PRESS RELEASE – FOR DISTRIBUTION 7 November 2014, 6am EDT / 11am BST /
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Polar Now Connects with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Polar now connects with apple healthkit and google fit

PRESS RELEASE – FOR DISTRIBUTION 7 November 2014, 6am EDT / 11am BST /

12pm CET / 13pm EET

Polar Now Connects with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit

Singapore – 7 November, 2014 – Polar, the leader in heart rate sensors, activity trackers and

wearable sports technology, today announced connectivity with two of the world’s leading

health and fitness platforms: Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. This is the latest example of

Polar’s ongoing work to bring new ways to enrich the use of Polar products with innovative

fitness and wellbeing apps.

Starting today, Polar Beat training and exercising app for Android can connect with Google

Fit. Next week, Polar’s Flow app for iOS will follow by connecting with Apple HealthKit, and

therefore Apple’s Health app. Both platforms enable developers to combine data from

multiple sources seamlessly, opening the door to new and exciting ways for you to use

information about your health and fitness in the future.

If you’re active or train with the new generation of Polar products, you’ll already be familiar

with the rich volumes of information your products generate, as well as the way that data is

used to coach you towards training smarter. Now, if you’re an iOS 8 or Android user, you can

share all Polar data that is supported by Apple and Google into your AppleHealth and Google

Fit dashboards, including heart rate and calories.

Marco Suvilaakso, Director of Product Management at Polar said: “Polar Flow web service

and app is a new and highly effective way of gathering data on the activities you love, as well

as an intelligent guide in helping you improve your performance. Our Polar Beat app is a

powerful training companion. It made perfect sense to us to ensure these services are

compatible with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit – two important one-stop ecosystems for

everything health and fitness. We’re sure our users will value this additional connectivity as

they use Polar Loop,Polar M400, Polar V800 or Polar Beat.”

Polar Flow is a web service that provides a comprehensive wellness and fitness experience.

It is an essential part of the Polar ecosystem for the newest Polar products and all future

innovations. At the moment Polar Flow app is compatible with Polar V800 and Polar M400

training computers, Polar Loop activity tracker, and Polar Beat app. For more information

please visit:

Polar Beat is a training and exercise app that goes beyond just recording workouts. It

interprets your workout data, so you’ll know what your body has achieved and what to do to

meet your goals more effectively. Polar Beat is at its best when used together with a Polar

H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor. For more information please visit:

For more information regarding to the full feature set of data exchange between Polar’s

services, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit, please visit:

Polar now connects with apple healthkit and google fit

More information: / 11am BST /

Grace Khoo, Assistant Marketing Manager, Polar Singapore

Tel: +65 6692 7722


About Polar

Founded in 1977, Polar Electro invented the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor. Since

then the company has been leading the sports instruments and heart rate monitoring

category through its in-depth understanding of human physiology, performance, and the

environment. Polar works in close cooperation with leading sports institutes and governing

bodies, and has, thus, become widely recognized as the pioneer and world’s leader of heart

rate monitoring and fitness evaluation equipment.

Headquartered near Oulu in Finland, the company operates internationally in more than 80

countries and its products are sold through over 35,000 retailers globally.

Today, the award-winning Polar training computers are the number one choice among

consumers worldwide. To learn more about how the wide range of Polar products and

services can help you achieve your training goals and make your fitness story a success,

please visit