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Sir Ellis Kadoorie (S) Primary School. P.5-P.6 Level Parents' Day. Welcome. 17.09.2013. PROGRAMME. Introduction on School Focus 2013-2014. MAJOR CONCERN OF 2013-2014. Brush up students’ literary skills so as to enhance the learning of all subject disciplines

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Sir Ellis Kadoorie (S) Primary School

P.5-P.6 Level Parents' Day



Major concern of 2013 2014

  • Brush up students’ literary skills so as to enhance the learning of all subject disciplines

  • Cultivate students’ positive attitude so that they will strive for excellence with focus on perseverance.

  • Nurture students to be independent learners through fostering their study skills and problem solving skills.


  • Tea with Headmistress—Parents

Enhance home-school cooperation (e.g. sharing of current school affairs, parenting skills)

Parents’ view and school’s view can be exchanged.

Promote parent activities (e.g. parental talks, parent interest class)

Invite volunteer-parent helpers for school functions (e.g. Sports Day)

Enhance peer communication among parents

  • Parents’ view can be listened

  • Your worry can be eased

  • Your concern can be taken into consideration

enhance home- school cooperation

1 st term dates 21 11 2013 thursday 16 1 2014 thursday

1ST TERMDATES: 21/11/2013 (THURSDAY) 16/ 1 /2014 (THURSDAY)

  • Twice a term

  • Sharing on parenting skills

  • Leisure chats…

  • Time: 8:40-9:40 am

All parents are welcome

What is pre s1 hkat

  • The existing the Pre-S1 HKAT is used as a scaling instrument.

  • The average of the two most recently sampled Pre-S1 HKAT results is used to scale the internal assessment results (i.e. P. 5 Final Exam, and P.6 Mid-year and Final Exam) of the P6 students proceeding to S1.

  • The sampled pre-S1 HKAT results will be collected biennially for allocation of SSPA.

What is pre s1 hkat1

  • Secondary Schools can make use of the information obtained from Pre-S1 HKAT for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their S1 entrants in the subjects of Chinese, English and Mathematics so that appropriate support measures could be designed.

  • Our P6 students have to take the Pre-S1 HKAT at the allocated Secondary School after they got the SSPA result in July.

Scope of pre s1 hkat

  • Chinese:

  • Listening (10mins), Reading & Writing(40mins)

  • English:

  • Listening (15mins), Reading & Writing (35mins)

  • Mathematics (50mins):

  • Questions on Number, Algebra, Measure,

    Shape and Space, Data Handling

Tsa or pre s1

  • Pre-S1 for P.6 in 2013/2014

  • Our P6 students will take Pre-S1 in July 2014 .

  • Our P5 students will take TSA in June 2015.

Adjustment in curriculum

  • Design activities and tasks to consolidate learning

  • Design supplementary materials to familiarize students with the question types

  • Practice on different text types and speaking activities

  • Provide timed practices of mock papers and follow up discussions

  • Provide extra support to students in need

Parents role

  • Daily Support:

  • Check their homework and do revision with them for quiz and exam

  • Encouragement:

  • Positive feedback and praise on their effort and improvement in studies

Secondary One Admission

For September 2014

Intend to study in a public-sector secondary school (All P.6 pupils)

  • Apply to a preferred school

  • directly

  • No restriction on school

  • net

  • Apply no more than two

  • participating schools

  • Date: 3 January 2014 to

  • 22 January 2014

  • Admission criteria for

  • application are set by

  • individual school

  • Notices will be issued for parents’ reference

Participate in SSPA System

Apply for a

Discretionary Place

Not apply for a

Discretionary Place

  • Make choices with reference to the

  • Secondary School

  • List

  • Submit the form to

  • EDB in early May

  • Complete and

  • submit the form irrespective of whether a

  • discretionary place

  • has been applied for

Fill in Choice of School Form

Part A: Unrestricted School Choices

Part B: Restricted School Choices

  • Will be allocated according

  • to banding, parental choice

  • and random number

  • Will not be centrally

  • allocated to a place if secure

  • a discretionary place

Central Allocation

Release of SSPA Results

(8 July 2014)

Pre-S1 Test

(15 July 2014)


(10-11 July 2014)

Private School

DSS school

Schools participate in the SSPA System

(Apply not more than two schools [DP])

Aided schools

DSS schools

Government schools

Jockey Club Ti-I college

Secondary school places allocation sspa

  • 2 years’ of exam result will be counted:

    - P.5 Final Exam

    - P.6 Mid-year Exam

    - P.6 Final Exam

  • School has to submit pupils’ result to EDB for assessing their academic standard as a reference for allocating secondary schools

  • Procedures starts after the P.5 Final Exam


  • Clean and tidy Uniform / Clothes and hair style.

  • Be polite.

  • Answer questions confidently with smiles.

  • Prepare answering questions of different areas:

    - Introduce themselves

    - Hobbies

    - Achievements

    - Future jobs

    - Favourite subjects

Parents preparation
Parents’ Preparation

  • Get your child prepared

    - Discipline : good conducts

    - Academic : good performance in all subjects

    - Service : join services inside and outside school e.g. uniform groups, CYC, JPC, prefects etc

    - Activity : join music, sports, Visual Arts, language activities etc

  • Documents

    - Handbook : clean and tidy handbooks with no bad records in discipline or homework responsibility etc

    - Portfolio *


  • For applications and interviews

  • A clear holder filing pupils’ document:

    1. Report cards

    - as many as possible

    - if lost apply a transcript from school through writing

    2 . Internal and external awards

    - Certificates / Letters of prove

    - Little trophies or middles (photos)

    3. Good pieces of writing (Chinese / English)

  • Apply an Identity Card (ID) for your child right after their 11th Birthday!

  • Give a photocopy to class teacher.