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Objectives of this session PowerPoint Presentation
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Objectives of this session

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Objectives of this session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objectives of this session
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  1. Objectives of this session • Improved awareness of the National Partnership and our journey so far • Improved awareness of the role of the National Partnership and the Coordinating Group • To explore ways that the National Partnership can support local action, particularly in relation to the Early Years Collaborative • To explore ways that the support from members of the National Partnership could be more effective

  2. Who are we? • Third Sector Organisations with a national as well as local remit • Umbrella Organisations • Statutory Organisations • Research and Policy Based Organisations • Specialist Services And …

  3. The journey so far Learning Session One • Described as ‘non CPP Partners” • No clear role or mechanism to offer support into the EYC After LS1 • The ‘National Partners’ opened up dialogue with Scottish Government which is still ongoing

  4. The journey so far Learning Session Two and Three • Break out sessions introduced for National Partners facilitated by the National Partners • A list of tasks drawn up to help us understand our contribution to the EYC • Broader group of NPs established outside of the LSs (almost home and away team idea) • Establishment of a Co-Ordination Group for this larger group. it is proposed this be subsumed by the Early Years Task Force Negotiation and Co-Ordination Group (dialogue ongoing)

  5. The journey so far Latest Developments • Negotiated access to the Extranet • Working on how we organise our site profile to make information and support more accessible to CPPs • Support to the group from a member of the Practice Development Team

  6. What next… Now need your help to see: • What is working well? • What are the challenges? • What can we do to support local work more effectively?

  7. Warm-up Activity • At your tables can you draw up a list of who you think members of the National Partnership are ? (5 minutes)

  8. Activity One Consider any time that you have worked with a National Partner (not necessarily EYC) • What worked well? • What were the challenges? - Consider the who, what, where, when and why.. (10 minutes)

  9. Activity Two In relation to the key change area at your table Have you engaged with National Partners on this? • If yes, what is working? What are the challenges? • If no, are there reasons for this? How could obstacles be overcome? What are the things that NPs could support more effectively? Name two things that would make a difference? (20 minutes)

  10. Feedback from table • One example of positive working with NPs • One key challenge to working with NPs • Two things that would make a positive difference to working with NPs Really brief one minute per table!!