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Perfect Interior Concrete Flooring PowerPoint Presentation
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Perfect Interior Concrete Flooring

Perfect Interior Concrete Flooring

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Perfect Interior Concrete Flooring

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  1. PowerTrowelingAidandCuringAgent It’s like having an extra Features&Advantage Lythic DAY1 offers a multitude of advanced features and benefits for freshly placed concrete, and provides long-term high performance properties to treated concrete surfaces. finisher on the job. • (a)Finishing Aid • Lubricates for more efficient closing of surface • Speeds finishing • Extends surface workability time by 15 to 30 minutes • Helps finishing under hot, dry, sunny & windy conditions • Reduces operator fatigue and trowel wear • Easier application of shake-on hardeners for concrete with high air content / low bleed water environments • Reduces efflorescence on both colored & standard concrete • Minimizes checking, crazing & scaling • Decreases potential for alkali silica reaction - *(ASR) • (e)Curling Reduction • Reduces potential for slab curling • UseItFor • ALL trowelable surfaces • Interior & exterior • From warehouses to parking decks • (b)Concrete Curing • Reduces Water Vapor Transmission Per ASTM F1869 - (MVER) • Mitigates Volume of Water Vapors Per ASTM D 4263 • (c) Hardening & Densification • Increases abrasion resistance • Creates a denser, less permeable surface for resistance to liquid penetration, staining • Increases impact resistance • Increases surface compressive strength approximately 20% - 30% Don’tLoseTheSlab Finish better and easier with DAY1 from Lythic Solutions. This new type of troweling aid meets your most different finishing challenges. • Extends finishing time from 15 to 45 minutes • Lubricates trowel - less wear on blades, less fatigue for • (d)Efflorescence & Surface Defects • Colloidal silica chemical reaction reduces Ca(OH)2 migration operator • Slows surface drying - closes better, finishing smoother

  2. BetterConcreteHappensonDAY1 DAY1 Troweling Aid and Curing Agent improves concrete during finishing. Applicationissimple: Sprayonamodestamountandtrowelintosurface The power-trowel may speed up, because drag on the bladesisreducedbyDAY1 It begins reacting instantly, and can slow down the drying effects of wind, heat, low humidity and similar adverse conditions Contractors describe DAY1 “likehavinganextrafinisheronthejob.” TESTIMONIAL:Testing at Middle Tennessee State University(MTSU)ofDAY1asaTrowelingAid&Curing Agent RESULTS“The concretewithDAY1wasfinishedlast,yetit cameout thebest,andIbelievedIcouldhaveevenworkedonitlongerifIhad neededto.Therewasverylittleresistance,andtheconcretewasstill workable.Iwasable tousethepowertrowelwithalowerpitch.All holesandlowspotsfilledeasily.Therewasnotearingofthefine aggregates,sotheslabwaseasiertogetonearlierandstaylater withoutissues.IbelievedIcouldhavetroweledDAY1sectionsonly threetimesinsteadoffourwiththesameresults.AndIcouldhave waited longer before final finish if I wished, but that was unnecessary.” ~ Ed Kowalski, Quality Concrete & Conscapes ImproveConcreteDuringFinishing Now,youcanimprovethequalityofyourconcreterightfromthe beginning. DAY1 gets troweled in during finishing and becomes a permanentpartoftheconcrete,strengtheningtheslabandreducing water vapor transmission. DAY1 helps cure the slab, like a liquid membrane-formingcuringcompound,eventhoughDAY1doesnot form a membrane, lm or residue, and there is nothing to remove afterwards.DAY1closestheporestructurenearthesurface,sowater staysintheconcretelonger,allowingforimprovedcuring.Togiveyour customersbetterconcrete,DAY1shouldbepartofeverytroweled slab. Don’tAddWater WithDAY1,youdon’tneedto“blesstheslab”withexcesswaterto keepitworkable.Waterweakenstheconcreteandcausesdusting. DAY1strengthensthesurfaceandpreventsdusting. Details DAY1isshippedasaconcentratetoreduceenvironmentalimpacts andshippingcosts.It'seasilymixedwithwaterina4:1ratio.Sprayon andcontinuetofinishtheslabnormally,butwithlesssweat. Workingsolutioncoversfor FinishingAid:…………………6-17m2/L& PerformanceConcrete:………………..6-7.5m2/L FinishedwithLythic’sDAY1 Finished with water Important Note:Lythic Day 1 is designed to be floated or trowelled into the concrete surface. DO NOTSpray on the Note: When applying multiple times or using in combination with othercolloidalsilicatreatments,totalcombinedapplicationsshould notexceed(3.7L/m2) NEXT Concrete surface after troweling. Lythic Day1 is NOTa film forming cure for concrete. ForApplication Formateriel&Information GENERATIONCONCRETESYSTEMS Next Generation Concrete Systems Pvt. Ltd. S-9, Second Floor, Malik Buildcon Plaza-II, Pocket - 5, Plot No.6, Sector- 12, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075 M :+91 84 708 54405| T :011 42804024 E| W : Lamba Techno Flooring Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Q-27, Phase-I, Extn. New Palam Vihar, Gurgaon M :+91 97 178 54400, 84 708 54401 E, W: Branch Offices:Delhi • Haryana• Rajasthan• Karnataka• Maharashtra• Gujrat

  3. For making Jointless floor we have adopted large area construction method as against conventional long strip casting, by this method large floors up to several thousand square metres in area was laid in a continuous operation. Fixed forms were used only at the edges of the construction at intervals of typically 30 X 24 m. Concrete was discharged into the floor area and spread by laser Screed machines. Levels were controlled both manually using a target staff in conjunction with a laser level transmitter and by direct control of laser-guided spreading machines constructing free-movement areas,

  4. By definition Jointless floors are floors constructed in large panels typically 50 m square without intermediate joints.