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Brian C. Springer, MHA Executive Director Siteman Cancer Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Brian C. Springer, MHA Executive Director Siteman Cancer Center

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Brian C. Springer, MHA Executive Director Siteman Cancer Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CCSG-CTSA Interactions. Michael Bertram, PhD, MBA Associate Director for Administration UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center. Kara Newton Administrative Director UAB Center for Clinical & Translational Science. Brian C. Springer, MHA Executive Director Siteman Cancer Center

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Presentation Transcript

CCSG-CTSA Interactions

Michael Bertram, PhD, MBA

Associate Director for Administration

UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

Kara Newton

Administrative Director

UAB Center for Clinical & Translational Science

Brian C. Springer, MHA

Executive Director

Siteman Cancer Center

Barnes-Jewish Hospital & Washington U. School of Med

  • We encourage discussion along the way …

Overview of CTSAs

Development of the Applications

Collaborative Culture

Relationship at the Site Visit

Future Directions

overview of ctsas
Overview of CTSAs

Strategic Goals Across the Consortium

National Clinical and Translational Research Capability

The Training and Career Development of Clinical and Translational Scientists

Consortium-Wide Collaborations

The Health of our Communities and the Nation

T1 Translational Research

overview of ctsas2
Overview of CTSAs
  • Each CTSA institution has created a home for clinical and translational science.
  • Input from the NIH and other federal agencies, industry, and private and community organizations helps guide the work of every CTSA institution.
our respective ctsas
Our Respective CTSAs
  • Center for Clinical and Translational Science
  • Funded in 2007
  • 8 Collaborating Institutions
  • 5 Clinical Research Cores
  • 12 Other Research Cores
  • 2 Research Education Programs
  • 4 Community Engagement Programs
  • Funded in 2008
  • Unique Drug Discovery Component
  • Novel Collaborations with Southern Research Institute & HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
  • 9 Research Cores
  • 2 Research Education Programs
  • Dual Community Engagement Program
  • One Great Community &
  • Deep South Network
briefly application development
… Briefly, Application Development …
  • Council for Center Directors
  • Council for Translational Research (CCC Represented)
  • CCTS Biomedical Informatics Synergized Institutional efforts: CCC, UAB Health System, UAB IT
  • Catalyzed the establishment of a Division of Biomedical Informatics
  • Council of Centers
  • Council of Administrators
  • Broad collaboration in all areas between ICTS and SCC
  • Leveraging of programs and relationships …
  • … and infrastructure and grant materials
collaborative culture
Collaborative Culture
  • Shared Leadership

Advisory Boards & Executive Committees, Core Directors, Deep South Networks, Council for Translational Research& Working Groups

    • Broad Institutional Initiatives

Informatics, caBIG, Clinical Data Warehouse, Drug Discovery Program, Clinical Research Operations, SOM Strategic Planning, VA Research Activities

    • Leveraging Stakeholders’ Investments
collaborative culture1
Collaborative Culture
  • Strong Institutional Investment
  • Shared Leaders (ICTS/SCC)
  • New Seminar Series
  • Monthly Management Meetings (ICTS/SCC)
    • Best Practices (membership, citations, EAB)
    • Joint Project
    • Ability to Represent Joint Interests
shared resources
Shared Resources


28 shared resources


14 shared resources

5 shared cores + 1 developmental

Biostatistics, Biomedical Informatics, Human Imaging (IRAT/HIU), Proteomics, Tissue, Plus Developmental (HAMLET)

shared resources1

Subsidy for Siteman members

Subsidy for ICTS members

Shared Resources

Philosophy behind multiple subsidies:

For two years, shared electronic user survey for all ICTS and SCC shared resources.

transformative partnerships
Transformative Partnerships

Academic Drug Discovery and Development at


Molecular Library

High through-put screening

3D structure of targets

Medicinal chemistry with in silicoscreening

Preclinical toxicology and ADME analysis

pilot projects
Pilot Projects

FY11 over $1 million in co-sponsored projects

FY11 over $120,000 in CTSA partnerships and $150,000 in Drug Discovery Alliance projects from UAB CCC

  • CCTS/University-wide Centers match program
  • CCC/CCTS Drug Discovery Projects

Nascent Projects Panel (shared mentorship)

Streamlined online application & review process

pilot projects1
Pilot Projects
  • Robust BJHF-ICTS Funding Program (> $1 million/year)
  • Many SCC Pilot Programs (2011 > $1 million)
  • Sharing credit for each others’ successes
information resources
Information Resources

Publications – joint input

Web resources

Shared resource listings

information resources1
Information Resources

University-Wide Center Listserv

For Announcements & Opportunities

CCC Monthly e-Newsletter,

Quarterly Magazine, Facebook

CCTS Weekly e-Digest,

Quarterly Newsletter, Twitter

institutional impact
Institutional Impact
  • Key Components of SOM Strategic Planning
    • Cancer 1 of 6 priority research themes
    • CCTS 1 of 5 cross-disciplinary platforms
  • Catalyze Research Center Interactions
  • Representation for Campus-wide Systems
    • Integrated Information Systems
    • Shared Facility Coordination
    • Phase I Clinical Trials Unit Priority
    • Enterprise Wide Adoption caBIG CTMS
  • Together, We Are Stronger
institutional impact1
Institutional Impact

SCC as a trailblazer

Strength of both centers in partnership to foster institutional change

Increased grant funding

More collaborative culture

best practices
Best Practices?

So what have you tried that has worked???

site visits
Site Visits
  • CCTS Director participated in CCC Site Visit highlighting collaborations during the Director’s overview
future directions
Future Directions
  • Greater consolidation
  • Greater leverages
  • CTSA transition to new NIH Institute targeted for October 2011
  • National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)
    • Emphasis on T1 research
    • New and more effective therapeutics
    • New NIH-FDA partnership activities