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Child abuse

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Child abuse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Child abuse. By: Marquise and J ose. A brief description of the problem. The centers for disease control and prevention define child physical abuse. Who is affected by this and how.

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Child abuse

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    1. Child abuse By: Marquise and Jose

    2. A brief description of the problem • The centers for disease control and prevention define child physical abuse.

    3. Who is affected by this and how • Children are effected everyday by physical violence. Because of the child’s parents either start drinking or it was because their parents were beaten as kids.

    4. The brief description list • Stop drinking • Anger management • Take medication • The best solution was anger management because they may have problems.

    5. The scope of the problem • It is national a contact that I would call or inform would be John Carney a u.s.representative.

    6. What is the root cause of the problem • Family is the root cause of the problem. They may have been abused as children by their parents. Or just because they get angry at them. Another possibility would be that their drunk.

    7. Our Source •

    8. The letter • Dear, Mr. John Carney The main problem is that in the united states there is too much child abuse for children. The causes of child abuse is that when there parents also get child abuse as a child, they may inflict there pain on there own children. Also alcohol can be the cause when they are drunk they’ll beat them. So the question is if you can help children around the world by reducing child abuse. To provide them with shelter and things they need. • Sincerely, Marquise and Jose