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How to potty train a boy fast. Visit: http://pottytrainingguide.org/how-to-potty-train-a-boy/

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potty training boys





By Kebabope Morapedi


http pottytrainingguide org


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Potty Training Guide™ by Kebabope Morapedi

http pottytrainingguide org 1


Table Of Contents

How to potty train a boy .................................................................................... 4

How Do You Know When To Potty a Boy? .......................................................... 4

How to Potty Train a Boy Fast ......................................................................... 5

Potty Training doesn’t need to take Long! ......................................................... 7

Bonus: 3 Day Potty Training Method ................................................................... 7


Potty Training Guide™ by Kebabope Morapedi

http pottytrainingguide org 2


How to potty train a boy

You should not start too fast: studies show that when parents start teaching toilet

training too early, the child takes longer to learn that skill. In other words, you will

achieve potty training success when the child is good and ready to begin the training.

The first thing to do is to use the following checklist below to see if your son is ready

to be potty trained. Once you consider your boy is ready, focus on the timing. Make

certain that your child's habit is well organized. If he has just started the daycare or

has a little brother or sister, he could be less responsive to change or be too sensitive

to attack this new challenge. Wait until he feels more open to fresh ideas so that

potty training is a success.

Use the checklist below to track your toddler's progress during this learning. You do

not have to wait until you have checked every item to start putting your boy in the

pot! Instead, see if your child tends to be more autonomous and if he understands

what it means to go to the bathroom as a grown-up person.

How Do You Know When To Potty a Boy?

• Has regular, moles and molded stools

• Can remove and put back up his diaper or the underwear

• Emulates the manners of other people in the toilet (in case he watches you going to

the toilet, and if he wishes to wear underwear)

• Manifestation when he feels the need to pee or poo

• Can follow simple instructions (like "give me this toy")

• Recognizes the physical signals of a pressing urge and warns you before

• Does not like the feeling of having wet underwear

• Has "dry" periods of at least three or four hours (this shows that the muscles in the

bladder are sufficiently developed to hold urine and store it)

• Understands the value of putting everything in its place

• Demonstrates a desire for independence

• Knows how to walk and sit.


Potty Training Guide™ by Kebabope Morapedi

http pottytrainingguide org 3


How to Potty Train a Boy Fast

Let him observe and learn when potty training your boy.

The little ones learn by imitation. Observing grownups go to the toilet is, therefore, a

natural first step. And that's where having a man at home is important. Following his

father, uncle or family friend to the toilet to watch him pee can help your boy become

more familiar with the idea. He may notice that Dad and Mom do not use the toilet in

the same way. This will present you the opportunity to explain how little boys are


Buy the right equipment.

Most experts advise you to buy a potty, which your toddler can make his own and

which will reassure him more than the big toilets (many children are afraid to fall into

the toilet bowl, and this anxiety can slow down their potty training agenda). If you

prefer to buy a toilet seat reducer to place on your toilet seat, make sure it is

comfortable and securely attached. If you prefer this option, you will also need to

purchase a step stool so that your child can easily climb up and down the toilet when

he needs it and to stabilize his legs when sitting. Another good way to facilitate

learning is a good book or video that explains how to use the potty.

Assist your child feel comfortable with the potty.

At this point, your boy should become familiar with the toilet. Start by making him

understand that potty or the toilet seat belongs to him. You may personalize it

through writing your boy's name on it or by allowing him to decorate it using

stickers. A week later, you can suggest him to remove his pants and underwear or

diaper. If he refuses, do not oblige him. This will merely create a balance of power

that would deregulate the whole process. If your child has a favorite doll or toy, use

it to show him how to go on the pot. Kids love to see their favorite toy come alive

and the explanation will have more impact than if it came from you. Some parents

even make toilets for the doll so this way, everyone has his own potty!

Buy him fine boy underwear.

Draw your son's attention to the benefits of being clean by getting him to make a

somewhat special shopping outing: his first underwear! Tell him that he can choose

what he wants (pants or boxers bearing the characters of cartoons or superheroes

are always very successful). Talk about this shopping day well in advance, so he will

be intrigued by the idea of being big enough to go potty and then wear "real"

underwear like his father or his older brothers.


Potty Training Guide™ by Kebabope Morapedi

http pottytrainingguide org 4


Establish a learning schedule for potty training

Leaving your child without a diaper will depend on your daily schedule. If you need

someone else to supervise your boy while you're busy, you will have to give your

strategy to the nursery staff or nanny. Choosing between diapers and underwear will

be important. If wearing diapers are practical, many experts and parents prefer to

put children directly into washable underwear that allow the child to feel right away

that it is wet.

Of course, this will require you to clean up in case of accidents. If you cannot decide

for a method, talk to your pediatrician. For some time, it will still be necessary to use

disposable diapers or pants at night and on long trips.

Train him to pee while sitting down first, then standing up

As poo and pee often happen at the same time, it makes more sense to teach your

son to sit down at first so that he understands that everything goes into the pot. And

in this way, he will not try to play to squirt his pee and learn to aim, while he is

supposed to focus solely on mastering the basics of cleanliness. When your son

seems to be comfortable on his pot or on his toilet seat, have him try the standing

position on his little stool so that it can be at the right height level. There is no

reason to rush things. He can sit as long as he wants. If he seems reluctant to stand

up, float a little toilet paper or other small objects that can go into the toilet at the

bottom of the bowl, this will serve as a target. Expect to clean around the toilet!

Leave your boy half dressed.

It is by remaining half dressed that your child can learn when he needs to go to the

toilet. Place the potty in an accessible place where he plays, and encourage him to sit

on it from time to time. Watch for clues of envy (if he puts his hand on his zizi,

squirms or hops on the spot) then suggest him to go to the potty. You can do this in

several consecutive days, in the evening, when the family is reunited, or just

weekends, as you see fit. The longer your child will spend without being fully clothed,

the faster he will learn.

Celebrate his success

He will certainly experience some accidents, but your son will eventually feel proud to

do something in his potty. Celebrate this moment as it should be a rewarding

experience for him. Strengthen the idea that he has taken an important step by

giving him a "big boy" award, such as watching a new cartoon or reading another

story before bed time. Do not overdo it either; otherwise, your child will become

nervous about being monitored every time he goes to the pot.


Potty Training Guide™ by Kebabope Morapedi

http pottytrainingguide org 5


Potty Training, Your Boy, Can Take Some time.

Just like any other skill, the more he sees the potty and uses it, the better he will

become. But there are many things to do to make it easier for him. Dress your child

in loose, easy-to-remove clothes or buy larger size underwear. If he still does not, do

not get upset and do not punish him. Scolding him because he had an accident is the

best way to slow down the learning of cleanliness. Do not forget that even children

who know how to go to the toilet for months can have accidents.

Potty Training doesn’t need to take Long!

How long to potty train a boy? One week is the average time it takes a boy to be

completely potty trained - do you have over a month to potty train your child or

would you prefer to get through it quicker? Do you know how to potty train a boy in

3 days? If you can understand child psychology, there's no reason why he can't be

fully trained in a couple of days. There is a book that gives parents a full step by step

3 day plan. Click the link below for instant access.

Bonus: 3 Day Potty Training Method


Potty Training Guide™ by Kebabope Morapedi