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NASA-KSC Safety and Health Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NASA-KSC Safety and Health Presentation. Agenda. Rocket University – Which Way Is Up? (Taylor Dacko) KSC Educational Outreach S&MA Precautions / Process (Tom Dwyer) Tour of the Laboratory Management SharePoint site (Mike Cardinale) KSC Challenges – Group Discussion. Rocket University.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Rocket University – Which Way Is Up? (Taylor Dacko)
  • KSC Educational Outreach S&MA Precautions / Process (Tom Dwyer)
  • Tour of the Laboratory Management SharePoint site (Mike Cardinale)
  • KSC Challenges – Group Discussion
rocket university overview
Rocket University Overview


To develop and maintain flight systems engineering skills and expertise by gaining a broad understanding of many aspects of flight systems engineering through coursework followed by hands on application and practice.


Gain experience comparable to that gained on large scale flight projects on low-cost, low risk, small scale platforms.


RU utilizes a combination of APPEL (Academy of Program /Project & Engineering Leadership) courses, vendors, and NASA subject matter experts to develop discipline specific technical curriculums, in tandem with the opportunity to exercise those skills in various applied labs.

rocket university in action
Rocket University in Action

Space Coast Star Chasers

Near Space Environments (Balloons)


rocket university in action1
Rocket University in Action

Neo – Liquid Propulsion Testbed

Unmanned Aerial Systems

s ma involvement
S&MA Involvement
  • Overall Rocket University Surveillance Process
    • Review operational plans, safety plans, risk mitigation plans and project documents for compliance
    • S&MA stakeholder for milestone reviews
    • Active participation in operational events (testing, operations, tracking and recovery)
  • Direct Involvement
    • Participate in High Power Rockets, NEO, Near Space Environments (Balloons) and UAS team meetings to ensure compliance to safety requirements
    • Coordinate with NASA Range Safety for compliance with NASA and CCAFS for range requirements
    • Coordinates with NASA Explosives Safety group, and AHJ for storage and handling propellants on center.
    • Identify hazards through analysis, and perform safety walkdowns of shops/labs
    • Ensure safety of KSC visitors on Center, and securing launch and landing sites on KSC property.
governing documents
Governing Documents
  • NASA
    • NPR 8715.3, NASA General Safety Program Requirements
    • NPR 7123.1, NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements
    • NPR 8715.5, NASA Range Flight Safety Program
    • NASA-STD-8719.12, Safety Standard for Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnics
  • Other
    • FAR 101 Subpart C, Unmanned Rockets
    • FAR 101 Subpart B, Unmanned Balloons
    • NAR High Power Rocketry (HPR) Safety Code
    • NFPA 1125, Code for the Manufacture of Model and HPR Rocket Motors
    • NFPA 1122, Code for Model Rocketry
    • NFPA 1127, Code for High Power Rocketry
KSC Educational

Outreach S&MA


ksc education outreach s ma process
KSC Education OutreachS&MA Process
  • To observe and provide safety insight into the Education programs approval process for outreach activities.
  • We developed a S&MA review processes to follow prior to the release or performance of the following KSC educational products:
    • KSC-developed STEM-based hands-on activities.
    • KSC Educator Workshops.
    • KSC contractor (currently Delaware North) Workshops.
    • Student Workshops (e.g., aeronautics shows, robotics competition, Lego competition, LEGO Mind storm NXT kits, rocket launching competition, hands-on activities regarding hovercraft, space food, additional rocketry, brushbots, chemical reactions, air pressure, and vortex cannons, etc.)
    • Kennedy Educate to Innovate (KETI) training courses.
    • KSC-developed web sites for education outreach.
    • Other NASA center-developed pamphlets/experiments/papers distributed at KSC (workshops), AND
    • KSC-developed material distributed at other NASA centers.
ksc educational outreach safety precautions
KSC Educational OutreachSafety Precautions
  • We require all instructions/handouts detailing the necessary procedures you must take in order to conduct the experiments in the safest manner possible.
  • We shall not substitute or change the experiment without proper authority!
  • Make sure the instructor goes over the experiment and prepares themself for whatever cautions/warnings need to be addressed.
  • Every experimenter should have access and read the material safety data sheets. Some of the warnings may be as simple as to “keep out of reach of young children” regardless of how safe you might think the material might be!
ksc educational outreach safety precautions1
KSC Educational OutreachSafety Precautions

What is being done to ensure that the Educational Outreach products are safe across the Agency?

KSC Challenges:
  • Open Discussion
  • Safety Inspections:
    • VPP requires that you inspect the work locations of your employees quarterly. How do you accomplished that at your Center?
  • VPP Contract Language
    • What, if any, VPP language do you include in your Center’s contracts?
  • Facility System Safety
    • How is your Center developing/building Facility System Safety?