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Fun For Free!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Fun For Free!!

Fun For Free!!

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Fun For Free!!

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  1. Fun For Free!! Tools in the cloud to excite you!

  2. Access the presentation:

  3. Go with your gut: What do you like?  Translate your online fun to your class!

  4. ART  Aviary Prezi  Glogster Animoto Xtranormal Goanimate Kerpoof Google apps for education - draw, sketch up, etc

  5. Music   Aviary examples Just want to listen? Pandora - online radio Project Playlist

  6. Posters/Photos   Glogster Aviary Animoto Other online photo  albums and such...

  7. Animation and Video    Xtranormal Goanimate Alice Kerpoof movie maker photostory For watching: Youtube TeacherTube Example

  8. Words! Writing, Reading, Language Wordle StoryBird Also remember, any of these tools can be used with any subject area!

  9. Presentations and Storytelling    Prezi - here is one I made for a college class Glogster Animoto Xtranormal Goanimate Google docs - this is what we're using today!

  10. Social Networking     Edmoto Google apps for education - free email for students that you can restrict, Google blogs, Google groups, etc. Qtopia Voki - make avatars for use elsewhere - make and share photo albums for free and order prints myfakewall - fake facebook pages, beware if you don't like ads though

  11. Web site building Google Sites Glogster

  12. ipods, ipads, and tablets, oh my! There are a ton of free education centered apps for gadgets using both Ios and Android.  Let the kids use their devices in your room!  50 Free Education Apps! Articles about free apps Android education apps

  13. Science, Math, History, all subject areas!! Any of the above can be used by inserting any subject specific content Google aps for education free ipod apps: graphing calculator, weather, etc... This is not free, but for about $30 you can have algodoo, a physics powered software that is amazing and works awesomely with interactive white boards.

  14. Everything here can be used in any subject area! Experiment and have fun with your class!!Don't let the idea of using technology overwhelm you, just use it for the things you find fun and translate that to your classroom setting.  If you have fun, your students will definitely have fun learning what you are trying to teach. iTunes U can be used for whole school curriculum delivery, too.

  15. Use the work others have done for you! Smart, eInstruction, Mimio, and Promethian all have share sites with content made by other teachers available for you to use and change. Project Share is building toward this for our state specifically also. I have a resources web page with all of these items listed! All the links on my site are education specific. And if you want more info, email me: