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Gary Nusca, CCIM ICIWorld

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Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Brokerage For Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople. Understanding and How to Use the Powers of the Internet Presented by Gary Nusca, CCIM Handouts: click on Seminars. Gary Nusca, CCIM ICIWorld.

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Royal LePage Your Community Realty, BrokerageFor Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople.

Understanding and How to Use the Powers of the InternetPresented by Gary Nusca, CCIMHandouts: click on Seminars

gary nusca ccim iciworld
Gary Nusca, CCIM ICIWorld
  • Forty years real estate broker (1972)
  • Past Chairman International Commercial Real Estate Conference
  • Specializing in helping develop services that helps salespeople use the power of the Internet for real estate since 1994
  • Please consider ICIWorld as a personal assistant to help you generate business
  • Guest speaker real estate boards/offices
guest speaker events
Guest Speaker Events
  • Toronto Real Estate Board
  • Metropolitan Hamilton Real Estate Board
  • London Real Estate Board
  • London Real Estate Wealth Expo - group of 100 investors
  • Oshawa Real Estate Board 
  • Sault Ste. Marie Real Estate Board
  • Bancroft and District Real Estate Board
  • Vancouver Real Estate Board
  • Collingwood Real Estate Association
  • Ottawa Real Estate Board
  • Canadian Real Estate Association National Conference
  • National ICI Council Marketing Session
  • CCIM Market Sessions
  • Vancouver CCIM Chapter
  • Central Canada CCIM Chapter
  • Greater Tampa Bay Real Estate Association
  • Arizona CCIM Chapter
  • Financial Forum Toronto
  • Investor Groups, Clubs
  • TREB Expo
  • TREB Realtor Quest
  • Fort Lauderdale Investment Show
  • Real estate investment clubs and groups.
  • PM Expo, Construct Canada
  • Numerous real estate company seminars and presentations.
  • Commercial real estate organizations, groups, etc.
  • Residential and commercial real estate offices too numerous to mention. 
iciworld statistics see statistics
ICIWorld Statistics See statistics
  • 60,000 monthly subscribers EMail
  • 40,000+ people readership See statistics
  • 10,000-20,000 Emails deliver Member Haves Wants daily
  • Choice to have your listing appear on 1,000 other brokers web sites . . . Instantly.
  • 18,000 pages on the Internet
  • 1,000,000 hits per month – demonstrates activity
  • 100+ countries accessing information
  • More mobile devices than humans on earth 7 billion+
  • New Server 62,000 links had to be reconnected – fast powerful server
iciworld canadian and world connections
ICIWorld Canadian and World Connections
  • Publications Industry Magazines, Trade publications
  • Conferences/Conventions Independent Business Expos International Real Estate Boards and Associations
  • Shows – Business Exchange, International Expos, Property Shows, Trade Shows, Activities, Meetings
  • Webinars – One sample TD Bank from Florida Y
  • Monthly Television Program S
real estate highest roi on the internet
Real Estate Highest ROI on the Internet
  • Real Estate provides the Highest Return On Investment of any industry on the Internet
  • Why?
  • Because just one lead can make one a lot of money. If you are not generating leads it is you.
  • See testimonials
  • Everyone makes connections to do business or you call us. See Our Pledge. And it is a measure.
real estate information service
Real estate information service
  • 30,000 Haves and Wants
  • 75% exclusive
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Properties coming for sale, assignments, more.
  • FSBO’s
  • more
the opportunities become your inventory on the internet
The Opportunities Become Your Inventory on the Internet
  • All FSBO’s
  • Open listings
  • Regular Clients
  • Exclusive opportunities
  • New home builders
  • Expired listings
  • Properties coming for sale
  • All these become your inventory on the Internet
  • Anyone who says bring me in a buyer and I will pay you a commission but I do not want to give you a listing.
  • Quick Survey: How many listings on MLS?
how to handle real estate information
How to Handle Real Estate Information
  • Three questions:
    • Will they pay a commission
    • Will they cover you with a 48 hour exclusive listing once you have a buyer;
    • Is it okay to advertise it but you are going to do it without the address.

