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Reason for AngularJs The common reason for Angularjs -This ppt explain details common 6 factors about Angularjs.

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Reason for AngularJs

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  1. Main reasons about AngularJS

  2. 6 reasons why web developers should learn about AngularJS There is no doubt that AngularJS, a self-proclaimed "JavaScript framework of the superstar's system", takes hold. I will refer to him often just as "Angular" in this publication. I have had the privilege of working with the web application of the company with a large team (almost 10 developers, which will soon grow to more than 20) using the angle for more than half a year.

  3. 1. AngularJS offers XAML developers a local network I made this bullet a little "ironic" since most of the developers using Angular probably did not touch XAML with a 10-foot nap. That's fine; the reasons why XAML became popular in the Microsoft world through WPF, Silverlight, and now it is important to observe the development of the Windows Store application because they are fairly well translated to Angular. (AngularJs training in Bangalore)

  4. 2. AngularJS gets a ritual and a celebration Have you ever created text material with the template you want to send to the interface? How is this done in a different context? In an angle this works without any problem and immediately reflects what you are: <input data-ng-model = 'SynchronizeThis' /> <span> {{synchronizeThis}} </ span>

  5. 3. AngularJS handles addictions The injection of substances is something Angular does quite well. I admit that he suspected that we even needed something for a client, but he was used to having the dynamic download of the modules as the key scenario. Wait, what did you say? That's right, as, with the request libraries, you can dynamically download JavaScript whenever and wherever you need it. Then, the injection of addiction really shines in two scenarios: tests and applications of a page.

  6. 4. AngularJS offers developers user interface declaratively and reduces adverse effects There are many benefits to the declarative user environment. A structured user interface is easier to understand and manipulate. Designers who are not necessarily programmers can learn to mark much more easily than they can program. The use of JQuery will make you feel a lot about the structure of your documents.

  7. 5. AngularJS possesses man-1378643715O0o Regardless of whether you adopt evidence-based development, behavior-based development or any development method, Angular adopts this approach to create an application. I do not want to use this message to all the benefits and reasons why you should be tested (I am really surprised to find that in 2013, people still question the value), but recently I have taken a lot of the more traditional approach "first test ", and it has helped me. I think that according to our project, the introduction of Jasmalom and the included tests were responsible for reducing errors up to 4 times. It may be less (or could be more), but there was a significant drop.

  8. 6. AngularJS allows a massive parallel development. One of the biggest problems we faced in the initial stage of the project was the developers who went to others. Part of this is just discipline, and even with the sharp icon you can follow models that make it more modular, but Angular simply took it to another level. This does not mean that it completely eliminates addictions, but it will undoubtedly facilitate its management. A particular example of this application is a massive network that is used to control a series of key functions.

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