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Canada Dependent Visa

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Canada is a best opted country for immigration process for work & settles with Family. Apply now for Dependent visa or visit to Canada for fast track process. Global Tree is the best well known overseas Education Advisors, our counselors will guide on easy & quick visa process.

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canada dependent visa

Canada Dependent Visa

Dependent Visa process for Canada Immigrants!

Canada is a country that welcomes immigrants and their families through various immigration

schemes ranging from skilled immigration programs to specialized provincial nominee programs.

Through its dependent visa scheme the IRCC permits certain individuals who fulfill certain conditions

to sponsor their family members to join them for the duration of their stay in Canada.

rules and regulations for dependent visa process

Rules and Regulations for Dependent Visa


1. The dependent spouse may be allowed to work in Canada, if they are eligible for obtaining

work permit

The decision to allow the dependent spouse to work is normally based on the nature of the

visa which the sponsor of the dependent holds.

If the job of the sponsor is listed under NOC 0, A or B, then the dependent visa holder can

be eligible for work permit.

Primary applicants who are employed in an occupation that requires less formal training then

their spouse will be able to obtain a work permit through the active pilot project.

2. The visa holders who are dependents and have an open work permit are allowed to work in

any position with any employers and are not required to obtain an LMO (Labor Market


3. The depending visa holders may need to undergo medical checkup and obtain licenses to be

able to work.

4. The depending visa holder will need to apply for the work permit and can apply even before

entering the country.

If the primary applicant holds a Post-Graduation Work Permit, then the spouse is required to

add a copy of his work permit to the application and attach supporting documents

corroborating the same.

Eligibility Criteria for Dependent Visa process,


1. The one who sponsors the dependent visa should be at least 18 years of age.

2. Sponsor must be a citizen or PR Holder of Canada

3. The sponsor must prove his intention and ability to support spouse financially and dependent


4. The sponsor has to meet certain income criteria to prove that he is eligible for sponsoring a


5. The dependent spouse if applying should be married in a manner that is valid under the legal

provisions of the country where the marriage took place as well as under Canadian law.

Super Visa Process, for Canada PR parents and


Canada has a special category called Super Visa allows parents and grandparents to accompany

the primary visa holder. The following is the eligibility criteria for super visa.

1 the sponsoring child or grandchild should earn

1. The sponsoring child or grandchild should earn a minimum level of income to be able to

support the applicant during their stay in Canada.

2. The applicant for Super Visa should submit a letter from his child or grandchild stating that he

is willing to support the parent or grandparent.

3. The applicant for Super Visa should be covered with medical insurance for a minimum period

of one year.

4. The applicant is also required to undergo a medical exam and be declared medically healthy

and fit, for Immigration to Canada.

Global Tree is well known Overseas Education and Immigration Consultants provides the best

guidance for any kind of Visa Process and the best approach in obtaining Dependent Visa or Super

Visa to Canada.