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Advanced Project Management-Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Project Management-Introduction

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Advanced Project Management-Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Project Management-Introduction. Ghazala Amin. Agenda. Introduction Meeting Objectives Project Oriented Industries Project Manager, Power and Authority PM Discipline Managing your Stake Holders Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk Communication Project Closure. Meeting Objectives.

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Advanced Project Management-Introduction

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    1. Advanced Project Management-Introduction Ghazala Amin Project Management and overview

    2. Agenda • Introduction • Meeting Objectives • Project Oriented Industries • Project Manager, Power and Authority • PM Discipline • Managing your Stake Holders • Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk • Communication • Project Closure Project Management and overview

    3. Meeting Objectives • Introduce myself • Share experiences and my personal perspectives • Project Management and your insight into what its all about… • Informal and Casual Q & A Session Project Management and overview

    4. Introduction • BS in Computer Engineering • MS in Electrical Engineering and Software Management • Certified Information Specialist, EDS/HP • Certified Senior Project Manager, IBM Global Services • PMI Certified – Project Management Professional Project Management and overview

    5. My Team‘s “food for thought” Does your project team like you and why Why did you become a Project Manager Your expectations from this class Project Management and overview

    6. Advanced PM Course Layout • 16 lectures over the semester • Announced midterm – 25% of total grade • Project Methodology assignment – 25% of total grade • Graded on communication (written) skills • Templates in MS word format. • Announced Final – 50% of total grade • MCQ, T and F, Short answers (essay type) Project Management and overview

    7. Open Door Policy • Honest and open two way communication. • Instructor Students Success Project Management is a critical professional discipline Project Management and overview

    8. Advanced PM Course Material • Reference Materials for Study • Study Notes and class discussions • A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) • Dr. Harold Kerzner’s book • Project Management-A Systems Approach To Planning, Scheduling and Controlling • The Wisdom of teams, Katzenbach and Smith • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey Project Management and overview

    9. Learning Objectives • To introduce MSPM students to Project Management Fundamentals and how Project Management has evolved into strict professional discipline over the past 3 decades. • To encourage MSPM students to share their professional PM experiences of how they are managing real life projects in Pakistan. • To raise the bar of introductory PM education being offered in other programs and universities. We are targeting experienced PM Professionals. Project Management and overview

    10. Learning Objectives • This course would introduce MSPM students with basic knowledge of PM processes that would help them with PM certification exams being offered by PMI or other PM organizations. • It only provides the basic knowledge of various project management concepts. It gives the “what is”, the “how to implement” should be dealt with in other classes in detail. Project Management and overview

    11. Who should study Project Management? • Anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in; • initiating, planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and/or controlling a project; • in a position which involves a substantive level of decision-making, responsibility, communication and coordination, • should be thoroughly familiar with all the subject areas, methodology, processes and tools and techniques of project management. A good and common project management knowledge platform will increase the likelihood of the project attaining its goal within time and budget. Project Management and overview

    12. Project Oriented Industries • NASA and DOD (Department of Defense) • Construction, architecture, new product development • Financial Institutions • Banks, Insurance, Telecommunication • Manufacturing Units and Plants’ operation Project Management and overview

    13. Project Manager’s Power and Authority • Authority • Right of an individual to make necessary decisions required to achieve his objectives or responsibility. • Power • Granted to an individual by the subordinates and peers over time and is a measure of their respect for the individual. • Builds credibility and respect in the profession. • Accountability • Acceptance of success or failure. Project Management and overview

    14. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk • Knowing and using industry specific LINGO – Terms and terminology. • Award and Reward - Ensure every one understands the benefit of project completion on schedule and budget. • Use cultural influences to your advantage. Project Management and overview

    15. What kind of Project Manager are you? • Accidental Project Manager • Usually, this project manager comes up through the ranks. For instance, a strong programmer becomes the project manager on a development project. Or a strong network technician becomes the project manager on a large network upgrade. These people understand the types of projects that they are managing, they can build a work plan, and they can assign work to other team members. However, they don't have a lot of project management discipline. • Good Project Manager • The second type of project manager understands that successful project management requires you to manage issues, scope, communication, risk, etc. • Proactive Project Manager • the third type, is someone who has made the mental transition to apply his or her discipline on a proactive and ongoing basis. Project Management and overview

    16. Project Management Discipline • Project • A temporary endeavor undertaken to create • a unique product or service • Project Management • The application of knowledge, skills, tools and • techniques to project activities in order • to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and • expectations • Program • A group of projects managed in a coordinated • way to obtain benefits not available • from managing them individually • Start and End date, allocated budget and available resources • Dedicated Stakeholders • Informed and Knowledgeable End user • Empowered Project Office personnel • Strict documentation • Change management and risk mitigating process • Estimation process for additional or in-scope deliverables • PLANNING, CONTROLLING AND MANAGING. Project Management and overview

    17. Stake Holder Communication Top Management Project Manager The Customer Line Managers Other Projects Regulators Links -TBD Project Team Members Vendors Project Management and overview

    18. Project Manager :a coach and mentor • The project manager’s leadership style should be matched to the • developmental level of the project team and • should move through successive steps of: • Directing, • Coaching, • Supporting, and • Delegating Project Management and overview

    19. Project Manager • Project Manager not only leads and manages the project but helps the team with attaining SMART objectives for the project and the team. • S : Specific • M : Measurable • A : Attainable • R : Realistic • T : Time bound Project Management and overview

    20. COMMUNICATION • Communicate, Communicate and Record Critical Path Analysis Project Meetings Identify significant variances Earned Value Identify root causes of problems Trial Solutions Project Reviews Resource Analysis Identify significant trends Reports Performance Tests Results Project Management and overview

    21. Project Closure • Project plan updates • Documentation Archived • Legal Contract Closure • Administrative Closure for Resources • Corrective actions • Lessons learned Project Management and overview

    22. Wrap Up • Q & A Session. Project Management and overview