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Term 2 has been a blast! We’ve done so much in this ten week term! Here I will tell/show you what we’ve done. I thought term 1 would be the best term ever but term 2 is even better! Enough with this long intro and more of this Term:. introduction. Anzac Art. This is My Anzac Art : .

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Term 2 has been a blast!

We’ve done so much in this ten week term!

Here I will tell/show you what we’ve done.

I thought term 1 would be the best term ever but term 2 is even better!

Enough with this long intro and more of this Term:

I am a soldier. I can smell thick smoke rising from the cannons. I can hear the deafening guns roaring bullets into human souls. I can see the glowing poppies waving at me as I pass by. I can touch the growing grass brushing in between my fingers. I can taste the flying embers lingering in the open sky. And I want to go home, I just hope I get there…

This is My Anzac Poem That Goes on top of my picture:

Circus Workshop

With George & Lil

circus recount
Last week Room 10 were buzzing, we were waiting anxiously, room 12 passed by with smirks on their faces as we were entering the hall… IT WAS CIRCUS WORKSHOP TIME!!! We sat down in front of George, The main circus guy (in my opinion). Then The Music started playing. George told us what we were going to do in the extremely short session. We started off with a warm up: We walked around the room, using the space wisely, and we had to get in a group, no more than three, and did what he said such as: “three toes touching!” George would say and then we would put in three toes so that they were touching (obviously). Then George’s wonderful assistant (He calls her), Lil sat us back down and we started doing some absurd stretches. Then we were split into two groups and my group (group 2), did acrobalance with Lil first. Acrobalance were things like balancing people on top of one another using your arms and legs for example: The Bunk Bed, One person lies down flat with their arms straight up, Next the second person puts their hands around their ankles in the same position (but facing downwards) and vice versa. After about 10 minutes with about 4 activities, our group went to George and we learnt to do some tricks: Slap-stick and Miming. 10 minutes full of enjoyment flung by so quickly and I found myself exiting the hall in exchange for morning tea. But our fun wasn’t over yet! After Morning Tea George and Lil put on a show for the rest of the school this time, they put all and every trick into action! George was swinging his hat around, acting, laughing and moving swiftly around the stage. George was the funniest of the two but that’s his job! Lil was so flexible doing all those tricks on that hoop it must’ve been hard twisting, flipping and curling herself into the weirdest positions. I enjoyed that day so much, it was one of my favourite days I’ve ever had!Circus Recount:
winter sports exchange
Every Tuesday Our Hockey team goes down to college rifles to either practice or verse a different school which do the same (but different place).Winter Sports exchange
maritime museum trip
Picture: This is us on the ted ashby(Boat).

My favourite part of the museum was the ted ashby where we were allowed to sail a big sail boat beneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge ~ We saw three people bungy jump!

Maritime Museum trip
pastel art how to
Pastel Art: “How TO”

1. Find a picture to copy.


3. Sketch outlines.

4. Colour in with pastels! (NO BLACK)

5. Smudge with finger to blend colours if needed.

6. Use Black for outlines.


Philip Dadson is a man who creates instruments with lost & found things like polystyrene . This is an example of what he made:

Pretty Cool


On Sunday 17th June Our school hosted a beach clean-up at Okahu bay.

The Student council participated In a school beach clean-up at Okahu bay and if anyone else wanted to join them they could and for every person who participated got 5 house points for their house and Hillary Won! YAY!!!!


Thursday 21stjune

Meadowbank school held a ski trial at Snow Planet for anyone who wanted to go to whakapapa in August to compete against one another in a skiing competition. 5 Girls & 5 Boys. I came 3rd in the boy trials which meant I got in.
the end
Sorry I have to go! & Oh! By the way did You enjoy it?

Post a comment on my Wikispace and please include anything that I can work on!

The End 