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Getting Enough Energy PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting Enough Energy

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Getting Enough Energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting Enough Energy
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  1. Getting Enough Energy

  2. Today’s Lesson • Comparing Food Labels • Getting Enough Energy • Choose My Plate

  3. Comparing Food Labels • When you buy food, it normally includes the foods ingredients and nutritional facts. • These nutritional facts differ (change) dramatically depending on which country the food was purchased in. • Today, we will look at how different food labels compare, along with how hard the information is to read.

  4. Making A Table • In your note book, write the heading “Comparing Food Labels”. • Then, make a table with the following information: • Food Name, Serving Size JAP, Serving Size OS, Carbs JAP, Carbs OS, Protein JAP, Protein OS, Fat Jap, Fat OS, Total Energy Serve JAP, Total Energy Serve OS

  5. Including Data • Using the pictures you have collected for your homework, fill in the table in your book. • If the information is not available, write N/A • Please help each other – and ask for help if needed.

  6. Questions • Please answer these questions below your table in your note book. • Was there a difference in the serving size for the same food? Why do you think they are different? • How are the amount of carbs/fats/proteins different between the same foods? Give examples • Which foods had the biggest difference in serving size?

  7. Group Discussion • Get into Groups of 3. • Discuss the following questions. We will share the answers with the class: • Which food type seems to have the biggest difference in serving size and total energy per serving? • Which nutritional labels are the easiest to read? Explain why. • Which labels were the most complicated to read? Give an example.

  8. Getting Enough Energy • As you may know – different people require different amounts of energy to stay healthy. • For example: • A boy 12-15 years requires 11,700 kj/day • A female office worker needs 9,800 kj/day • These numbers are only estimates – they change for every person depending on what you do, how old you are and how much you are growing

  9. Energy Intake • Every day – we need to eat food. But different foods provide different amounts of energy. • For example, a bowl of cereal may contain 400 kj but the milk has 600 kj of energy. • A chocolate bar can easily have up to 2000 kj!! • There is nothing wrong with eating foods high in energy (you actually need to!!) but you need to choose the right food. • For example – would you choose rice/pasta or Hersheys Cookies & Crème Chocolate??

  10. Energy Usage • You may not know this – but you use energy even you sit down. • However – you use different amounts of energy when you complete different activities. • For example – sleeping uses 4 kj/min but running uses 30 kj/min

  11. Happy Times Questions • Read P 4/5 of your book and answer Q A-D, G-I and Q 1 & 2.

  12. Choose My Plate • Please go to the following website: • • Choose Super Tracker and Subscribe using your school email address • We will be inputting what food we have eaten today. There are also scales and somewhere to measure your height in the room!! • Input what food you have eaten today. Your homework is to input everything you have eaten or drunk for today!!! Apart from water