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Common Side Effects of Chemotherapy PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Side Effects of Chemotherapy

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Common Side Effects of Chemotherapy

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  2. Chemotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for several types of cancer, like all other treatment, there are many side effects of chemotherapy too. The intensity and types of side effects normally vary from one patient to another, depending on the location and type of cancer, the dose of treatment, and the overall health of patient.

  3. Chemotherapy works by targeting cells that have grown actively and still dividing. Even though this is one of the defining characteristics of typical cancerous cells, it’s also one of the features of some of the healthy cells growing actively, such as the cells inside the intestine, mouth, and hair. Chemotherapy side effects tend to damage the healthy cells which maintain the appearance and function of the body. When the therapy begins at cancer treatment center, patients are counseled to accept the distressing side effects, which include pain and emotional trauma of changed appearance, by experts.

  4. There are many types and doses of chemotherapy that are more tolerant than some of the medications given even a couple of years ago.

  5. Different drugs used for chemotherapy can cause varied range of side effects. Even though some specific side effects may be quite predictable for some classes of medications, each patient’s experience with this treatment is different and, precisely, unique. Talk to the doctor at the cancer treatment center about specific symptoms that one could experience or is experiencing during the course of chemotherapy. With most of the sessions, the type, intensity and presence of these side effects are not to be used for measuring the efficacy of the treatment.

  6. Cancer patients on chemotherapy feel more tired than any normal person. Despite being idle and having not much work to do, their body feels tired and sluggish. Chemotherapy causes Tiredness

  7. Chemotherapy causes pain in most patients, which includes muscle pain, headaches, stomach pain, pain due to nerve damage (burning, shooting pain, or numbness) and pain at the site of incision. This pain normally reduces over time; however, there are some patients who might experience pain and related symptoms for months or even years following the chemotherapy. Doctors normally give medications for pain management. Pain is a common symptom of Chemotherapy

  8. Spores inside the throat and mouth are also very common signs of chemotherapy. In fact, the therapy damages the cells lining the throat and mouth. The sores, called mucositis, develop within 5 to 14 days post chemotherapy. Even though these sores may be infected, they normally heal when the treatment is over. Oral Side Effects

  9. Certain chemotherapy drugs can cause watery or loose bowel movements. Preventing or treating diarrhea depends on how well a patient is taking the necessary measures to stay hydrated. Constipation also effects following chemotherapy. Patients should consume enough liquids and eat a balanced meal, and even get proper exercise. Follow-up is essential post cancer treatment, which includes chemotherapy, to make sure the side effects are easier to handle. Visit Us Diarrhea/Constipation Copyright :