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Online Term Plan Insurance India PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Term Plan Insurance India

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Online Term Plan Insurance India
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Online Term Plan Insurance India

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  1. Get the right answers before you Compare & Buy insurance

  2. What is Term Insurance? • Term insurance is the simplest and most fundamental insurance product. • Term insurance plans are designed to ensure that in the event of the policyholder's death, the family gets the sum assured (the cover amount). • Term insurance offers life cover to the policy holder for a fixed term period normally, 05-40 years or even up to age 75. • Term insurance plans are available at affordable premium rates . • The premium costs under a term plan are normally consistent for the whole period

  3. Who should apply for term insurance? • Term insurance plans are perfect suitable for employed folks who have dependents (Children, parents) and are looking for life protection against unexpected crisis of life (death) at fairly affordable costs. • Term insurance plans are designed to cater to the basic requirements and financial security for both applicant and his/her family.

  4. Why should you buy term insurance online? • Buying term insurance online is viewed as a great deal nowadays on the grounds that it is the most secure and least expensive approach to purchase protection on the web. • Through on the web, one can purchase term insurance in couple of minutes and in basic, simple steps. • You are necessary to fill in the basic details like name, age, sexual orientation, policy period that you wish to cover and couple of something beyond. • You can also get an instant free quote and calculate your premium rates effortlessly

  5. Term Insurance Advantage • Affordable • Optimal insurance is covered for your money • Families who have financial problems • Simple • Flexible

  6. Types of Term Insurance • Single premium term insurance policy • Regular premium term insurance policy • Term policy with return of premium These policies also offer optional cover which can be Critical Illness, Accident Benefit, etc. However, this depends on the provider of the policy.

  7. life is risky Get insured Thank You