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Car Insurance Companies PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Insurance Companies

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Car Insurance Companies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Policies365 is an online insurance platform offering the best prices, convenience, comparison, and claims assistance service. Policies365 is owned by Navnit Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. and a team of highly experienced professionals from Insurance and technology sectors who strive to simplify insurance for the customer.

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Car Insurance Companies

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    2. EVALUATE ONLINE Go to top car insurance sites and check carefully what different insurers are offering. Also, note what is covered and what is not in the different comprehensive car insurance plans, or else go to a web aggregator site

    3. BUY WHAT YOU NEED There are so many add-ons you can buy, but select those which you really need. For instance, if you regularly drive with people in the back seat, getting a passenger cover add-on makes sense. But, if you travel alone or it’s only the seat beside you that is usually occupied then this add-on is not useful to you. Hence, it is important to lock in on the necessary add-ons you need and then compare the premium charged by various insurers. Always compare insurance plans thoroughly.

    4. DON’T HOLD BACK If you’re unhappy with your current insurance plan and delaying the idea of switching to a new insurer because of the tedious process of comparing policies, then we’ve got your back. At, comparing and evaluating insurance plans from various insurers in simple and hassle free. Try now!

    5. DETERMINE YOUR CAR’S VALUE It’s always beneficial if you calculate your car’s depreciated value. This gives you the knowledge to negotiate with your insurer for the most favorable premium amount thus saving you the burden of paying hefty premiums.

    6. GO FOR COMPREHENSIVECAR INSURANCE One of the significant benefits of buying comprehensive car insurance is that you save premium by opting for higher deductibles. On the other hand, for instance, when you only go for liability insurance, it has no deductible amount and it only compensates for the damage caused to others during an accident.

    7. CONCLUSION The above tips will help you go through the process of car insurance with ease and buy one without any confusion. Last but not the least, after you get your insurance, don’t forget to keep building up your NCB or ‘no claims bonus’ discount portfolio. Insurers reward car owners who manage to drive safely and not apply for claims by reducing premium. Hence, increasing your NCB status can help you to get a cheaper car insurance policy.

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