth muscle cell regulation
  • Anorexigenic signaling
  • Agonists
    • Thermosensing >43C; pain
    • Protons (pH < 5.2)
    • Capsaicin
    • Depolarizing voltage > + 60 mv (outwardly rectifying)
    • Stretch
  • Sensitizing molecules
    • 17-β-estradiol
    • Anandamide
    • Olvanil
    • Omega-3 polyunsaturated FA
    • 12-hydroperoxyeicosatetranoic acid (12-HPETE)
    • N-arachidonyl dopamine (NADA)
    • 2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate (2-APB)
    • Inflammatory mediators
      • Growth factors
      • Neurotransmitters: bradykinin, serotonin, histamine, prostaglandins
      • Peptides and small proteins
      • Lipids
      • Chemokines
      • Cytokines
    • Intracellular phosphorylation
      • PKC
      • PKA
      • Tyrosine receptors kinases
      • Ca2+/CAM Kinase
  • Desensitizing molecules
    • PIP2
sing a long
  • If you’re healthy and you know it:
  • If you’re healthy and you know it, Modern People gotta show it, if you’re healthy and you know it:
  • Eat GOOD meat
  • Don’t eat wheat
  • Eat GOOD fish
  • Make the switch
  • Eat your greens
  • Buy new jeans
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