(8) A registrant shall not include anything in an advertisement that could reasonably be used to identify specific real estate unless the owner of the real estate has consented in writing. Sample: "Mississauga Restaurant $350K Making money" does not identify the specific restaurant or property. You can advertise and network this kind of information on ICIWorld.Sample: "Shopping Center GTA $10M 7% cap" does not identify a specific property. You can advertise and network this kind of information on ICIWorld.Give a copy of this ad to the owner and in most cases they will say "well if you do it like that, go ahead."

it is content that generates leads
It is content that generates leads
  • A web site is a platform on the Internet to hold information.
  • By itself it does not make you money.
  • It is content that triggers the calls.
  • It is content that develops interest and an electronic relationship that can lead to a business relationship.
  • People appreciate ICIWorld because we supply exclusive content in addition to MLS
widgets for your website
Widgets For Your Website
  • Residential
  • Exclusive and MLS
  • Key words ie: waterfront, condos, assignments, view, etc.
  • Haves and Wants

This is Lead Generation

  • Commercial
  • Exclusive and MLS
  • Businesses
  • Haves and Wants
  • FSBO’s
  • Ontario, by city, key word and more.
referrals the one thing better than listing and selling real estate
Referrals – The one thing better than listing and selling real estate.
  • Why? Only five minutes to do;
  • Average $3,000 to $10,000 and more;
  • Why don’t salespeople do more referrals?
  • Because you do not get the leads;
  • Now you will! The reason? Content!;
  • Thousands of homes and commercial listings
  • Specially structured so you get the calls.
web sites an important internet tool
Web sites an important Internet Tool
  • Web sites are like billboards, if the one we supply can make you $50,000 and the one you presently have is making you money then why not?
  • You can link them.
  • Like a store
  • Compare your physical office cost vs internet store that can supply tremendous information to your prospects and clients.
in the history of the world the internet is the 1 marketing tool
In the History of the World the Internet is the #1 Marketing Tool
  • 2% use it in 1995.
  • 77% of consumers now begin their search for real estate on line. (NAR)
  • 96% are searching for listings
  • 74% choose the first broker or salesperson that they develop a business relationship with.
  • There are two billion people using the Internet. D
  • What can brokers do?
allan dalton president of realtor com
Allan Dalton, President of
  • 84% of consumers want multiple photos (NAR) utterly simple to deliver, never has in history has such a simple request been so collectively ignore and suppressed.
  • Photos command 299% more visual activity.
  • It is not just 1,000 words, it is 10,000's of dollars to owners. 
  • Very reasonable request to have more pictures for commission dollars.
sample web sites click here
Sample Web Sites click here
  • For residential brokers have a web site with thousands of residential homes with color photos, all in a way that YOU get the calls.
  • For commercial brokers, now that you have a web site, add the number one thing that every one on the Internet in real estate is looking for, listings. Add a link to a world brokers network of Haves and Wants . . . all in a way that YOU get the calls.
  • 96% are searching for listings! Now you will have a major world source with new ones coming in daily updating your web site automatically.
  • Easily get started.
get traffic for your website
Get Traffic for Your Website
  • You can have the best web site
  • Thousands of listings
  • Residential and commercial
  • Exclusive and MLS
  • If you have no traffic you may as well not even have a website
  • How To Promote Your Website – Monthly world wide Webinar for all licensed real estate brokers.
social media inbound vs outbound
Social media – Inbound vs Outbound

Subscribe to the ICIWorld Newspaper

EMail List Services


social media short discussion
Social Media – Short Discussion

Great fun with my mom on weekends

Ukrainian Festival Bloor West Village

seo for residential and commercial real estate salespeople web sites
SEO for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Salespeople Web Sites
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization – 40 different ways. Exclusive Video available.
  • Monthly Webinar – How To Promote Your Web Site
  • Information learned applies to all your web sites;
  • One example Google key word search tool
  • More . . .
automation marketing for residential commercial brokers and salespeople
Automation Marketing for Residential Commercial Brokers and Salespeople
  • Color photos, slide shows;
  • Clients can email listing to friends and relatives;
  • Automatic delivery of new listings to your clients and prospects;
  • Automatic updating of your web site with listings;
  • MLS listings; Exclusive Listings; and Wants;
  • ICIWorld sets it up listings so that prospects and clients must call YOU for more information.
training and support
Training and Support
  • From beginners to experts
  • Step by step personal support
  • By printouts
  • Videos
  • Manual
  • One on one assistance and technical support by way of gotomeeting Webinar workshops
  • 1st web site totally set up by us for you;
  • Totally customizable by you.
  • Any problems . . . You call us!
one time set up most things run on automatic
One time set up, most things run on automatic
  • 30 minute orientation
  • 90 minutes for a web site
on going time required
On Going Time Required
  • You must log in to the web site a minimum of once per month and look after a To Do List 
  • Add and search listings from time to time.
  • Promote your web site daily at every opportunity. We suggest you treat this as a business hobby the rest of your life. If you get just one person going to the web site this week and they call you on a listing, you have a chance to make money.

