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Bathroom Plumbing Tips and Maintenance

To save you time, money and headaches down the road, we collected our favorite tips and tricks for solving common Bathroom Plumbing problems. Follow these simple bathroom plumbing tips from Plumber To The Rescue.

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Bathroom Plumbing Tips and Maintenance

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  1. Bathroom Plumbing Tips and Maintenance Plumber To The Rescue plumbertotherescue.com.au

  2. Bathroom Plumbing Tips #1 Once a week run hot water down the drain to help keep it free flowing.

  3. Bathroom Plumbing Tips #2 Repair leaky faucets to avoid further damage to the fixtures and faucets.

  4. Bathroom Plumbing Tips #3 Make sure all tubs and showers have appropriate strainers in place to catch hair and soap chips.

  5. Bathroom Plumbing Tips #4 Do not flush facial tissue, cotton balls, sanitary products or diapers into toilet as they do not dissolve and can clog the lines.

  6. Bathroom Plumbing Tips #5 To check for leaky internal toilet parts, place a few drops of food colouring in the tank, come back and check in 15 minutes. If the colour has gone into the bowl, you have a bad flapper.

  7. Bathroom Plumbing Tips #6 If your toilet is continually running, verify that the water is not going through the overflow tub in the tank. If this happens adjust fill valve to decrease amount of water that tank is filled to.

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