Nasa space internet workshop
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NASA Space Internet Workshop. End-to-End Network Modeling Using Terrestrial, Wireless and Satellite Components Ray Williams - TASC 7 June 2004. End-To-End Architecture/Model Methodology. Data Discovery, Storage, Manipulation and Modeling

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Nasa space internet workshop
NASA Space Internet Workshop

End-to-End Network Modeling Using Terrestrial, Wireless and Satellite Components

Ray Williams - TASC

7 June 2004

End to end architecture model methodology
End-To-End Architecture/Model Methodology

  • Data Discovery, Storage, Manipulation and Modeling

  • Develop Complex End-to-End Architectures in Minutes

  • Model and Analyze the Complete Environment

    • Terrestrial

    • Wireless

    • Satellite

  • Analysis and Visualization To Accurately Depict Relationships and Performance

    • Satellite Tool Kit – Orbital Dynamics with Superior Interactivity

    • Integrated C4ISR Views with Popkin System Architect

      • Architecture, Requirements and Schedule

    • GIS Tools/Methods and Associated Layers

      • Day/Night Shading

      • DTED and VMAP Terrain Data

    • Discrete Event Network Modeling Tools

      • Network Simulator (ns-2)

      • Opnet (IT Guru, Modeler)

Data discovery storage correlation transformation
Data Discovery, Storage, Correlation/Transformation

  • Terrestrial

    • Topology and Individual Host Data Obtained from nMap, nTop, Firewalk, Traceroute, tEthereal traces, Circuit Databases, …

  • Wireless

    • RF Point-to-Point, Area Coverage Obtained from CSPT, Others

    • RF Survey Data From Kismet, GPSMap, GPSD, …

    • Laser Through NWP-ARPS Extensions

  • Satellite

    • Orbital Parameters Taken from Two-Line-Element (TLEs), STK Import, …

  • Requirements

    • Import of Customer Requirements Documents, DOORS, RequisitePro, AP233

Nasa space internet workshop


  • Based on TCP/IP V4/6

  • LAN and WAN Links

  • Object Based-Extendable

Nasa space internet workshop


  • Point-to-Point Line-of-Sight

  • RF and Laser Communications Links

  • Object-Based Extendable

Nasa space internet workshop


  • Anything You Can Do In STK, I Can Import

  • By Using STK We Can Focus On The Communications

  • Interface Is Object-Based Extendable

Nasa space internet workshop

STK As A Compute Engine

STK with it's Connect and Coverage Modules is Invaluable for Incorporating Satellite Objects into Network Scenarios

  • Architecture Components Exported to STK via Connect

  • STK is Commanded to Compute Coverage Times and Orbital Positions

  • STK Returns Values That Are Stored in a File That is Parsed Using Perl And Those Events Are Inserted into Time-Based Scenario File for Execution

Our automated process

Network Simulator


Our Automated Process






IP Hosts





Satellite Tool Kit

Nasa space internet workshop

Variability in Wireless/Space Communications

Figure 1 LEO-TRDSS RF Link Signal Strength

Weather models

Simulation Modeling


1. Spacecraft

2. Orbital & Geolocation

5. Meteorological &


3. Ground Station

4. RF Spectrum

5. Weather Interference

(3 Distinct Thunderstorms ~12

Miles in Height)

Weather Models

Integrated model output
Integrated Model Output

2. Iridium 13 in Sight - Seattle to Washington Traffic Re-Routing

1. Start of Network

3. Iridium 13 - Out of Sight San Diego to Norfolk Traffic

Routed Over Ground

4. No Satellite links up

Nasa space internet workshop


  • Briefing is Based on the Paper Presented at the 2004 Society of Optical Engineers Conference ( at Orlando, FLA “End-to-End Network Models Encompassing Satellite, Terrestrial and Wireless Components”

  • Majority of Screenshots Acquired From The TASC Rapid Architecture Development and Evaluation System (TRADES)