"Most things work on auto pilot once you have things set up properly and have a good understanding of how things work."

our pledge
Our Pledge
  • No member should go longer than 90 days without doing business, a deal, or at the very minimum developing a good business relationship with someone they feel they will be doing business with someday otherwise you call us!
  • If you are stuck longer than 5-8 minutes trying to do anything with your Executive Membership, call us.  Time is money.
benefits for residential and commercial real estate brokers and salespeople
Benefits for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople
  • Powerful listing tools Show your prospects and clients how well connected you are into the marketplace of buyers and sellers not only for MLS listings but for exclusive listings!
  • For residential salespeople direct commercial to your web site and do referrals.
  • Knowledge gained can help you with all your web sites.
  • Your customers will love their homes featured on your web site.
  • Use list of buyers in your listing presentation
add social media to your web site
Add Social Media to your Web Site


Why social media

iciworld adds mls and exclusive links to listings on to your web site
ICIWorld adds MLS and Exclusive Links to Listings on to Your Web Site
  • This makes thousands of listings available from YOUR site
  • Make the MLS searchable from YOUR web site!
  • IDX Links – People can search MLS directly from your site
  • ICIWorld IDX links of exclusive listings tailored for you.
  • Add ICIWorld exclusive links to all your existing web sites
  • 70% of ICIWorld are exclusive listings that are not on real estate boards. Without these, you can miss generating leads
  • People have to call you for more information on any listing.
  • One call makes you a lot of money.
for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople

For licensed real estate brokers and salespeople

Provide a great service for the public and make money from the Internet

ICIWorld.caSince 1994

$1 Trillion of Buyers; Over $8 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease

search iciworld com has two major world databases

SEARCH has two major world databases
  • Database 1 Over 16,000 real estate Haves and Wants placed by real estate brokers. About 5,000 available to the public.You will have access to all of them.
  • Database 2 Over 15,000 real estate Haves and Wants placed by the public. These are principals, buyers and sellers and you will have access to them all and deal direct with them.
why iciworld com
  • Plug your information and/or your web site into the traffic;
  • Over 1,000,000 hits per month, over 50,000 people from 120 countries;
  • Everyone can be on the Internet but some places have more traffic. ICIWorld is one of them. It is in the top 10 in google out of over 1,000,000,000 results! This benefits you directly when you are a member. It is high tech yet economical. You get the benefit!
marketing exposure

Marketing Exposure
  • Ask to see testimonials. We have a package of over 50 pages to show you.
  • Among the most deals being done on the Internet! Ask to see the 50 pages.
  • In my opinion it is really not about the listings, it is really about people. Many call on one listing, discuss something else not on the service and go off and do a deal. 44% of sales one recent month were this way.
confidential information

Confidential Information
  • Of the 30,000 listings, only about 5,000 are on real estate boards.
  • One can work open and exclusive listings, regular client type information and more. We show you how to control the situation.
information vs listings opens up whole new markets
Information vs ListingsOpens up whole new markets
  • Information not just listings such as on a real estate board.
  • Quick survey
  • Three questions:
    • Will they pay a commission
    • Will they cover you with a 48 hour exclusive listing once you have a buyer;
    • Is it okay to advertise it but you are going to do it without the address.
survey feedback 1 minute
Survey – Feedback 1 minute
  • In consideration of us providing this seminar today we would appreciate your feedback
  • Helps us to develop programs that benefit you.
special offer this seminar
Special Offer this Seminar
  • $240 corporate rate 1 year.
  • What is included
  • Attach credit card number to application and staple with your business card.