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Pranav Chemicals » At Glance : PRANAV CHEMICALS was established way back in 1991 when the president of the organization started the plant with a vision to cater to the growing demand of Stilbenic Dye Intermediates world wide, in order to emerge as a quality conscious manufacturer within a short span. The Company achieved significant levels of growth over the years and became one of the world’s largest producers of DSD Acid (4,4’ Diamino Stilbene 2,2’ Disulphonic Acid) and DNST (4,4’ Dinitro Stilbene 2,2’ Disulphonic Acid). Pranav Chemicals Promise : You can count on us for four things: A relentless focus on Quality : At the heart of PRANAV CHEMICALS is our perseverance to offer quality products, at each step, beginning from procurement to delivery, meticulous inspection is carried out, so that the offered product is highly effective. Every material supplied by us conforms to the international standards of purity and functionality. Hence, they fulfill their requirement of utilization without any hassles. A Customer Driven Orientation : As an endeavor to increase the Organization value, we have preserved ourselves as an organization of diversity and have reached regions beyond India. Also, as the world has become a global village, we have ensured a strong foothold by maintaining our capacity and consistency in delivering our promises. Always upholding our price commitments and timely delivery : PRANAV CHEMICALS is committed to be an undisputable first choice of its partners and we understand this is not possible if we are not professional and ethical in our approach. A long established history : With over 15 years’ experience spanning many sectors of industry; PRANAV CHEMICALS has been at the forefront of offering premium quality products and are intending to have a leading presence in world market. PRANAV CHEMICALS has established strong foothold in the discerning domestic markets, which results not only from an expanded sales presence but also from deep sense of commitment to our customers’ success. Our People : The stupendous growth would not have been possible without the people who contributed at each and every step of our progress. Right from the grassroots level to the leadership team, we have been driven by passion to excel wherever we are. An extension of this drive has been the participative leadership.