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Presentation on Self-Management Skills. By Alan Yim Guidance Counsellor College of International Educatiosn Hong Kong Baptist University. 生活在 21 世紀的你. Did you know …. 技能 (Skills). 專業知識 (Specific Knowledge Skills)

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Presentation on self management skills

Presentation on Self-Management Skills

By Alan Yim

Guidance Counsellor

College of International Educatiosn

Hong Kong Baptist University

生活在 21 世紀的你...

Did you know

Did you know

技能 (Skills)

  • 專業知識 (Specific Knowledge Skills)

  • 自我管理的技能 (Self-management skills)

  • 有多用途的技能 (Transferable Skills)

Specific knowledge skills
專業知識 (Specific Knowledge Skills)

  • 在教育和受訓過程學習到的專業知識。

  • 例:汽車工程,電腦程序編寫,心理學。

Self management skills
自我管理的技能 (Self-management skills)

  • 幫助個人與環境建立良好關係,滿足環境對個人的要求。

Examples of self management skills
自我管理的能力:一些例子Examples of Self-Management Skills

  • Assertiveness 敢於自表

  • Patience 耐性

  • Politeness 有禮貌

  • Decisiveness 決斷

  • Self-control 自控

  • Punctuality 準時

  • Persistence 堅持

Transferable skills
有多用途的技能 (Transferable Skills)

  • 也叫功能性的技能 (Functional skills)。

  • 一些對人 (people),處理數字 (data),及處事 (things) 的技能。

  • 可以用於不同的職業和非職業崗位。

  • 通常是從生活經驗,學校,和其他訓練過程建立和強化。

Examples of transferable skills
有多用途的技能:一些例子Examples of Transferable Skills

  • Planning and organizational skills 計劃和組織能力

  • Communication/Teaching skills 一般的傳意和教導能力

  • Analytic skills 分析能力

  • Managing and leading people 管理和領導能力

  • Research skills 研究能力

  • Inventing/Developing new ideas 創意能力


  • 有多用途的技能:因為可應在不同工作崗位上。

The world is flat a brief history of the twenty first century
世界是平的:一部二十一世紀簡史(The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century)

  • 是一本由湯馬斯·佛里曼(Thomas L. Friedman)所撰寫的暢銷書,書中分析了21世紀初期全球化的過程。書中主要的論題是「世界正被抹平」,這是一段個人與公司行號透過全球化過程中得到權力的過程。

Skills for the information age
Skills for the Information Age

  • Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat, 2006

Skills 1 learn how to learn
Skills #1: Learn How to Learn (自學)

  • “The first, and most important, ability you can develop in a flat world is the ability to ‘learn how to learn’– to constantly absorb, and teach yourself, new ways of doing old things or new ways of doing new things….In such a world, it is not only what you know but how you learn that will set you apart. Because what you know today will be out-of-date sooner than you think.

    Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat, 2006, p.302

Skill 2 passion and curiosity
Skill #2: Passion (熱愛) and Curiosity (好奇心)

  • CQ + PQ > IQ

  • “It was and always will be a great advantage to have passion and curiosity for anything …. Give me a kid with a passion to learn and a curiosity to discover and I will take him or her over a less passionate kid with a high IQ everyday of the week.”

    Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat, 2006, pp.303-304

Young people for the future
Young People for the Future

  • 我們今天不是要培養一個懂得彈琴/游泳/數學的孩子,而是一個熱愛生命,滿有好奇心、熱愛他們每天所做的事情的孩子。

PQ + CQ > IQ

Can we trust in passion
Can we Trust in Passion??

  • 以「買保險」的心態為子女規劃生涯,要求子女多學習不同技藝,選讀較有前途的學科,結果培養出來的可能是一個順應你心意、或反叛你任何要求的孩子。

  • 父母親要學習 放下/放手 (let go) 的功課,讓孩子的「熱愛」接手 (let his/her passion take over)。

Helping young people to get in touch with their inner passion
Helping Young People to Get in Touch with their Inner Passion

  • 要留意甚麼事物能燃點起你「熱愛」的火花

  • 要堅持、努力,才能將你「熱愛」的事物,轉化成你「做得好」的事物

  • 要學習與家長分享你的「熱愛」(where your passion is)

Skills 3 plays well with others
Skills #3 - Plays Well with Others (與人相處)

  • “You need to be good at interacting with other people…It is precisely those personalized high-touch interactions that can never be outsourced or automated and are almost always necessary at some point in the value chain.”

    Friedman, The World is Flat, 2006, p. 306

Play well with others machine
Play Well with Others/Machine?

  • 電腦,電子遊戲機,i-pod 等,很容易使青少年活在虛凝世界裏,形成自我的心態,不懂與別人溝通和相處。

  • 我們要鼓勵青少年引用科技,享受科技,但不做科技的奴隸 。也要故勵他們在生活中留意羣體的需要。

Skills 4 the right brain stuff
Skills #4 – The Right Brain Stuff (左右兼備)

“Until recently, the abilities that led to success in school, work, and business were characteristic of the left hemisphere. They were the sorts of linear, logical, analytical talents……Today, these capabilities are still necessary…but not sufficient…The abilities that matter most are now closer to the specialties of the right hemisphere – artistry, empathy, seeing the big picture, and pursuing the transcendent.”

Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat, 2006, pp.306-307

Empathy and logic
Empathy and Logic

  • 青少年的情意培養,是學校和家庭的首要任務。 我們要給空間讓青少年表達,也要給與他/她們同感。因為 ….

  • ….在面前的世界,不可只用邏輯思考 …

Recap for today
Recap for today

  • Summarize what you have gained and learned in this session.

  • Plan for next week

  • Feedback for today

總結及Q & A 時間