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  1. Madison County Career Technical CenterDress Code GuidelinesPlease see the Madison County Code of Conduct for the complete list of Student Dress Code rules and regulations

  2. BODY PIERCING • Only earrings may be worn. • No eyebrow rings. • No lip rings • No tongue rings. • No nose rings. • No clear piercing.

  3. No Unnatural Hair Color


  5. Students are not allowed to wear hoods in the school building.

  6. No Sundresses This means your shoulders should be covered. Dresses should have sleeves or a sweater/jacket DRESSES

  7. NO off-the-shoulder tops, tank tops, or spaghetti straps. No cleavage may show. TOPS

  8. Clothing • Any clothing that is worn that contains lace, sheer fabric or any other see-through material may ONLY be worn if the area visible through the material meets all other dress code guidelines.

  9. Extremely tight clothing is not allowed • Leggings and tights are not allowed. If worn under clothing the outside clothing must meet dress code.

  10. JEANS that are NOT allowed

  11. Sweatpants and athletic shorts are not allowed. A good rule of thumb is that if a pair of shorts or pants have an elastic waist band then it probably does not meet dress code.

  12. SHORTS & SKIRTS Male Female The general rule is shorts and skirts must come below the student’s fingertips, depending on the student’s phenotype. Administrator’s judgment will be the final decision. • Shorts that have pockets may be acceptable depending on the type and or length. • Administrator’s judgment will be the final decision.

  13. T-SHIRT DESIGNS • Must not display pictures, writings or symbols of the following: • Drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, sexual activities, or gangs.

  14. FOOTWEARGiven the Career Technical School environment, closed-toed shoes are required for many courses (safety reasons) , sandals are occasionally allowed. * House shoes and/or slippers are never allowed

  15. Hats, caps, and bandanas are not allowed in the building. Students will not be allowed to carry around a hat or bandana in their possession. Sunglasses should not be worn in the building. HATS, BANDANAS, SUNGLASSES

  16. ADDITIONAL DRESS CODE RULES: • No wallet chains. • NO head coverings. This includes crocheted hair coverings. • NO blankets are allowed. • No pajama/lounge bottoms allowed. • Clothing should be worn in the correct manner and for its intended purpose.

  17. Pictures /Social Media • Students are not allowed to take pictures on campus without approval from the administration. • Students are not allowed to use Facebook, Twitter, or any social type networks during the school day. Students will be disciplined for failure to comply.

  18. Cellphones • Students are not allowed to use cellphones during the school day. Students must put away any cellphone device upon entering the building. • Students are not allowed to wear empty cellphone carriers on them during the school day.

  19. Electronic devices and Computers • IPods, IPad's, and Laptop computers have to be approved before they are used. We have school devices to use for instructional purposes. Students must get approval before their personal devices can be used.

  20. Parking • Reminder: Parking is a privilege, not a right. Students who have discipline issues and/or attendance issues can have their driving privileges removed.