formulate a perfect study plan for gre n.
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GRE coaching for study abroad, Foreign Education Courses PowerPoint Presentation
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GRE coaching for study abroad, Foreign Education Courses

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GRE coaching for study abroad, Foreign Education Courses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to prepare for GRE? Attending mock tests and reading best books to get high score in GRE. Start your GRE preparation with Global Tree to get admission into top universities. Visit our nearest branch now.

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formulate a perfect study plan for gre

Formulate a perfect study plan for GRE!

Plan your GRE Preparation and work out your


Students who plan on pursuing overseas education at universities in USA will need to provide scores

for their GRE test to be considered for admission. The GRE score is one of the most important

aspects for the admission process. As such preparation for the same must be well planned and

meticulous. One needs to plan a proper schedule for study as well as stick to it diligently in order to

succeed. It is extremely important to have a realistic assessment of one’s strong points and weak

areas as well as plan out a realistic timeline for scheduling a study plan.

Setting realistic time goals during your GRE


It is of vital importance to set a realistic goal and timeline while preparing for GRE test. One way in

which a student can come up with a fair estimate of time required to study for the Graduate Record

Examinations is to take a mock test at the start of your preparation. Needless to say, one mock test

will not be able to give you a complete picture of the preparation required. But it can definitely help

you to gauge your potential and identify the areas which need polishing up. It is also useful to have a

fair idea of the colleges you are targeting and the GRE score that is required for admission to these

colleges. This can help you have a better idea of the GRE score you are targeting as well as the

time that is required for preparation.

Set a realistic timeline while you plan GRE prep

some students especially those who are attempting

Some students, especially those who are attempting the Graduate Record Examinations along with

other commitments such as office work or college studies tend to make the mistake of scheduling

too little time for their preparation. It is important to take into account your current level of preparation

as well as the targeted score you are hoping to achieve. Most students need to put in at least 200

hours of dedicated effort to succeed at their attempt at the test. This will require you to put in at least

an hour a day of targeted effort during your GRE preparation. If your daily commitments prevent

you from achieving an hour of effort on weekdays then make sure to cover this time on the


Identify your weak areas in GRE Syllabus

As you prepare for Graduate Record Examinations, you will get an idea of the areas in which you

need more work. If you are keen on improving your score in a particular area then you will

definitely need to assign more time for preparation and strengthening of those areas. A best

coaching center such as Global Tree should be able to help you identify your weak spots and also

suggest strategies to improve your performance. It is also important to remember that even a single

percentile point change will require significant amount of preparation. It is therefore necessary to

dedicate sufficient time for preparation

Do not ignore your other commitments during

GRE Exam

Some zealous students who are dedicated to preparing for GRE can make the mistake of going the

other extreme and putting the rest of their life on hold while preparing for the test. Many students

think that by dedicating a month of intensive study for the test, they can perform as well as if they

had put in 3 to 4 months of structured preparation. However, sacrificing your personal time, studies

and job at the altar of Graduate Record Examinations can actually prove to be counter-productive.

You may end up feeling burned out with all the preparation just before the crucial test day and also

in a stressful situation on account of ignoring the other aspects of your life. When it comes to

preparation it is best to approach it in a balanced manner with a specific amount of time set aside

each day.

Take the help of others experienced with GRE

When formulating a strategy for test preparation it is best to rely on the advice of friends who have

already given the test as well as experts in the field who are well versed with the nuances of the test.

Joining a coaching class can greatly help you in this regard as you will not only have a peer group to

fall back on and prepare with, but also the advice of your class faculty at your disposal.

To know more about preparing for the GRE and preparing for other gateway exams such as IELTS,

GMAT, SAT, PTE Academic, TOEFL and so on contact Global Tree Overseas Education

Consultants at Begumpet, Hyderabad. Global Tree has a dedicated GRE coaching center with

state of the art classrooms and expert faculty that can help you achieve your targeted score in the