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Combining Wi-Fi and RFID for Greater Enterprise ROI PowerPoint Presentation
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Combining Wi-Fi and RFID for Greater Enterprise ROI

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Combining Wi-Fi and RFID for Greater Enterprise ROI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Combining Wi-Fi and RFID for Greater Enterprise ROI. May 2005. Company Background. AeroScout Overview. Select Partners. Based in San Mateo, CA; Offices in Israel (R&D), Europe, and Japan (Sales) Market l eader in Wi-Fi based active RFID solutions

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company background
Company Background

AeroScout Overview

Select Partners

  • Based in San Mateo, CA; Offices in Israel (R&D), Europe, and Japan (Sales)
  • Market leader in Wi-Fi based active RFID solutions
    • First to introduce a Wi-Fi tag to the market
visibility technologies
Visibility Technologies

Each visibility technology provides value in a defined solution space.


Wide Area

System & Reader Range

Real-Time Location

& Active RFID

Passive RFID

Local area


Lower $

Higher $

Asset Dollar Value

simplifying visibility infrastructure with wi fi
Simplifying Visibility Infrastructure With Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi based Infrastructure:
    • Re-use the existing WLAN
  • Standard Infrastructure:
    • Start with an existing WLAN…
    • Add Active RFID readers…
    • Then add more access points to handle the added data traffic.
the need for asset visibility
The Need for Asset Visibility
  • Health Care: hospitals misplace or lose 10-20% of their valuable medical equipment annually, wasting staff and patient time and incurring costly replacement charges.
  • Yard Management: shipping and cross-docking yards spend several hours each day manually locating trailers and containers for delivery, resulting in slow delivery times and high staff and fuel costs.
  • Manufacturing: aerospace, semiconductor and other facilities misplace mobile toolkits, machinery, parts and WIP inventory, at a cost of as much as $1 million per incident.
range of visibility solutions
Range of Visibility Solutions

Enterprises have complex needs that often involve more than one type of visibility.

Real-time Location



Infusion Pump X is in the Pediatric unit, zone Y

Truck X entered the terminal

Container X is in slot Y

wi fi based active rfid solution overview
Wi-Fi-Based Active RFID Solution: Overview
  • Standard Wi-Fi access points (and/or AeroScout hardware) act as readers
  • Tagged assets can be identified and located in real-time
  • Users can search for assets individually, by asset type or a range of other parameters.
  • Alerts enable immediate notification when an asset enters, exits, stays too long in a location
  • Visibility data is easily linked to existing business applications
  • Trailer #VX2953D
  • RowF
  • Stall 42/3
  • Entered lot on Dec. 17
logistics case study
American Port Services:3PL site run on behalf of world’s largest retailer

Up to 1000 trailers on site at any time

Trailers misplaced (30% error rate typical), causing wasted labor and fuel

Lack of visibility causes wasted labor and fuel, poor service and reduced throughput

Three biggest issues: searching for trailers, long check-in process, yard overflow

Additional issues: efficiency, trailer maintenance, safety

Logistics: Case Study

American Port Services: Case Study

  • Eliminates misplaced trailers, optimizes labor allocation, and expedites gate entry
  • Projected ROI: less than 1 year

AeroScout solution:

Tag trailers as they enter the yard to ensure correct pad placement, and track their location in yard

baylor health care case study
Baylor Health Care: Case Study
  • Baylor Health Care, major TX-based hospital system
  • Frequent misplacement and loss of valuable medical equipment in Baylor hospitals leads to high capital replacement costs and underutilization
  • AeroScout pilot project to track medical devices in Plano, TX hospital facility
  • Staff can easily search for and find any particular device (or group of devices)
  • User-defined alerts and status changes are automated, based on device location
manufacturing case study
Manufacturing case study
  • Fortune 50 aircraft engine manufacturer
  • Loss and misplacement of work-in-process engine items is a multi-million dollar problem
  • Lost WIP parts often require stopping the line, manual searches among thousands of orders
  • AeroScout tags enable automatic tracking of item processing location
  • Higher quality control, reduced WIP loss, less labor and faster manufacturing times

Philadelphia, May 2–4, 2005

  • The lack of asset visibility causes millions of dollars in costs and lost revenues each year
  • An approach based on Wi-Fi standards provides cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solutions

Contact: Andris K. Berzins

VP Marketing & Business Development

+1 (267) 918 6848